What is your life goals?

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  1. Mew

    Mew Member

    My goal is to be an accountant and help my family in our financial and also i can give support of what they want. Every people has a goals in life, because we want to be successful and to help our family. But in order to achieve that goal it requires a hard work and believe in God, never surrender and fight till you reach your goal. Because every rainbow has a treasure in its end. You just need to climb and climb till you reach it's end and claim your price.
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  2. jconde

    jconde New Member

    My life goal is to have a descent pension when I retire. Also open my own online business where I could get some money. Aide from onlne jobs i also want to have houses rented like an apartment.
  3. merwincielo

    merwincielo New Member

    MY LIFE GOALS IS TO FIND WHAT I LOVE DOING. because?Most people work a job they don’t like. They invest all their energy (in the most productive stages of their life) into doing the same thing 5 days a week, and feeling like they haven’t really done anything better with their time. . . This is one of the biggest regrets of those who never pursued ‘something more.’

    At the end of your life, you may look back and notice many things you secretly wanted to do, but never did. You may then realize that you never asked for what you desired, never enjoyed a day at work, and never fully did your best.

    That’s a pretty sad way to end this exciting journey we’re here for. Luckily, it’s never too late to find your true calling and turn it into something more.

    If you currently have a hobby that you are incredibly passionate about, then you have already found it. Invest time in this hobby as often as possible; master it and start sharing your experience and insights with the world. You can write a blog about it, makes videos to show people how to do the same, or even start a whole business around it.

    You won’t be doing it for the money, you’ll be doing it because it’s what you love and can do forever without getting bored.

    If you still haven’t found a passion, though, the first of your life goals should be finding one. Look carefully everywhere around you. Go back to your childhood. Be honest about what you enjoy and what you don’t. Your calling is somewhere close, you were just distracted by all the noise around it.
  4. annalenesabado

    annalenesabado New Member

    My goal in life is to finish my study because I believe that once I already finish my study I can get a stable job that will help me support my family on their needs.
  5. Jhamayca

    Jhamayca New Member

    My goals in life is to find what you love doing.
    Most people work a job they don't like. They invest all their energy into doing the same thing 5 days a week, and feeling like they haven't really done anything better with their time. Thisis one of the biggest regrets of those who never pursued 'something more.'
  6. Jhamayca

    Jhamayca New Member

    Nxt is start taking care of myself.
    Most people never think about self-care. Even if they do have some healthy habits and are purposed-oriented, they neglect their mental and spiritual health. Physical health means nothing without these two.
  7. Mhay2

    Mhay2 New Member

    Find what you love doing.
    Most people work a job they don’t like. They invest all their energy (in the most productive stages of their life) into doing the same thing 5 days a week, and feeling like they haven’t really done anything better with their time. . . This is one of the biggest regrets of those who never pursued ‘something more.’

    At the end of your life, you may look back and notice many things you secretly wanted to do, but never did. You may then realize that you never asked for what you desired, never enjoyed a day at work, and never fully did your best.
  8. kizha

    kizha New Member

    Since I was young, I always dream to have a good life. Graduating from college, find a good job and have a happy family. I prayed so hard to achieve that dream, which God granted. But in life, we can't always have it all, some things are not meant to happen the way we wanted them to be. So, what I learned from life is that we need to be contented on what we have, making the most of it and enjoying life to the fullest. Right now, my goal in life is to give my kids a good life and educate them to be contented in order to be happy.
  9. Lydia13v@gmail.com

    Lydia13v@gmail.com New Member

    My goals in life is to be a successful woman someday. I want to become a good mother to my children. I want also to help my parents to have a good life so that they won't work anymore. My goals is to become more active in church and more spiritually motivated. I want to pursue my dreams in life. I want to have my own house someday. My goal also is to help charity foundations if i will become successful. I want to travel the world with my family. I want to enjoy life while I'm still alive. Life here on earth is so difficult but if we have faith in Him, He will bless us to have a better life. We don't know when are we going to die but while we are still here on earth we need to do our best to achieve our goals. I grew up in a poor family but i am trying my best to achieve my goals. As what Bill Gates said, "If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake".
    I know i can do it. I will never stop dreaming.
  10. arennaid

    arennaid Member

    Be successful, Lead and Live a Good Life.
  11. ssalynn

    ssalynn New Member

    I used to be so ambitious when I was still a child. There are a lot of things that I want to achieve when I grow up; I dreamed to be a scientist, doctor and my wildest dream is to be an astronaut. But as we grow up we become more confused on what we want to be exactly in the future. As for my case, life brought me into something that is out of my comfort zone. I enrolled as an engineering student in college, this decision came out of the blue and since I didn't really know what I really wanted to be I decided to continue and pursue my course back and college.

    There were so many challenges that I have encountered when I was still studying. I was always wondering and asking myself why I ended up studying this course when I am aware with myself that I am not that good in mathematics ( sad, but true! haha ) but I still continued and thankfully finally graduated from college.

    Just when I thought my school years would be the greatest challenge that I have ever encountered but I was wrong, being an adult is the toughest one. The feeling of being lost and not knowing what to do next with your life right after graduating. This is the phase where you ask yourself "What's the next thing to do now? Can someone tell me what to do? " . I landed my first job being a sales executive in a company that sells security devices, A job that is far and unrelated from the degree that I have, something inside me was unsatisfied with what I was doing, I was not happy with my job and after 6 months I decided to resign. Although, I have learned and experience a lot from that job, I can't deny the fact that I am unhappy with what I am doing.

    After a few months, I decided to once again go out from my comfort zone and find job in a city that is really far away from my hometown. New places, new faces, new challenges in a city I am not familiar with. But I know I can overcome these challenges as long as God is with me. I hope that one day I can finally achieve my life goals that I will have the chance to travel the world, be financially stable and have a happy complete family, that's all I ever want. I maybe lost right now with my life but I know eventually I will achieve my life goals. For someone out there who is also uncertain with their destination, just keep going! You'll eventually get there! Work hard for your goals and dreams! We believe in you!
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  12. jay_l31

    jay_l31 New Member

    There are only 2 people in our family, me and my mom. I'm her only child and I never met my father. I always asked my mom who my father is when I was still a kid, however every time I asked it, my mom would not bother answering me. And we've been through a lot of difficulties in life, since the income for the family is generated by my mom alone (until I got my first legal job at age 18 as a call center agent). I can still remember the first promise I made to my mom when I got hired for my first job. "Mommy, once I get my first salary let's eat in a fancy restaurant and that's a promise", this is the first goal I've made after landing a job. And of course, I was able to fulfill it. And I still have a lot of promises that I made to my mom that time, one after the other and those promises become my goal. There are goals that can be fulfilled in short period of time, like going someplace to relax, and there are some that can be done after years of effort and hardwork-- like buy a house for my mom, travel to a different country, and etc. Well, in short the goals I have in life are set depending on the promises I've made to my mom, to a love one, to a friend, and even to myself.
  13. Jason01@

    Jason01@ New Member

    When we were in grade school or even in our house, it was instilled in our minds what we are going to be, what we will become and who we will be in the future based on parents choice or personal choice. As we go along with our life, thos goals changes from time to time. Me, I have goals to study hard, finished school and find a Job. Well, those goals already met. I have a great Job, Happy Family, Happy relationship with Girl Friend and Good Health but still not contented with what I have. Setting more Goals in Life is Good for you to have lead where you are going and know your purpose but also consider setting goals that are realistic. Sometimes it can lead you to disappointment and depression if will not meet those Goals.
  14. ClaudiaPolanco

    ClaudiaPolanco New Member

    I want to be happy with everything I do in life and to find someone that I can share everything with. I want to be something that my future kids and myself can be proud of.
    Last but not least I want to be an inspiration in someone else's life.
  15. FaLaunt

    FaLaunt New Member

    My ultimate goal is to please the Lord, other than that my goals seem to change as much as my life does. Right now I want to be the best mom I can and work from home around my daughters schedule. I have a successful Avon beauty business that is steadily growing, but I am also open to earning an additional income on the side as well.
  16. Im_a_morena

    Im_a_morena New Member

    I have very simple goals in life and that is to give my family a happy and convenient life. I have 2 beautiful children and a loving husband that I want to spend the rest of life happily with. When I was a child I experienced difficulty in almost everything in our life, we don't have our own house, we kept on looking for a house to rent and eventually getting kicked out for failing to pay monthly rent. My father has very small salary that is not even enough for our daily needs and we even experience living with no electricity. Our parents also were having difficulty in sending us to school that's why I was not able to finish college and get a degree but life has many surprises because here I am still able to get a good job.

    Now that I already have my own family I want to set things right and make sure that my children will not experience the difficulty we had during my childhood. My main goal in life now is to establish a small business as additional source of income so that I can save for my children's future, I want to send them to a good school without having to worry about anything and just study hard. I want them to live in a comfortable home with all the needs they need. All this is possible if we will work hard together with God's glory.
  17. jazellebustos

    jazellebustos New Member

    My life goal is to find a better and stable job that i really love and what makes me happy
  18. Maric

    Maric New Member

    My goal in life is to have a better job opportunity and for me to finish college. That goal goal in life can make me repay my parents for all the sacrifice that they did for me and it is my way of thanking them for helping me acchieve my dreams so that I can help them in the future. My goal is also to build big house for my parents because I want them to live a comfortable life.
  19. orfia

    orfia New Member

    I have so many goal in life, my first goal in life is to become a successful architect but university has no architecture so I didn't proceed. then one day I've been part of a rescue time and I was amazed because there is nurses in there and I invy how she can help knowing her responsibility. My second goal in life is to finish my study because it's because my parents aren't helping me financially and sister got married I have no choice but to stop but now I am going to work on it first, my 3rd goal in life is to work in a reputed company and make money online to have more money to travel the world. and the last but not the least to have a loving husband and kid.
  20. Bumbolbee

    Bumbolbee New Member

    My life goal when I was a child was plainly to become a teacher. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a business woman because I realized that job is not enough to support my big family. Then, back in college I was living in reality that my goal depends on my situation. When I wanted to be a business person and ended up in different field was a turn around for me. It was still my goal to be in business, so I turned my current field as a source for my original goal. Things didn't turn as I wanted, there are too many failures and challenges, but I won't stop right there. It is still my goal to become successful in my goal.
  21. My life goal is to give my family a better future. I grow up from a not wealthy family but we can afford enough food, shelther, clothings, and education. But for me I want them to experience also those things that they are dreaming about like travelling, buy a car, buy a big house and a lot of great things. I want my family to experience all of those because I love them so much. For some people those thing are their dreams but for me its my goal because I will strive hard to achieve it. I will do anything to make it come true.
  22. arkinatz

    arkinatz Member

    f0r n0w, it is the hardest questi0n f0r me to answer, but f0r n0w, my goal in life is to be able to give my family their financial and daily needs ,specially f0r the my br0thers to finish their c0llege course and to gve them a g0od life. Basically, my aim is to earn a living f0r them, then finish my own pers0nal g0als to earn m0ney to start a business and settle d0wn with the pers0n i l0ve.
  23. DorisB

    DorisB New Member

    My short term goals in life is to have a stable that will help me to support the financial needs of my family and myself as well. I also aim to be a Certified Public Accountant. I believe that if i become one it will be my lucky charm for achieving higher position and a key to more opportunities in my career.Furthermore, my long term goal is to manage my own business in the future. So help me God.
  24. karen.angeel

    karen.angeel New Member

    My goal in life is to be someone who will be recognized as a traveler, a friend, a family, a special person in every person's heart and help those who are in need.

    Primarily, I would love to travel the whole world without spending too much money, provide what is best for my parents, finish law studies here in the Philippines, become a licensed lawyer of the family, become a business women, and many more.

    In my experiences, I come to realize that I need a timeline to follow. In my 20's, I have to finish my studies, get a stable well paying job, travel with my best buddies, settle with relationships, support and have time with family, friends and lover. In my 30's, I would get engaged and married, with the person I love and get a stable house that would benefit the future, provide house for my parents and take care of them. In my 40 to 50's, I would send off my kids to school and watch them grow up and get successful. And in my 60's, I would love to live in the province having a backyard of fruits and vegetables that would let me and my husband live in a healthy lifestyle.
  25. japuy

    japuy New Member

    Whatever I do with my life in the future I just want to be happy and successful in everything that I do and to make the best out of it. It costs nothing to have a positive attitude and so long as your doing what you love and are following your passions in life then your doing very well which is a really good thing.
  26. John Macabato

    John Macabato New Member

    There are two goals in my life 1st is short-term goals- my short-term goal is to find a job in a reputed company like yours and 2nd is long-term goal-my long term is to be a successful business women in upcoming time so that I can make parents feel proud and I want to fulfill all my parents dream and my dreams too.
  27. Geoff19

    Geoff19 New Member

    My life goal in life is to have a permanent job and to help my family to lift up in their life in exchange of sacrifes they lend to me.
    And when I'm become successful I will help others.
  28. AnnGandaKo

    AnnGandaKo New Member

    My goal in life to have a good job after I finish my course in college because I want to be a nurse someday to help my family and bring back the time and love that they give to me so I want to help them to rise in life like they did to me. I will become there nurse who help them when they have sickness and I keep them fit and healthy to stay and live longer.
  29. setsukukoro

    setsukukoro New Member

    I want to have a business that can help me and my family and of course to live my ideal life.
  30. Marvs13

    Marvs13 New Member

    My goal in life is to finish my studies, I bound to be a Psychiatrist someday and after that also I wanted to get a Lawyer course because my teacher in Politics and Governance challenge me not only me but us with my classmates, she give us clarity about what our rights according to the law, we can fight specially if we are in a right place, so I wanted to fight what's wrong in our politics. I want to have a permanent job it's either a HR in a company or to be a Public Attorney. After that I also want to give what wants and needs of my family specially my Mama and Papa, I wanted to do what they wants for me, I wanted to give back all of their sacrifices to me, I'm might not be the best, but I can do all my very best. I can show them that all of their poor feels when I'm currently study, I can show them that they didn't make mistake for me.

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