What is your opinion about media trials?

Discussion in 'Business, Politics, & Debates' started by mazherazt, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. mazherazt

    mazherazt New Member

    Recently, the term "Media Trial" has become very popular among prominent media houses and journalists. What is your take on media trials?
  2. SevenCatsInn

    SevenCatsInn New Member

    I think media trials are a very real and sometimes scary phenomenon and we should be aware of how we base our opinions on people, facts and reality. We must always remember that media outlets are not necessarily looking for the truth, but for the biggest scoop, even if it means defaming or destroying the reputation of an innocent man.
    We must never rely on the media depiction or insinuation of guilt to base our opinion of someone, but only on a judge and a court
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  3. mazherazt

    mazherazt New Member

    Well said!
  4. LMFI2031

    LMFI2031 New Member

    I had a debate with my wife about this very topic just this morning. I think the term "media trial" is a very appropriate term for a very dangerous phenomenon. Unfortunately, we can't always know all the facts about events that transpire. The media have a dangerous capability to destroy somebody's reputation if their reporting is careless or money driven. The court of public opinion is anything but unbiased and fair and if someone comes under media scrutiny it is difficult for your character to emerge unscathed. A media trial, in my opinion, is the worst thing that can happen to someone. It is often rhetoric repeated ad nauseam with a very small amount of truth occasionally sprinkled in.
  5. mbrahmana

    mbrahmana New Member

    There is no such thing as a "media trial" per se, and the recent reporting on sexual assault of Judge Kavanaugh is a case in point. The judges would be us in a media trial, but most people thought Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the supreme court yet he was confirmed in spite of public opinion. The most the media can do is use its vast network of reporters and sources to report facts on any given topic for the benefit of the public. This makes their reporting less of a trial, and more of an effort to keep those conducting the real trial - the US Senate in Judge Kavanaugh's case - as honest as possible by uncovering facts and witnesses that may not have been discovered or considered otherwise.

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