What Is Your Writing Story?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Noel Angeles, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Noel Angeles

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    I've been a Part-time Freelancer for 4 years now and my favorite job category is Writing. I did wrote quite a few good articles several years back, some of them where even published, if you're surfing the net, you've probably read one of those Top Ten Articles, well they pay good money back then to write those.

    Since January of this year ive been a full-time freelancer, I tried a variety of online jobs and found it boring and not worth my time. One December night I was again looking for online working sites and I chanced upon Postloop in one of my haunting grounds, actually if I can remember it correctly it was mentioned in an article of top online working sites, it was the first time I've heard about paid forums so I decided to give it a try and now it's been three months since I re-started my writing career and Im still not earning a decent living on it, but I finally found my niche and it is Writing! Thanks to Postloop.

    After several months of writing in Postloop, my writing skills improved and now I'm a full-time freelance writer in several writing sites. I'm now diligently researching and studying the Art of Writing to better improve my skills. Thank-you very much Beverly!

    Having said all that, I would really like to know your Writing Story.
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  2. puregrace

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    I am into freelance writing since 2008. I had several websites and I wrote for many websites and on writing platforms. My writing work was considered as very good. Gradually, I planned to start my own business and I could not handle it.

    Now, after so many failures, I came here for earning for my living by posting comments. This is also good as long as I keep myself busy in earning without thinking about the past failures.

    I have more hurt and that hurt should go somehow. I think expressing by writing is the best for me and it is working as a healer. Generally, the world does not have time to listen to us. So, by writing on various threads, we get a chance to share of our heart and earn for the same.
  3. SoapboxMotrin

    SoapboxMotrin New Member

    I got a Freelance Writer certificate (correspondence) in 2002. So yes, I did that the old-school way.
    I foolishly tried to get hired for local newspapers, just dumb. The real-world wants regionally accredited, not nationally.
    Anyway, I didn't know that at the time (I've never been published, long-story made short). It would be a long-time before I became interested in the internet, so I just recently began looking for online writing work.
    Forum-posting for cash doesn't really interest me, I'm more interested in content and article writing. I submitted one entry-test for ad-writing, and one for content/article writing, been waiting for their feedback for a few days.
    In the meantime, I enjoy writing anything, even YouTube comments. If nothing, they help keep your typing and writing mind sharp.
  4. Smcts1978

    Smcts1978 New Member

    How to be a writer? I like to write but writing did'nt like me. I want to as a freelancer writer but to say. I could not write the way a good writer does. I envy those people. So many in my mind, my thoughts but could not be able to express it with correct grammar. For those who are in the position, you better be thankful to God, and take of your job. Treasure it for so many wishes to be in your position. God bless!
  5. CandaceTan

    CandaceTan New Member

    I'm still writing it atm
  6. alleycm80

    alleycm80 New Member

    I was just approved for a freelance writing position at an online content site! My category is Freebies. This is really great and it will help me improve in my writing skills and future writing projects!

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