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    With the growing numbers to writers today its not a secret you need certain skill or qualities to survive if you are a writer. Online companies now looking for writers have a traffic of writers and if you need the job then its obvious you really need to stand out. Writing comes down to many things, its no longer putting words on a paper or typing on screen. As a writer you need more than that, research being the many key any writer without information in hand of what is going to write about then will either mislead his/her audience and unable to write at all. Just imagine reading an article only to find out it was a total lie based on unreliable information chances are non of the readers will ever click on your articles again. If you were working with a certain company chances are there the ones who will take the fall for this. We live in a world where anyone can sue anyone and this is something one brand will surely want to be associated with. For a writer as much as language is important, knowing your audiences gives you an upper hand. I wouldn't use the same worlds for an article meant to reach the youth when taking to the elder people in the society. This will make me seem like i don't know what am taking about, no one wants to listen to someone who doesn't seem to be professional. So as much as all the good skills of grammar needed in writing it all comes down to the information you have and professionalism.
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    This is really the most ideal type of income because it can provide you and your family with freedom. This is most often recurring passive income streams that you can enjoy. This type of money happens without your personal involvement. It is scale-able.

    Meaning that you can earn money without exchanging time for money at the moment. Some examples would include Google Adsense (or any paid for clicks campaign), membership sites, selling advertisement space, affiliate marketing sales, and even ebook sales.

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