What K-Dramas are the best?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Leirad, Dec 5, 2018 at 5:12 AM.



  1. RomCom

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  2. Love story

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  3. Fantasy

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  1. Leirad

    Leirad New Member

    What kind of Korean Dramas is your bet?
  2. kreyyoung

    kreyyoung New Member

    My Ahjussi. The thing about “My Ahjussi” that’s really touching is how real and raw the characters are. There is no sugar-coating the main characters’ lives and it really makes you relate and connect to them. The relationship that Dong Hoon and Ji An share is a bit weird at first, but then you come to realize that it’s a beautiful thing that the two can find comfort and peace in each other. Although the story can seem a bit depressing at times, it’s also hopeful. Not to mention, IU’s performance as Ji An is seriously respectable. You won’t even recognize her!
  3. tenwoe12

    tenwoe12 New Member

    Most of the K drams are very creative and emotional. ''Suspicious Partner" is one of the most creative and different story as about the lawyer and the powers possessed by rich people. Its full of mystery with interested twist and turns. I have find it as full power pack because it is consist of mystery, comedy, drama, action and romance.

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