What kind of books are you in to?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Ternaday, Oct 20, 2018.


What kind of books are you in to?

  1. Love books

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  2. Inspirational books

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  3. Christian books

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  4. Fictional books

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  1. Ternaday

    Ternaday New Member

    I love inspiration books
  2. Ternaday

    Ternaday New Member

    Books are man's best friend
  3. burgosmichael2407

    burgosmichael2407 New Member

    I love inspirational books. I even write inspirational books because it will not only uplift your spirit but also inspire other people to be positive in life. It also helps us to get closer to God bring lead others into His Kingdom. At this age where most people are depressed by different storms in their lives, they need light and inspiration to go on and be successful in life. The Bible says, "we are the light of the world." "So let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Be a light in someone's life.
  4. anabz

    anabz New Member

    I like love story,because i thought im a romantic person. But im not a showy person to my husband. My husband thinks that im sweet because im always teasing him.
  5. Jstreeter

    Jstreeter New Member

    I agree with the majority: Inspirational books always leave me feeling upbeat and confident. I have less time to read these days, so when I do i like to feel good afterword! A good example of a book I would consider "feel good" and inspirational would be Hernan Hesse's Siddhartha. The story of a young man on his journey to becoming the Buddah.
  6. LenaCaldijo

    LenaCaldijo New Member

    Although, I also love inspirational books and books about love, I absolutely love fictional books! Since I was a kid, I always marvel a different kind of world that writers would create. It's a joy to sometimes escape into these fictional worlds.
  7. rose61

    rose61 New Member

    Motivational books and biographies. Motivationals have a way of encouraging the reader to believe that nothing good is impossible to achieve and the sky is not the limit.Motivational will constantly remind me that failure is a mindset.Biographies help me follow the main events in the person's life.It is like history.
  8. jacknario

    jacknario New Member

    I love Fictional books, it really catch my attention. Because my imagination is really wild, and also fictional books make my reading more interesting. For me reading Fictional Books makes also somewhat inspires me in their stories, like how they show their kindness, how did they become brave, smart, how did they face their problems, and many more. The kind of fiction books that I really like are Mystery and Horror books, I love the way the story makes me feel scared, I also love how they describe the characters, such as their; personality, their physical appearance, and what is their role in the story. Fiction Books really excites me because whenever I read a fiction book, I always feel like I'm in that world, I feel like I'm part of the story,. So that's why I love reading Fictional Books
  9. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    I like true accounts of people life experiences like the Howard Marx books ,I have read them all.I do also love a great fantasy book , it’s lovely to take the book to the park and escape from reality for a few hours in the sunshine .In conclusion my favorite type of book is a true account of someone’s life.Thanks Jordan Durante
  10. Kyaseyn

    Kyaseyn New Member

    I am into christian and fictional books. In fictions, I love reading classics. I find it interesting to read. Whenever I read them I get a picture of what happened in the past. And I also think that classics give us more lessons and values that in my opinion are missing nowadays in books in our generation.
  11. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    The type of book for me is Inspirational books. I liked it because it gives me an inspiration especially when i am down. It motivates me to move on fast. When you read it boost your confidence and it makes you to become a better person in this life. In this books it has lots of inspirational messages, quotes and other words that motivates you.

    SUDANKC New Member

    Although every books have some good knowledge, i prefer with finance background that has physical implication to the real world. How one can stay without financial knowledge in this economic world? So, for a better future and advancement i deserve reading financial books.
  13. abysyn

    abysyn New Member

    I love books. But I am more inclined with fictional books.
  14. jacejakllemi

    jacejakllemi New Member

    Fiction is about fantasizing the things. The author of fiction usually will have a very high imaginative mind. If you ever finished a novel in your life, you read the fiction already. There are many genres in fiction itself. Juvenile, Horror, Historical Fiction etc. Coming to parables, they are intended to give an underlying message in form of the story. For example “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason is a parable that teaches you financial tricks in the context of a imaginary city of Babylon.

    Fiction heals the soul. It always tries to bring human elements into the focus. So Fiction for me :)

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