What kind of books do you like to read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by xuex, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. xuex

    xuex New Member

    Is it Action and Adventure, Suspense, Comedy, Science fiction or maybe real life, what trips you trigger?
  2. aaadv101

    aaadv101 New Member

    I typically choose fantasy books over any other kind of genre. However, I often find that fantasy writers have grand ideas about their books and the plot frequently gets lost in the details. So when I get pissed off at crappy fantasy books, I turn to mystery and crime novels. My favorite writers are Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Lee Child, and Jefferey Deaver.
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  3. Phiona14ph

    Phiona14ph New Member

    I love to read mystery, suspense thrillers, paranormal and psychological thrillers and horror. My imagination runs wild every time I read these type of novels. I like the works of Dean Koontz and Stephen King.
  4. Paulina1

    Paulina1 New Member


    I love to read children's books to my family. I enjoy writing children and young adult book reviews as they bring us back to our own childhood and are full of surprising twists and turns. The faces of young children as they learn and visualize the characters and dance over the illustrations make us younger too! Parents, educators, and narrators return to their youth for inspiring moments when they make their storybooks come to life in front of a gleaming crowd of curious children just waiting to call out "Read it again, please!"
  5. Cecilia

    Cecilia New Member

    I like to read romantic christian novels, especially those that are in serious. They captivate me alot and remind me on the importance of God in my relationships
  6. icel

    icel New Member

    I always read a bible. It is the book of life. No book in this world that can guide us in making life way better than a bible. It is the manual of life because the author of this book is the giver of life, our creator God.
  7. kirin-chan

    kirin-chan New Member

    I like reading romantic type of books whether it is a pocket book, ebooks, children's book and of course, MANGA!

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