What kind of genres do u like?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Leirad, Dec 5, 2018 at 5:14 AM.



  1. Hip hop

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  2. Rock

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  3. Indie

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  4. RnB

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  1. Leirad

    Leirad New Member

    What music genre is your favorite?
  2. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    My favorite music genre is hip hop and RnB. I just love the voices especially if the song is meaningful and the singer/s are really good and into the music. the feeling you get from the music is unforgettable and addictive. I will never stop listening to my favorite music cause it moves me.
  3. kynnlyster

    kynnlyster New Member

    I love alternative rocks, pop music, and Beatles!
    I love the simplicity of the music, sounds, and lyrics. And on how it affects the emotion of others like every lyrics is same as what ia happening right now. I play it when I travel and drinking coffee as it helps me relaxed from everything.

    And yes, Beatles! I love their music, on how thwy revolutionized the music. They clearly made an impact in music history, period.

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