What kind of milk do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Jennavive, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Jennavive

    Jennavive New Member

    Normally I drink skim milk, but I recently purchased chocolate almond milk. I found it to be surprisingly good. Does anyone enjoy almond milk, soy milk, or other non-dairy milks? Do non-dairy milks have any health benefits compared to dairy milks? What kind of milk do you drink?
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  2. Kristina8

    Kristina8 New Member

    I drink whole milk, the fat in milk and other dairy products are natural and good for you. The chemically created fats that are not found in nature are what need to be avoided. Raw milk is best but unfortunately not legal everywhere. Crazy how our govt pushes chemicals and restricts nature, isn't it?
  3. sarahrod96

    sarahrod96 New Member

    I drink 2% milk because it isn't as watery as skim milk or as thick as whole milk. Plus it is lower in fat and cholesterol content.
  4. Lilav

    Lilav New Member

    I've always had a slight allergic reaction to cow milk, so when I do use milk (since I rarely do) I like to use non-dairy milks. My favorites are flax milk and almond milk, and now several companies are offering non-dairy milks with added protein. But even these I almost never buy unless I'm on a smoothie-making spree. I've heard of some controversy with the almond milk industry having to do with overtaxing pollination bees, but I've heard of far more problems with the dairy cow industry. I'm curious why people drink so much milk;I seem to only need a small amount of milk for the occasional coffee and nothing else.
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  5. Lostvalleyguy

    Lostvalleyguy New Member

    I am a skim milk drinker. I grew up on 2%, but switched as a result of a roommate who would drink all the milk available except for skim. I have tried non-dairy milk products, but they don't taste the same to me and I do not find them as enjoyable. As far as health benefits go, each product has its own pluses and minuses. Most non-dairy milks are processed to simulate milk and can contain emulsifiers and other agents to emulate the texture. If you like almond milk - go for it, but just keep in mind that it is not the same product as dairy.
  6. millshre

    millshre New Member

    I was never much of a milk drinker myself. As a child I didn't really like it at all. Now that I have a toddler, we give him coconut milk or almond milk. He prefers the almond. They both have a lot of health benefits. To us, cow's milk that you get in the super market isn't really a good choice. It's barely even milk. If we could get raw milk more easily, I would definitely try that. We're currently thinking about making our own almond or coconut milk. I can't remember what brand it is, but there is a Dark Chocolate Almond Milk that is really, really good!
  7. Brigitte H.

    Brigitte H. New Member

    When I realized I was lactose intollerant I began to drink Lactaid brand milk. However, it's very expensive. After that I drank soy, but recently switched to almond milk. I have heard scattered research that soy is not good for your body (unless organic, and then still not in high quantity), so I just drink almond now!
  8. MIkelB

    MIkelB New Member

    As someone with problems with acid reflex, I drink a lot of soy milk. It surprisingly works well. Getting used to the taste is something I haven't quite accomplished just yet. However, there has been one I really loved, it was a chocolate (mint?) soy milk that was on sale for Christmas. I haven't been able to find it since.
  9. KatherineGlison

    KatherineGlison New Member

    I usually don't care what kind of milk that I drink. It honestly depends on my finances at the time and how much nutrition, fat and so on that I want to consume that week. I heard that whole milk was better for you because it is more natural and has more benefits. But I don't really mind the taste of skim, 1% or 2%. It all tastes good to me. I think that something like almond milk has more calcium or something of the sort, but I also feel like things like almost milk or soy milk are more processed than regular milk. I tried almond milk one time and hated it. However, there are too many processed foods and drinks to count and I am sure that everything in moderation is just fine.
  10. amandaplease88

    amandaplease88 New Member

    Recently I started using Almond milk and have really loved it. I haven't tried coconut milk yet, but would give it a try.
  11. SSDD11

    SSDD11 New Member

    Almond milk! It really is delicious! It has way more flavor than regular 1% or even 2% milk, in my opinion, and it doesn't give you that heavy, full feeling of whole milk. Also, it has more calcium, potassium, and iron, and fewer calories than skim milk by about half. (Skim milk at my local store has 90 calories per serving vs. 30-60 calories for almond milk, depending on the variety.) I use it in everything, cereal, tea, coffee, even as a creamy base for a curry!
  12. Lisa R

    Lisa R New Member

    Since I am a vegetarian and aspiring vegan, I drink almond, coconut and occasionally, soy milks. All are unsweetened as I don't want the additional sugar. And if I can find these milks as organically labeled, all the better.

    Before eliminating all meat and most dairy products, I was a firm believer in the 2% cow's milk. Now that I have switched to plant-based milks, I have gained several health benefits including less arthritic inflammation and minimal stomach discomforts.
  13. Atlanticgrl

    Atlanticgrl New Member

    Be careful with milk that is not organic, it can be loaded with hormones and antibiotics. That's why many children are maturing faster physically these days - all the growth hormones in our foods (especially cows and chickens). Makes you wonder if the will age more quickly as well.

    An advisory on soy milk, as well. Soy has been known to suppress the thyroid and adrenals (partly responsible for metabolism, plus many other balances in our body). Almond milk and coconut milk are good choices. But, stick to the unflavored options. Vanilla or other flavors may not be natural and can add calories and sugar. It make take a few tries to get used to the taste over cow milk, but once you do, it's like you've always been drinking it.

    I use coconut milk on cereal and anything else I would use milk for. Sometimes a little less is needed because of the sweeter flavor.
  14. Nettee

    Nettee New Member

    Almond Milk Original (Almond Breeze) Soy and Lactose free. It's healthy and delicious.
  15. astockd1

    astockd1 New Member

    I recently tried chocolate almond milk as well. I absolutely love it and have started to get cravings for it because it is so healthy and delicious. I love eating natural almonds as well, but this chocolate almond milk thing is way too good. It's a little pricey, but I found some coupons, and often one brand or another is one sale every couple weeks. I also like chocolate soy milk, but I avoid going out of my way for soy because it's not so great for the body. I do the same with pork and beef and other unhealthy things. I don't drink regular milk, but I use half and half in coffee and 1% for cereal. I don't think milk/dairy is a particularly healthy thing to consume in general.
  16. Shaquana

    Shaquana New Member

    I typically drink low fat or non fat milk right now. I am currently transitioning to almond milk. Personally, I like almond milk because the consistency is closer to that of skim milk, as opposed to soy milk, which I feel has a thicker consistency that I don't like. I am definitely transitioning off of cow's milk most significantly due to the treatment of the animals during their breeding. The lack of respect and honor of animal life is so widespread and disheartening that it's difficult to fathom sometimes. Thus, I am beginning to drink almond milk as my primary milk to avoid continuing to fund such a morally corrupt system.
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  17. Tyriah

    Tyriah New Member

    I typically would drink white 2% milk but I've found that I prefer Try Moo milk instead. Try Moo is a healthy chocolate milk. Although it is on the more pricey side i found that it is more pleasing than any other I've tried.
  18. aukxsona

    aukxsona New Member

    I have tried every milk you can think of. When I was vegan I drank rice milk, usually the Vanilla Rice Dream brand. I tried soy milk, but didn't like the taste much. I also drank almond milk for a while, but then my stomach really didn't enjoy that. Now I drink goats milk. I am lactose intolerant, which is why I originally switched to non-dairy milk. However, I have a friend that raises goats and had me try her goats milk. It was so wonderful and no hurt tummy after!! I like the taste of Rice Dream still, but goats milk is lovely for making cheese and yogurt.
  19. VikkiR27

    VikkiR27 New Member

    Coconut milk is nice and creamy! Not just the carton in the beverage section, but also the full-fat stuff out of the can. It's sweet without lactose, which is great for my stomach. I love to add it to curries and make smoothies with it. Vanilla-flavored rice milk is also nice to drink, but I find it too thin to use in smoothies, and sometimes a little too sweet to drink on its own. I also tried home-made nut milks that my roommate used to make, and they were tasty, but the little nut chunks felt like sawdust in my throat!
  20. Krunkyjunk

    Krunkyjunk Guest

    I always liked 1% percent milk, but have recently tried Vanillia Silk and found it to be incredibly delicious, especially in cereal. It adds a slight hint of flavor that you don't normally taste in milk or a bowl of cereal and is lactose-free.
  21. Kelso27

    Kelso27 New Member

    I prefer skim milk or almond milk because they are much healthier for you. My boyfriend on the other hand drinks whole milk or vitamin D which I think is absolutely gross why not just drink cream!
  22. N2_D2

    N2_D2 Guest

    I'm partial to 1% milk, but in my day to day travels I usually prefer to have Skim. While some fats are healthy and necessary for the body to function, I choose to drink Skim because the other foods I eat more than compensate for the fat I don't ingest. I can't say that Skim is particularly more healthy than the other types of milk offered, I can say that there seems to be a general consensus that our diets tend to include too many fatty foods, and I think that the Skim milk compensates for some of that.
  23. AustinFoster

    AustinFoster New Member

    Real Milk is waaaaay nicer than this watered down stuff. I usually take skimmed/low fat milk for cereal, and if I feel like drinking a glass of milk, or going on a binge of some oreo's, I would pour myself a cold glass of full fat milk.

    Full Fat milk may be more fattening than Skimm/low fat, but it's worth it.
  24. alxstatik

    alxstatik New Member

    I've been drinking skim milk for at least 6 years now and have to say I cannot go back to whole milk. The tightening of my waist has essentially been the direct result of switching from whole to skim milk. I tried a taste of whole milk a few weeks ago and it was just way too thick. To think that I even swallowed an entire glass of that for years makes me feel for my arteries. I think I even felt my heart palpitate for that one gulp. If you want the muscle-building protein without the high fat and cholesterol then I would definitely recommend skim.
  25. Winta

    Winta New Member

    I prefer Low-fat cow's milk. Research shows that it helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  26. sara_day

    sara_day New Member

    I typically just drink milk straight, not added in anything (no cereal, etc.), so I like 1%. I usually buy organic, and grass-fed when I can. If you haven't had milk from grass-fed cows, you are missing out. It is SO sweet and delicious and creamy, even when it's 1%.

    I once read that when you remove all the fat from milk, you're only left with carbs. Your body needs some fat to help it absorb nutrients, so I stick with 1%. Totally over the low/no-fat diets. They're not healthy!
  27. mlhvista

    mlhvista New Member

    For longest time I drank milk and ate certain milk products until I switched to soy milk. Only then did I come to the conclusion that I am lactose intolerant. For years I consumed milk and had GI discomfort and had no clue why. So after going back to cow's milk after soy milk for whatever reason I would feel sick. Soy milk definitely gave me the ability to eat some of the things that I enjoyed with cow's milk but not all. I would still keep a small bottle of regular milk if I needed to do certain bits of cooking.

    Finally, I tried lactose-FREE milk. And, boy, that's where I should have started all along! I like the soy, even though it took some getting used to, but I never really liked it. I could never drink it on its own and I couldn't use it for cooking at all. That was irritating. So getting a hold of the lactose-free milk was a true game changer. I buy it regularly, can cook with it, and all is right in the world.
  28. writergirl81

    writergirl81 New Member

    I am actually lactose intolerant so I usually do Lactaid. I used to do Soy Milk because I felt like it was a more filling consistency, but I can't do that anymore due to gluten intolerance. Lactaid is very tasty though, and it's not too sweet for my cereals.
  29. Debrich

    Debrich New Member

    I used to be a big milk drinker. After doing lots of research, I found that unless you buy whole milk from a farm, the milk we buy in a store is not really the best for us. I have switched to unsweetened almond milk and am in love with it. I use it in the same way as I used to use milk and really see no difference any longer and it is good for you. It works well for my husband who has a problem with lactose. So it's a win-win at my house.
  30. Marie Stine

    Marie Stine New Member

    I have always drank 2% milk because that is what I grew up with. As an adult I really do not drink much milk. I do not like whole milk because it is too rich. I have seen almond milk and thought about trying it just to see what it tastes like.

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