What kind of milk do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Jennavive, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Bridgette

    Bridgette New Member

    I prefer whole cows milk because that is what I grew up drinking. I do not drink cows milk though because of health reasons. I have tried every kind of milk, but my preference is almond/coconut blend. Almond/coconut blend tastes great in cereal and makes smoothies very creamy. I also enjoy rice milk occasionally. My least favorite milk is soy milk. I feel that soy milk has a very chalky taste.
  2. Daedra

    Daedra New Member

    My number one preference when it comes to cows' milk is that it is humanely sourced. When I can't buy directly from a farm I will only choose a milk from a local farm that I trust. I am willing to pay extra just for the cows providing me with their delicious milk to be treated nicely. I demand that from milk brands. Other than that, I usually go for a 2% variety so that I am not compromising taste but not taking in as much calories and fat as a whole milk. Whole milk is too dangerously delicious for me to keep in the house all the time. Whole milk with the cream still on top is pure heaven.

    When I am not drinking cows' milk I will go for an almond milk or almond blend. The almond-coconut blends are my favorite so far. My brand is low in calories and sugar but still has a good taste. I never go for the flavored kinds like vanilla or chocolate on the other hand. A bad experience with flavored almond milks has put me off for awhile.

    As for other forms of milk, I haven't expanded much. I would be interested in trying rice, cashew and hemp milks but so far I have not enjoyed a single soy milk that I have tried. Something about the taste is just not aligned with my palate whatsoever. I once tried a soy yogurt and had the same reaction. I really wish I could stomach it!
  3. serina

    serina New Member

    I love real whole milk but keep it at bay most of the time. While almond milk is the best and easier way to grab at the store, most of it is ridden with harmful additives. I just make almond milk from raw almonds. It may be a process but in the long run you are feeding your body the nutrient it needs.
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  4. Give

    Give New Member

    I drank cow's milk for most of my life, but recently I have switched to almond milk. I really do not prefer any milk over cow's milk; however, I know that my body responds better to almond milk. I have not tried coconut milk or any other nut milk. Coconut milk is probably the healthiest milk according to my research.
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  5. brittykitty

    brittykitty New Member

    Almond milk or Cashew milk are my faaavorites
  6. SouthBeachCandids

    SouthBeachCandids New Member

    If I am in an area where it is available, I'll get raw milk. Currently that isn't an option however, so I stick with non-homogenized, grass fed, whole milk. Generally speaking the further you get from milk in its rawest form, the worse off it is for you. Skim milk is a abomination that no one should be drinking.

    It is also important to recognize the difference between coconut and almond milk, and coconut and almond milk drink. Almond and coconut milk drink (such as Almond Breeze) is laden with additives and chemicals. It contains very little actual almonds or coconut. Real coconut milk is sold in grocery stores in a can, not in the refrigerated section by the dairy milks. Real almond milk is rarely sold in conventional grocery stores and you'll be lucky to find it even in specialty stores.
  7. Bren Bay

    Bren Bay New Member

    Whole fresh milk is the best, it is full of nutrients and not processed. Packed and skimmed milk taste like white colored water which has no value to the body. Usual I order my milk from Daily farmers who deliver to me every morning. many are the times that I prefer to take hot milk with coffee, chocolate or tea leaves at home rather than restaurants. The reason being most of the restaurants buy processed milk which leaves me with funny taste on my tongue.
  8. Brennen

    Brennen New Member

    I wouldn't recommend almond milk honestly. It's basically preservatives and sugar. If you check the nutrition facts you'll notice there is really nothing to it and doesn't carry much for nutritional benefits. It probably tastes great though. Whole milk is the most nutritious and goes through the least amount of processing.
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  9. Ankisha

    Ankisha New Member

    I am a big fan of soy milk but I don't have it everyday. I drink a glass of warm full fat cow milk every night before going to bed. Saffron and almonds are my favorite flavors. I add a teaspoon of flavor powder in my milk and sip slowly. It feels so good in winters.
  10. Mdavey919

    Mdavey919 New Member

    I prefer skim milk because that's just what I've grown up with. In fact, I'm so used to it that I really don't like the taste of whole milk now. It tastes too thick and creamy in my opinion.
  11. Kears10mango

    Kears10mango New Member

    I am personally against milk ever since I switched to non-diary varieties. I started off drinking almond milk which, at first, I really liked. Then, I tried coconut milk and fell in love. My favorite it one that comes in a purple box. It is unsweetened vanilla flavored and comes to only 45 calories a cup! To me, it tastes like a vanilla milkshake.
  12. Remollino1022

    Remollino1022 New Member

    I love chocolate flavored non-dairy milks. I personally can't give up an ice cold glass of 1% cows milk, but I find the chocolate alternatives very good. I've read that soy milks are high in pseudo-estrogens so they can be good for women, expecially menopausal ones.
  13. Sara K

    Sara K New Member

    I switched over to almond milk three years ago and I've never looked back. I've always avoided milk due to my lactose intolerance and personal dislike of the taste. However, I love the texture and flavor of almond milk. I use it as a direct replacement in my cooking and baking recipes and have never encountered any problems. I enjoy soy, coconut, hemp and rice milks as well. I would say that the best benefit of non-dairy milks versus dairy milks are the benefits of adding healthy vitamins and fats without the ingestion of animal products. Almond milk is also really easy to make at home!
  14. Noluthando

    Noluthando New Member

    I drink Almond milk or rice milk. I cannot drink whole milk or skim milk because I suffer from bronchitis and drinking whole milk just tightens my chest and its not all good for me. Which is the reason why I prefer almond milk or rice milk, plus it's much healthier.
  15. laurendkk

    laurendkk New Member

    I grew up on whole milk, but I have recently fallen in love with almond milk - specifically unsweetened vanilla. I rarely drink real milk anymore. I don't believe I have a dairy intolerance or anything, but if I did, it is safe to say I would not even miss real milk. My taste buds 100% prefer the taste of almond milk now. Switching to a non-dairy milk has also been very beneficial for my skin!
  16. Janeandcharley

    Janeandcharley New Member

    Almond milk is delicious, although I beieve it has quite a bit of added sugar, and it concerns me that it never ever seems to go bad in my fridge. Is it just filled with preservatives? I also like regular cow milk, although I now have to buy 2 kinds- whole milk for the baby and skim or 1% for me.
  17. atlmom5

    atlmom5 Member

    It sure is crazy how the gov't pushes that stuff. I watched a documentary a few months back where they showed how our government backed the processed food industry. In the documentary they showed how some people in the '70's was warning our government of tremendous health concerns in the future, if the government was going to support big Ag and the processed food industry.

    I too prefer whole milk, real butter, but I occasionally buy almond milk. I don't buy Soy, but almond milk is pretty good. But as a girl who grew up on a farm in North Carolina, I must say raw milk is the best and most people don't know the taste of real milk and it's pretty sad.
  18. SGibson

    SGibson New Member

    I drink whole milk, specifically Horizon Organic Milk. It has a "farm fresh" taste, my guess is that they have jersey cows which produce a higher quality milk than other dairy cows. I know whole milk is supposedly fattening, but I don't drink enough of it to be concerned.
  19. rroyal85

    rroyal85 New Member

    My family made the switch to almond milk last year. We also tried soy and cocoanut milk but almond milk turned out to be our favorite. My husband and I decided to take meat and some dairy products out of our diet. We started a mostly plant based diet and we love that almond milk is a plant based option. Almond milk is lower in calories, free of cholesterol and saturated fat.
  20. Mrs Barrett

    Mrs Barrett New Member

    I drink silk cashew milk in the carton. It is the closest I have been able to come to cows milk without all the harmful hormones and chemicals. It is really thick and creamy and it also contains twice the calcium of cows milk. I tried almond milk before finding cashew milk. It was ok but it was thin and watery like skim milk.
  21. Daniela

    Daniela New Member

    Hey Jennavive, I am lactose intolerant, so I can't drink regular milk. I also don't buy soy milk since most of the soy produced nowadays is GMO. If I buy milk, I am going to get some rice or almond milk, but the best option would be if I could make my own almond milk at home... just need to learn.
  22. chantelwolff

    chantelwolff New Member

    I drink almond milk almost religiously. I am lactose intolerant and I am allergic to dairy, so I cannot consume dairy milk. I have tried other types of milk as well so that I could figure out what the best replacement was. I have had coconut milk, rice milk, soy milk, cashew milk, and even goats milk and so far I prefer almond milk out of all them.
    There are obviously some vitamins and nutrients in dairy milk that I can't get with nut-based milks, so I take supplements in order to get the daily doses of vitamins and nutrients that I need.
    I don't miss dairy milk because there are so many alternatives these days that it's easier for me to go non-dairy.
  23. flowerdog

    flowerdog New Member

    I don't drink very much milk, but I love nut-milk, especially almond and cashew! I've tried soy milk and didn't like it at all. I found it super watery and didn't think it had much flavor. I had the same experience with coconut milk. Though, that could be because I tend to opt for unsweetened/low-fat milk over normal milk. I would also like to try rice-milk someday, but I haven't been able to find it in stores yet.

    If I ever give myself the time to do so, I'd love to learn how to make my own almond/cashew milk. I can only imagine the difference in quality!
  24. Billie

    Billie New Member

    I use to drink 2% milk but now that my fiancé and I got our own place I switched to whole milk, because that is all he drinks, and honestly I can't tell the difference.
  25. tayld17

    tayld17 New Member

    I really enjoy almond milk. The fewer calories help if you're on a diet or trying to lose some weight but overall I feel the taste is better. It may initially taste "different" for first time use but after a while the taste of almond mink is much better than regular dairy milk. It is much creamier in my opinion and has a much more flavor.
  26. Fatimat

    Fatimat New Member

    I drink organic milk because when I was drinking regular 2% milk or other types of milk I would get bumps on my face. After I started drinking organic milk my body felt healthier and better. I have seen my face clear up of bumps that I did not like on my face. Organic is natural milk that doesn't have chemicals like other milk. I stick to my organic milk, whether it is organic whole milk or other organic milk.
  27. I love the thickness and rich flavor of whole milk and think any other milk is to watered down. My mom and brother drink skim milk and have no clue how they can drink that stuff. My almost 3 year old boy loves whole milk as well but I make him drink 2% milk because he is a big boy.
  28. kdb890

    kdb890 New Member

    I love milk, and honestly all dairy in particular, so I'm not very picky about the kind of milk I drink. However, I've tried both soy and skim and they are absolutely terrible. I mostly prefer 2%, but do drink 1% and whole on occasion.
  29. Erica Tanner

    Erica Tanner New Member

    After my brother became lactose intolerant, the whole family switched to almond milk. I personally didn't care for it, but with cereal I couldn't taste the difference between that and regular skim milk. I also avoided milk because I heard it caused acne. Now, my acne has cleared, and my brother has moved out, so I drink skim milk every day, and after 2 years of just almond milk, skim milk tastes amazing.
  30. Maigan

    Maigan New Member

    It depends on how I'm consuming the milk. If I'm cooking or baking with it, whole milk for sure. If I'm just sipping on milk (for instance, with cookies), I'll drink vanilla soy milk. I've also found that I really dig coconut milk in my Raisin Bran. As you can probably tell, we have a lot of different types of milk in our fridge.

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