What kind of milk do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Jennavive, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Carolina Ventura

    Carolina Ventura New Member

    I don't drink any dairy derivatives since I became vegan, so my favorite milk by far has to be almond milk. Some brands even have roasted almond milk which is even better because the nutty flavour is so much more pronounced. I try not to drink soy milk too often due to the high amounts of added sugars, although it is higher in protein than most non-dairy milks.
  2. cluckeyo

    cluckeyo New Member

    I was a purest and only wanted whole milk for the longest time. It took a large chunk out of my calorie allowance each day but I did not think that I would like any other kind. On a whim I tried skim milk recently and found it to be surprisingly delicious, especially if it's good and cold. I have now switched and I am saving a ton of calories as a result. By the way, the best tasting milk I have run across comes for ALDI. They have delicious milk!
  3. mattmn232

    mattmn232 New Member

    I love almond milk! I have not tried the chocolate almond milk, but hope to try it soon! I like to get the unsweetened almond milk when I plan to eat it with cereal. If I plan to drink it plain I enjoy the vanilla flavored. I think one of the cons of drinking almond milk compared to dairy milk is that almond milk doesn't have as much calcium as dairy does.
  4. Sadie

    Sadie New Member

    I have never drank much much cow's milk. I just don't like it unless it's chocolate. I tried soy milk, but I don't like it, either. It seems to have a bitter taste and most soybeans grown are genetically modified. I try to avoid GM foods.

    When I buy milk it is either almond or coconut. I like the taste of both and they are supposed to be healthy and GMO-free.
  5. RowenPosts

    RowenPosts New Member

    I grew up on Semi-Skimmed. and I have recently changed to Goat's Milk and I cant taste the difference.
  6. presidantbj

    presidantbj New Member

    My family and I enjoy coconut and hemp milk.
  7. HealthAndVitality

    HealthAndVitality New Member

    I personally prefer plant milk. It should be quite obvious to the public by now that cows cannot produce milk naturally all year round, that is not nature at all, and if even if they did, all the antibiotics that are injected to the animals do have some effects on the milk that is produced. Lactose intolerance is on the rise and we wonder why. I used to drink dairy milk and I had stomach pains constantly. I now drink plant milk (soy, almond etc) and I no longer have any stomach problems. It's quite clear what the cause was.
  8. melodyjoy93

    melodyjoy93 New Member

    The only milk I purchase is almond milk; this is basically because I just love the taste. I have also tried making almond milk myself, and it turned out pretty good. As far as health benefits, cow milk is know to have hormones and antibiotics in it. Almond milk is strictly almonds and milk. Maybe cows milk doesn't do a body good?
  9. mackenzie71

    mackenzie71 New Member

    I've always enjoyed drinking milk and have always bought organic 2% reduced fat milk. However, I've recently heard about the many benefits of non-dairy milk, so I decided to try it. I tried vanilla almond milk and had a terrible experience. I only drank one glass, and my stomach felt cramped for at least two days. After that experience, I went back to regular dairy milk immediately!
  10. tionigel

    tionigel New Member

    The best I've ever tried was raw milk I got from a local farm near of where I used to live. I would just go to the farmer with a five liter tank and tell him to fill it. They'll do it if you ask nicely and pay them a reasonable price, which it isn't much since they usually sell it at a very low price, very lower than that at the store.

    I think raw is the best and the healthiest but now I can't get it because I don't live near any farm. Too bad for me.
  11. Diana Milette

    Diana Milette New Member

    Normally I buy Soy or Almond milk (Silk) . Sometimes when i have a little extra time I make my own natural homemade Soy milk .
    I´ve tried different brands but i like Silk the most
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  12. barahseitch

    barahseitch New Member

    I prefer almond milk as I feel it has the most neutral taste. It depends on what you're using the milk for. Soy milk is great because of it's high protein content. Almond milk has less calories which is always a plus.
  13. Heres2UMrsRobinson

    Heres2UMrsRobinson New Member

    My family drinks 1.5% milk from a local dairy. Personally, I have recently cut way back on dairy because of some health issues. I have tried all of the other milk choices and have settled on coconut milk. Coconut milk is full of healthy, vegetarian, medium chain fatty acids, such as lauric and capric acids. These acids are know for their anti-viral and anti-microbial properties, and the body uses these fatty acids as energy, not just storing them as fat. I'm not one to sit and guzzle a glass of milk, so I'm not too worried about the fat content, plus I much prefer the taste of coconut milk compared with the other choices available.
  14. Snowy412

    Snowy412 New Member

    I also really enjoy coconut milk. I never really liked cow's milk. My husband has a sensitivity to dairy and soy, and is allergic to nuts so we just buy coconut milk or rice milk. Although one weird thing about coconut milk is how a splash doesn't lighten coffee.
  15. Jrh0714

    Jrh0714 New Member

    I grew up drinking whole milk. Once I married, my wife only drank skim milk, which took a bit of time for me to adjust to. However, now when we go home to visit my parents, the whole milk just taste like I am having glue with my cereal!
  16. ejm2005

    ejm2005 New Member

    I buy whole milk for my family and I use it in my coffee, but other than that I don't really drink milk. I don't drink any alternative milks, either. I just don't care for milk, and I have found other ways to get my daily calcium, such as yogurt. I do use milk or cream in cooking applications as well as coconut milk occasionally.
  17. StephmcC

    StephmcC New Member

    Honestly, I can't tell the difference in taste between whole milk, 2%, or 1%. It is all the same to me, so I usually just go for 1% milk. As far as flavor is concerned, I prefer old fashioned chocolate milk! I have yet to try almond milk or any other fancy flavored milk.
  18. Emma Rose

    Emma Rose New Member

    Growing up we always drank skim, because my mother was following the "low-fat" recommendation that was pushed on us for so long. Now, I drink whole milk, and would never want to go back to skim. I've had dairy replacement milks, and find that unless they are sweetened with a lot of extra sugar, I don't enjoy them. Flavored almond milk and soy milk have a lot of sweeteners, so if you were to drink regular almond milk (and I have) you may find that its not what you expected. I also like coconut milk from a can for some uses, but mainly for cooking.
  19. WiseIroh

    WiseIroh New Member

    I usually drink 2% milk because that is what my mother always used to buy. I'm not happy with it though. I want to try skim milk or a healthier milk than I am currently drinking. I am always looking for ways to improve my health through dieting and exercise.

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