What made you love music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Black822, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Black822

    Black822 New Member

    Music is an interesting hobby. And we all have stories to tell why we love it!
  2. sunakoaki

    sunakoaki New Member

    I love music because it makes my world go round. Music for me is some kind of addiction. It's like some kind of drug that i have to take it everyday. My life is incomplete without listening to some sound. Sometimes when I'm down and feeling lonely. I will just turn on my spotify and pick out my up beat playlist. That's why i really love music it helps me elevate my moods.
  3. Jabashie10

    Jabashie10 New Member

    I love music because it is a very great companion. If I want to cry, I play soft music. If I want to scream, I play rock. If I want to dance, I play pop music. Whatever my mood is, the music always knows its beat.
  4. kayechan

    kayechan New Member

    Music is part of our life, it's too boring if there's no music.
    I love music because it relief my stress, and its our family bonding time singing in our house or in ktv bars whenever theirs a occation or not. Lastly i've meet my partner in life because of music.
  5. jayjaydimson1

    jayjaydimson1 New Member

    What made me love with music is that music makes me feel relax and make my mind so peaceful, whenever I'm listening to music I feel so energized that's why I love to listen to it every day.
  6. wellapalada

    wellapalada New Member

    Music is a Form of Art. It's a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds together to create expressions of an effect like emotions, message and situation.

    I love music because this can describe feelings and emotions that many people can relate with. It speaks what cannot be expressed.

    According to Plato, Music gives a soul to the Universe. Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything.
  7. 20162311

    20162311 New Member

    well to me... music can do all sort of things. it can help me relax, reduces the pain, a better work out. it can also clear my mind when i'm thinking and gives you a great mood. thats why I love music
  8. Ricardo De Hoyos

    Ricardo De Hoyos New Member

    I had the joy of picking up a guitar for the first time when I was 10 years old, and I love it to this day. I fell in love with music because of the way it makes me feel. I think it´s amazing the fact that I can feel a certain way just by listening to a certain song.
  9. celdeleon

    celdeleon New Member

    I love music because listening to music makes you feel happy your in a great mood,relaxes your mind and releases all the stress you encounter.Music is part of our daily lives when you are listening to music all songs that played are relatable on what you are situation.
  10. chrisclyde

    chrisclyde New Member

    I started falling in love with the right kind of music (Gospel and Classical) at a tender age. These kind of music can lift a person's soul to the highest heavens. Music has very great therapeutic effects and it can motivate the body and mind to complete strenuous tasks. When music is ambient and at moderate noise levels it helps to push up our adrenaline levels to unprecedented highs that can usher us into an amazing flow state. We also encode music faster than we encode words and this explains why we can remember musical notes and tunes from childhood.

    Music is processed by many parts of the human brain. It is processed by the brain's cortexes, hippocampus, amygdala and nucleus accumbens all at once. No wonder the experience of music is very dynamic. Since the dawn of human history to the present day, the charming effect of music has not come to an end

    At the moment I use music to enhance my productivity and workflow and I have been achieving tremendous results, whether I am blogging or writing codes or reading very lengthy text online. Music playing in the background can be a great stimulus to productivity and I love the stimulation it gives.
  11. dado15

    dado15 New Member

    I Love music because, It makes me relax, And comfortable.When i feel bored,Sad,Happy music is always with me
    that's how much i love music.Imagine life without music? your life will be BORING.
    That's why i practice hard to learned play guitar.
  12. Moldovanu91

    Moldovanu91 New Member

    I love music because It îs the only thing you can really relax .when you feel Alone sometimes music can help a lot . Music gives the state of freedom that You need .since last music was part of us And every loved one song.
  13. victoriab91

    victoriab91 New Member

    I love music because it is an outlet to escape something for a short while. Listening to music can put you in a trance where you can forget about your problems. However, depending on the type of music, it can be used to relax your mind while solving your problems. Not only can you listen to music to escape everyday stress and anxiety, but you can play it. There are so many different options when it comes to music that no matter what, there will always be something for everyone. There are all different types of music to fit your mood and personality. My favorite thing about music is that it is essentially limitless.
  14. sasarus

    sasarus New Member

    I think the question is not correct. There is music you love and there is music you don't (or you love it when you are drunk, but i don't recommend that). So it's just a natural process in the brain and i would say that that natural process made me love some music.
  15. fretzlea

    fretzlea New Member

    With music, I can be at ease. It makes me calm and at the same time it can touch my heart. Sometimes, It makes me forget my problems, it lifts my spirit. I also love creating my own music because i can express my emotions, i can pour all my feelings in my work. Music is life.
  16. goldeneye-Enr3

    goldeneye-Enr3 New Member

    I love music because it makes me feel happy during all day long and makes me feel emotions through listening romantic music. I think I face my problems better when I keep listening beautiful songs. I love hearing when I go to sleep also because it makes me calm down during a long time of work.
  17. sarim

    sarim New Member

    i love music because it is very accessible. even when you are using toilet, you can listen to it. it makes us relax and comfortable whenever we feel uneasy. music also is our mouth when we cannot speak.
  18. Mishael

    Mishael New Member

    It was very spontaneous. There are different quotes of music whether it'd be related to relationship, nationalism, culture, experiences, and so much more. These are undeniably amazing because music is very very very infinite, it just never stops. I started to learn guitar at age 12. My relationship with music started there and music spontaneously kept on coming wherein I learned different kinds of musical instruments like drums, keyboard, bass, ukulele, and other stuff. To think, I only tried music tutorial once and they only taught to me the basic fundamentals and teaching in playing a guitar. My love for music was very spontaneous I'd say once again. All in all, I love music because it loves me back.
  19. jzrgrl

    jzrgrl New Member

    Music is th e best way to tell feelings and emotions if something you are ashamed to do so.That's the reason that I like music it helps me to be more attractive on school academic performance.So music is life.
  20. ivandelrey

    ivandelrey New Member

    Music has always been my thing since my childhood. Discovering new music and artists is a great way to spend my time than scrolling on social media. Music helped me get better in life from my personal life to my career. As a musician, it also helped me get more creative and be inspired, it's also a great way to let your feelings out into a work of art and it's amazing when people say they appreciate your work and that's the moment when you can say "I've found the purpose of my life and that is music".
  21. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    What made me love music is how it made me feel when I first heard a song I really liked. The feeling is unforgettable. I love how I be down and depressed but as soon as I here a good song I perk right up and start dancing around happily like I never wa down or depressed.
  22. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    I love music because
    Music can remove pain
    Music can make you happy when you are depress
    Music can will make you relax when you are tired
    Music can change the persons mood

    and also Music is used to Worship God

    We are blessed
  23. nrico143

    nrico143 New Member

    Music is a form of art that communicates to one's soul. It can be a trigger to let someone feel a certain emotion just by listening to it. It can improve one's mood or otherwise. What I love about music is that it speaks volumes. It is a form of expression which directly speaks to my heart. I love listening to music all day. It is somewhat an escape to my stressful life. I love it.
  24. tenwoe12

    tenwoe12 New Member

    Music, unlike other arts, gives every one an opportunity to cherish and enjoy at every moment of time no matter what situation one is in. I personally feel that listening to the music is one of the most important activity because its rejoice and helps me rejuvenate my self form any damages and more over connects me with different kind of cultures and so does with the people of world.
  25. Clarzcab92

    Clarzcab92 New Member

    I love music because it expresses different kind of emotions no matter who you are, what you can do, unlike in any other arts, music is unique coz you really can feel it and express it even if you don't know how to sing ,and no matter what language it is in the music we can still relate and sometimes groove,simg and love it ,just like in k-pop

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