What made you to quit your job

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mounika, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Mounika

    Mounika New Member

    Hey fellas, here I am with a simple question to ask knowing how tough to answer it. I am little curious as well as optimistic to look forward for a genuine answer.
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  2. +spirit51

    +spirit51 New Member

    One particular time comes to mind with this question. I left a well-known company because the working environment no longer challenged me to do better. And there was no more room for career growth. It was then time for me to look for another opportunity.
  3. I'mtheOne

    I'mtheOne New Member

    There are many reasons why I would consider quitting my job. First thing first, I'll consider my health. As the saying goes "health is wealth". Like my previous job where we do some programming in order for the machines to work. The smell of every chemicals poured at the back was ridiculous and it affects my lungs. Second thing is about the job itself. Like, you are required to do something which is no longer part of your job. Other thing is that the management decided to add more task when it should be for your supervisor and as the days goes by you are now required to change something that you normally do to reach your scorecards as they base your performance. Other people called it "toxic". So, As our job getting more toxic and you will feel that they are just doing it to you for you to quit. Especially, when you notice that some of your colleagues were being transferred to the other department .
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  4. Ruth Treveles

    Ruth Treveles New Member

    Although I love my job, my first priority is my family. Personal reasons necessitate that I vacate my position as a Team Leader. My previous officemates are one of the finest people I've ever known, which made it more difficult to leave. However, my children needed me most. And so I'm looking for a chance to create a career online.
  5. This is just a month ago. I thought I would do great because its a dayshift job, 6am to 3pm. Much better than night shift really. I have to travel an hour going to work so I wake up 3 in the morning. Eating breakfast (rice) is mandatory. It helps me to be energetic for the day ahead. I travel by bus, I need to be at the bus station by 4 to 4:30 am. All is well. That is what I thought. My body cannot keep up with the everyday travel. My gastroenteritis all of a sudden making its presence known. So I decided to quit because of health issue.
  6. kaykaywantstono

    kaykaywantstono New Member

    I quit my Job to stay home and take care of my elderly mother. She had a stroke in 2013 that left her unable to speak or walk. She is total care. I never imagined I would be in this position. It's been hard without having full time pay. I have been managing. I hope to run across a really good opportunity to make money online.
  7. Anubhav Khare

    Anubhav Khare New Member

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  8. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    Well first of all answering to a boss, second making him rich , third waking up when he tells you too, four exchanging my time for money (waste of time),five .. my boss chooses how much I’m worth, six.. I was not born to pay bills and just die at a nine to five . So I choose to be my own boss and to earn what I think I’m worth
  9. Melany71

    Melany71 New Member

    What made me quit my recent job? Well, first of all my boss is good but lacks the management skills that his employees need. He also lacks empathy and sympathy to be the boss that he should be. The company that I worked with did not pay the mandated government benefits due to us, no chance for any career growth. Sad as it may seem for me, even if I gave my all for the good of the company, it was futile and hopeless. So, in the end I opted to resign properly and find a new job that I truly love.
  10. JBenj

    JBenj New Member

    What made me quit my job is that my pay is not enough it all wasted on my travel expenses! Seriously, I wake up at 4:30 to in the morning to get prepare. 5:30 I should be travelling, otherwise Im gonna be late or I will be force to double my ride fee just to travel at work. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes with traffic to get at my work place. From 8 AM work until 8:30 PM, I'll be not going home yet, instead I'll stay there for another hour just to not to get caught on the traffic. Early or not, I got home around 10:30 PM to 11:00PM. Too tired to eat gonna sleep then do it again tomorrow... Im too tired for my age, I just persever to get the two years of working experience, still no raise in my pay...
  11. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    I was working as a sales representative and i never liked it one bit. It was my first job and i never wanted to turn it down and stay at home because i needed money and also i was avoiding that situation where your family starts to look at you like a burden. I was trapped in a wrong career or call it a job. Can you imagine waking up every morning to go and put up with your annoying boss the whole day with small pay at the end of the month? Looking back i feel like i was a prisoner not because of the small pay only but also because i am an introvert and talking to random people every time ain't my thing. Right now i know people who are in the wrong careers, never enjoy what they do but because they have yo put a meal on the table and pay bill they have to keep up with it. It not their fault or their choice to be their but they will have to take one day at a time and maybe someday they will find a way. It takes some guts to step up but until then good luck in whatever you are doing.
  12. justmine

    justmine New Member

    If i'm not happy anymore. That's gonna be my first reason. Because I believe that, if you're not happy to your job it will affect your productivity, your body will become heavy and you don't even want to go to work, and also every things around you is gonna be a big stress, it feels like you hate all the people inside that office. The other reason for me to quit my job, if I feel that the company is losing the confidence on my work. It's looks like they're always find ways just to see the mistakes on your work, and I hate that. The other reason I think is the conflict between your work and personal life. But a simple advice, before you quit your job, you should already have the plan b, or make sure that you will find another job, after you quit.
  13. annejade19

    annejade19 New Member

    I quit my job because I don't excel at my job anymore. I get bored doing the same things over and over again. Aside from that, the salary is too small. I want to find my niche and for me, it is not the right workplace for me.
  14. Abraham Ungria

    Abraham Ungria New Member

    The last time I quit was because of my boss. I saved up on vacation leaves and wanted to use them when my son was born. She didn't approve paternity leave because she said it's only for married fathers and she said I couldn't use my regular vacation leaves because there are important changes in the company that would require me to monitor and address those changes. In short, work needed me more than my newborn. I know my work is important as it puts food on the table but what father will I be to put my work over my newborn needs. I had people that could cover me for a week but she preferred that I stay at work and hire a nanny to be with my newborn.
  15. yesido_loida23

    yesido_loida23 New Member

    I work as a graphic artist in a photo studio two years ago. I love my job back then, I enjoyed what I was doing , creating designs, meeting customers, and learning new skills. But then there's come a point that I feel I am not developing, financially and skilfully. My work has been just a routine and the time required will not let me do what I wanna do the most. I feel exhausted some time because I am not enjoying it anymore. Doing the same things regularly doesn't challenge me anymore that's why I made a big decision to quit my job and take the risk on being a freelancer.
  16. MommaDill

    MommaDill New Member

    My daughter is the reason I quit my job. I was pregnant and wanted to stay home with her. When my boss came in to discuss my maternity leave I told her that I was not coming back. I wish you could have seen the shocked look on her face. I did give three months notice and was able to train my replacement. The office even though me a baby shower. That was 19 years ago and I don't regret it.
  17. Jurexblue

    Jurexblue New Member

    I believe the reason why we quit our job depends on every person and the circumstances surrounds us during those times. As for someone like me who happen to be on my third job already, the reasons why i quit my previous jobs are due to the working environment I have at work that is no longer healthy, and the second one would be because I have some family issues that I have to attend to making me quit my job without having any choice. I have to say there are feelings of regret still in me left for leaving my previous job but i guess that's part of life. nothing will ever be permanent. All we can do is be flexible enough to face life's challenges with positivity to make our journey less of a burden.
  18. sophia aragoncillo

    sophia aragoncillo New Member

    Too much abuse and depression are one of the main reason why people prefer to quit their job. Abuse, maybe their boss treat them like an animal and thinking that they are a robot who never get tired. And depression, because, how can you work well if you are not able to focus? You are depressed, and you cannot handle it. That's why you quit your job.
  19. There are a thousand of reasons why a person quits his or her job. There is no job in this world that is not hard but when that job is your passion it becomes impossible to quit. Sometimes doing our job or profession is far from what we really love or our passion that we want to do in our life. Your're blessed if what your doing or your profession becomes your passion. But the sad truth is that many are suffering from the stress of working on jobs that are not really what they would like to do in in their lives. They are just doing any job they can get merely for the sake of providing bread and butter for their selves as well as for their families. So when a person cannot tolerate any longer the stress and toxicity of their working conditions they will eventually quit their job right away. How can a person stay and endure a job when at the first place he does not even like his job how much more he finds out that the place of his work is very stressful. Imagine if his supervisor and co-workers are a bunch of stress agents not providing him enough chance to grow as a person professionally. Lack of determination and perseverance to overcome job pitfalls is also a very influential cause for one to quit his job momentarily.
  20. Nel Alexis

    Nel Alexis New Member

    Actually there are a lot of things to consider for us to quit on job. Before I worked as a Product Specialist in a mall and that is my first job. I've worked in a Department Store then in an Appliances Center. With that I experienced how to deal, guide and assist customers to choose their needs. I experienced how hard to be at work with the restriction in lates and absents. Also it is hard to sell my items that I promote and facing the angry customers with complaints, even if it is not my fault I need to humble myself and toke the bad things I heard from customers. Now, I realized how hard to be an employee and I paid by my employer only in a minimum rate. I am a college undergraduate and I think now is the time to go to university again and it is the thing that made me most to quit on the job.
  21. Stealthb2

    Stealthb2 New Member

    It's not me who quit, it's my company who decided to let me go. I worked with a call center company before and everything was fine until this account that I was working with was pulled out due to Clients decisions and I was transferred to another account, after some months the first account who pulled out came back and I was transferred again. Everything worked really fine. The job was more difficult but it's more fine still a better learning.

    After several months another bad news came and we heard that the account came back for testing only and client will continue if we passed the stats required. Unfortunately, we didn't make it, we got an extension enough to enjoy our remaining days and as time goes by without looking at the calendar and without knowing we're signing our End of Contract Papers. We were suppose to be transferred however other accounts cannot afford our basic pays anymore, that's why.
  22. darkvincent

    darkvincent New Member

    I decided to quit my job 3 years ago because I do not feel that I am growing as a person anymore. It hinders my success and I don't feel I am worthy to be passive for my entire career. I am fascinated with the development of my recent job which allows me to open the doors for my talent and professional growth. There is no discrimination on the part of administration and they will allow you to look forward for new development. Rendering service in a company that will hinder your success is one of the reason why i quit my position regardless of the years of service I stayed.
  23. DudeGuy

    DudeGuy New Member

    I worked at a bar for only a week and I couldn't be anymore happier that I left. The owner attacked one of the cooks in the middle of the kitchen, and said to everyone there, " I want everyone here fired its not like me can pay them, we're going under anyway." MAJOR red flag! The kitchen manager smoke cigarettes in the kitchen, a huge health code violation. The employees were drinking alcohol constantly, also a health code violation. And the kitchen floor kept flooding! Needles to say I bailed real quick. They didn't even pay me for the 52 hours I worked. But hey! Who cares? I'm just happy that they're closed! It sure didn't last long.
  24. celine_ciao2000

    celine_ciao2000 New Member

    Wow! I am so happy to find this topic here in the forum. I just quit my job last August 2017. So the first few persons who asked me why I quit from my job of 20 years were my co employees. I only have one answer. " I decided to be kind to myself while I still have the chance and time." When we work in the corporate world , we get hired based on our qualifications, but when you are already employed your qualifications won't let you keep your position and where you want to be in your career path. You work so hard to satisfy your bosses who give you the rating of your performance. To a diligent employee you work so hard but sometimes your bosses or peers don't see the good in you. But then again you are just an employee you don't own the company, so you have to dance with their music.

    After contemplating for about three years, I decided to quit my job. I realized that success is not only measured by your position in a company or by how much you earn. Real success is not confined to the corporate world or by having a job.
    Most companies have a culture that give a mindset to their employees that they are the lucky few who belong to with them, if they quit they might not be able to find a company as good as their current one.

    An employee is always made to believe that the company they are working with is the world to them, when this happens their comfort zone is restrained within the company. They struggle and work so hard to satisfy the bosses who are not always right. They become victims of corporate politics.

    But in the end you find out that the secret in being able to keep or quit your job is determination. Your bosses who are not pleased with your performance are determined to take you off the company, but then you must also be determined to prove that they can not bring a good person down, and then you know that leaving can be the best option.:)

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