What makes a great song; lyrics or beats

Discussion in 'Music' started by Atenya, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Atenya

    Atenya New Member

    This question has been around for ages but I really wanted to share my view and get some feedback. I think that it all depends on audience and occasion. For example beats matter more in a club banger song whereas in a love song the lyrics matter more.

    This can be seen clearly when comparing songs from artists like Migos , whose songs mostly gain fame for their beats and rhyme , and songs from someone like Ed Sheeran , where the popularity is gained from the lyrics and smooth use of words to pass his message.

    Anyway that is all I wanted to say feel free to add your own opinion on the matter. P.S I am personally a fan of songs that focus more on lyrics than beats. Bye
  2. KMG666

    KMG666 New Member

    I think it depends on the mood you're in because I read on some article that if you are happy you tend to gravitate to the Beat of the music and much to the lyrics but when you are sad you tend the listen closely the lyrics of the song which in my experience is very true.
  3. illuminniall

    illuminniall New Member

    I would have to say the beat matters more in the making of a great song. Sometimes people just tend to enjoy what they hear and they don't really pay attention to what message is being delivered. One example is "pumped up kicks" by Foster the People. The beat caught my attention first, before I realized what the song was really about and it's the same for most of the first time listeners of the song.

    But other times, some lyrics are just way too controversial to be ignored, you end up not enjoying the song despite it having a great beat because the lyrics just ruin it all for you. A song is composed of a group of words and rhythm, and both have its purpose and is equally important. What truly makes a great song is if the lyrics and beat actually compliment each, rather than enjoying the half part of what is suppose to be enjoyed as a whole.
  4. Shainnahernandez

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    I think it's a tie between both. One reason is because with a great beat, but terrible lyrics would make a bad song in my opinion. Also amazing lyrics but a bad beat doesn't quite make a well made song either. So I would not be able to choose between the both. In my opinoopboth are equally important

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