What makes a person beautiful?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Merz, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Belts

    Belts New Member

    I believe that everything that God has made is beautiful and it depends on how a person will show that beauty. Some people show their beauty in their physical appearance. For me, a good heart, kind soul, and nice attitude make a person beautiful because the inner self is more important for me. The real beauty radiates inside the heart not in the outside appearance, what a person has inside will show in his deads and actions. When the inner beauty glows then everything will follow and that what made a person beautiful inside and outside.
  2. What makes a person beautiful?

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

    Normally, this quote pertains to the physical attributes of a person. Being beautiful not only shows on the outside but on the depth of a person. True beauty comes from within. A good heart and humility, for me, is what makes a person beautiful.
  3. allrock

    allrock New Member

    I don’t see beauty on just physical attributes. Being beautiful does not mean you have a good-looking face and a sexy body, for me a person is beautiful if he/she possess the following traits:

    1. Faith in GOD – a person who puts GOD and his teachings above all other things and apply these teachings in his/her daily life.

    2. Being Positive and Inspire Others – Believe in yourself. Accept the things about yourself that you can’t change and use it to your advantage. Focus on your strengths and let your weaknesses be your inspiration to change.

    3. Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you – This maybe a very simple rule to follow but most of us totally fail in this one.

    If you have the traits I mentioned above, then you are truly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L to me!!


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Beauty comes within,it is whats in your heart.The most important is your traits, your attitude and the way you carry yourself to others.If you do good beauty reflects in you.It's not the face that you have it's inside in you that counts.
  5. PMarga

    PMarga New Member

    For me, attitude is what make a person beautiful. I am a firm believer that physical attributes are only temporary. Whats important is your attitude inside because that alone is a self manifestation that you are beautiful inside out.
  6. bude

    bude New Member

    People becomes more beautiful if there's a good heart in it. We're all beautiful and unique.
  7. paubash

    paubash New Member

    We are all beautiful in different ways. It is not just about the looks but it's all about your inner self, on how you look at life and everything around you.
  8. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    A good Heart. Well for me i dont look in physical appearance of person, i always wanted to know her by her attitude, how she helped other (so that she can inspires me too) and i think those people who has a strong faith and Beliefs to God. God has created all of us beautiful, but not perfect. We all have flaws. For me i learned not to envy others. When i see someone that has everything (materialistic) i always tell myself, i should work hard to get this and that, so yes, i am a contented person, i cant say that i am perfect but i love God.
  9. Clean Heart

    Clean Heart New Member

    The word beautiful as define by the dictionary is possessing the qualities that are pleasing, satisfying, and or delighting to the senses or mind. We are different people with different opinions, thoughts, preferences, likings, and etc., right? So how we look at a certain person differs from one another. It depends on how we define beauty in our own perspective. Even blinds who cannot see have tbeir way of seeing how beautiful a person is. If you ask me, a beautiful person is someone who possess not only great physical looks or qualities but also within. If you have the kindest loving heart even if you don't posses the beauty outside you are considered beautiful but if you have bad attitudes, does not respect people and shows negative personality, then the beauty you have outside is useless.
  10. Aphropraiz

    Aphropraiz New Member

    Every one of us as humans are created beautifully and wonderfully. But, beauty in this sense (I think), is the depth, the heart and mind of an individual. We could call it character, a person could be all handsome and beautiful on the outside, looking all pretty, but their character speaks otherwise, they could come off as rude, disrespectful and so on.
    What makes one really beautiful is their deed to mankind, their love for their fellow being. Acts they carry out for humanity, and not just for selfish reasons, but from the good that dwells in their heart.
    Another thing that make people beautiful is finding strength in themselves. And lastly loving themselves for who they are.
  11. shine28

    shine28 New Member

    Appreciation and acceptance is the best measure of what makes a person beautiful. Why? Many of us tend to appreciate good features we want to have from other people. We give much value to what our ideal beauty is not knowing that if we just accept and appreciate what we really have and who we really are then we'll start to feel that we're the most beautiful individual. Satisfaction and positive outlook in life truly give us the genuine radiance our body can naturally showcase. No matter what we feel inside it will surely be reflected outside. In the end, just be optimistic, compassionate to others and most especially be grateful for everything you have now.
  12. Ferchu33

    Ferchu33 New Member

    Tricky question, has a lot of answers if you ask me, some people find beauty in magazine cover models, you could say maybe the hair, maybe the clothes, maybe the face, maybe the body, but I think like many others here that attitude is important, but most importantly, the attitude has to come natural.

    A smile can pierce through the most hardstone hearts but if it's a fake smile it may not be very effective, and who says only smiles can charm people, clumsiness and shyness are considered cute too, shows off strength or boasting may appeal to some people, it's all about the synergy between people that really makes them think someone is beautiful and if that synergy comes naturally then that's when people see beauty. Some people may even see beauty in more bizarre attitudes too.

    So what makes people beautiful, well depends on who you ask.
  13. ImitatedLearnings05

    ImitatedLearnings05 New Member

    There are two things that will make the person beautiful: the outside features and the attitude inside. Our eyes can be easily deceived by the outside features. We tend to see the beauty by what we see. These are the physical features such as the attractive face, body, smile and eyes. However, the outside features can be beautiful or ugly depending on his or her attitudes. For me the attitude is the aspect that will make a person beautiful no matter what physical attributes he or she has. For instance, the smile of a girl who is known to be kind and humble is more charismatic and positive in comparison to a girl who has an ugly attitude. A person who has good characteristics is more respectable and inspiring. That will make his or her everlasting beauty. The beauty outside will just depend on it to be alive. For me, I greatly adore the kind personality of an individual. They said that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I suggest that feelings are more intense to know the beauty of a person.
  14. Yien

    Yien New Member

    What makes people beautiful? For me it is from how people overcome all of the challenges they encounter. We become strong after all the circumstances, and learn from it. It is the experience that brings fort the good in you. Beauty is always accompanied with consequences, and that's my point of view :)
  15. oyoroldan

    oyoroldan New Member

    For me, as you have said that you look inside a person's heart, that's true. But that is just one thing. There really are persons who are not gifted physically but it doesn't mean that they have just accept it. For me, real beauty is seen on how you present your self physically, emotionally and more importantly, mentally. This is my thoughts so that's beauty.
  16. anna maria palero

    anna maria palero New Member

    What makes a person beautiful? For me it doesn't depend on a good looking face. It is on how a person carries hisself. Being neat is a one big factor to be beautiful. And having a good heart, living the way God wants us to leave. It is the most needed to be beautiful.
  17. joynu

    joynu New Member

    Everyone is beautifully and wonderfully created by God and so no one is ugly in that sense. Beauty goes beyond physical appearance and that's why we should never judge a book by it's cover. Literally speaking,a person with a good heart will definitely shine with his/her actions than a smartly dressed and well-groomed chap who is very rude and arrogant.

    So the things you do for people and your actions will definitely go along way to say the kind of person you are; beautiful or not.
  18. barmstea

    barmstea New Member

    I think a person is beautiful when they can look at the human race and see nothing but equal. When you can see the beauty in all living things and want to share this life with them; Beauty is everyone. To see a beautiful person is seeing someone who can be themselves around you. A beautiful person doesn't just see what you are going through, they can add an aspect to what you are trying to grow into. The way they listen to everything you have to say. Who can be free to express who they are and allow others to as well with no judgement. Endless ways to tell if a person is beautiful but the answer is always so sure that we always already are.
  19. Malon

    Malon New Member

    Person with a smile on his/her face is the most natural beauty on earth.Beauty is how you appreciate the creation of God.Being beautifull is not how you look like its on how you embrace God's gift.
  20. Sohan000

    Sohan000 New Member

    For me behaviour of person makes him/her beautiful. Behaviour is one of the most decent thing in every human .without a good behaviour you can't do anything what you want like a good friend circle . For me behaviour is the beautiful thing which makes every human beautiful
  21. Doadex

    Doadex New Member

    One thing we hear a lot is that the inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty. Its the inner beauty that shines through and makes someone beautiful from the outside. I think outer beauty matters too, as we are creatures who like beautiful things. It's in our nature to look beautiful. I don't think there is anything wrong in trying to look beautiful physically. But I agree it will be shallow for someone to judge another just on their physical beauty. I find down to earth people who are kind and caring very attractive and beautiful in nature. They always like to give more then they ask for. Being able to trust and depend upon and having a humor that brings joy to people is something very beautiful and a rare quality to have.
  22. soulspen

    soulspen New Member

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so what makes a person beautiful in my eyes may not be be appealing to another.
    I fancy warmth and cheerfulness more than any outward look. There is something special about people who make it a point of duty to put smile on sad face and can sacrifice just to make another happy.
    To me the most beautiful person is a happy and cheerful person, because his face truly expresses his heart.
    The most beautiful woman I know is my Mother, I can still imagine her standing close to my fathers coffin and looking into my eyes, no tears, just smiles telling me we will be fine and today we might not be there yet but we are moving for sure.

    Beauty is not just on ones face or body structure, it encompasses positive attitude, strength, persistence and being real and true to yourself and others that's what makes a person beautiful.
  23. javierps07

    javierps07 New Member

    For me, it's the soul that makes a person beautiful. It's not just about the looks. Some people may be beautiful outside but awful inside. It's not just about the pesonality. We all have different personalities and some people can show you fake one. But if you are being true to yourself and to others and they like you for being true, then it's your soul that makes you shine bright like a diamond. Be natural. You're very special. Don't be afraid to show your beautiful soul to everyone.
  24. javierps07

    javierps07 New Member

    For me, it's the soul that makes a person beautiful. It's not just about the looks. Some people may be beautiful outside but awful inside. It's not just about the pesonality. We all have different personalities and some people can show you fake one. But if you are being true to yourself and to others and they like you for being true, then it's your soul that makes you shine bright like a diamond. Be natural. You're very special. Don't be afraid to show your beautiful soul to everyone.
  25. avenaterie

    avenaterie New Member

    A person is beautiful when they have good personality it's not the looks which is actually beautiful but of course the first thing a person would notice is the looks of a person and a first impression but eventually, as soon as you get to know the person too well personality stands out and beauty fades.
  26. willie23

    willie23 New Member

    I believe one thing a person makes beautiful is in inward being. Outward appearance deceives. A person may look beautiful outside but if the attitude is not good all things are nonsense. Most important is good in outward better in inward that makes a best person beautiful.
  27. rk2008

    rk2008 New Member

    I know everyone is beautiful because God created us unique. What makes us more beautiful is when we are being kind to others and put a smile to their face. When we say beautiful we are not just pertaining to a physical appearance of a person. We are beautiful because we have a good heart. No beauty shines brighter than that.
  28. heartcassidy

    heartcassidy New Member

    I wonder if any of you will disagree if I say, “All babies are beautiful.” Maybe there are some that look different or funny like having wrinkled skin and goopy eyes. Nonetheless, they still look like angels. What makes them the apple of the eye? Above their dainty size, I think it’s their souls that makes them beautiful.

    True beauty is reflected in one’s soul. A person who recognizes the beauty of others than herself. A person who sees the bright side and the beauty of life in the midst of adversity and continue to be a blessing to others. No matter how hard we try, physical beauty will fade through the years, but our soul remains forever.
  29. msg17

    msg17 Member

    I think what makes a person beautiful is not only his or her physical aspects. But also what he or she has within. For me personally, the attitude of a person matters better than his or her looks. After all, A comes before B. Attitude, before beauty.
  30. Kriiistamarie

    Kriiistamarie New Member

    Being kind and honest is what makes a person beautiful. Someone who cares about others and will do anything to help someone have a better day is beautiful.

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