What makes a person beautiful?

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  1. Beautiful? What makes us beautiful ? Hmmm....As the very popular saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" Many people have different views on what they consider to be beautiful which is why many people that I would view as unattractive are very beautiful in someone else's eyes. The world today defines beauty based on outward appearances alone. You are not beautiful if you are not physically attractive. According to the world's standards, beauty means being thin and tall. A clear complexion, shiny hair, straight teeth, radiant skin, and correct proportions are all elements of beauty. Unfortunately, numerous people cannot be all of these things and they are forced to believe that they are not beautiful in the eyes of others.

    Another saying that is very popular is, "Beauty is only skin deep". I do not believe that this statement is true for the reason that with all the cosmetic surgery, technology and make-up that we have in the world today beauty is bought and not natural. Beauty can also be determined by a person's personality and not necessarily by their looks because the way a person presents him or herself can make all the difference in the world. The most unattractive person can also display beautiful characteristics and it will conceal their appearance.
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    Having a good attitude will make you beautiful inside and outside.
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    To my opinion the thing that makes a person beautiful is a combination between a beauti smile, beautiful body and face and between a nice behavior to the people around him. A people can be very beautiful and loved without a amazing face or body, that's amazing the name of love.
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    Real beauty lies within a person. Its in the personality. The heart. It's easy to get carried away by the superficial. But that's temporary. The external beauty will draw people, but the internal beauty is what will keep them.
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    A person who is beautifully inside makes a person truly beautiful. If you know how to appreciate others, if you are sharing tour blessings, if you have faith in the Lord, if you are humble enough. There are too many things that makes us a truly beautiful person with a heart. It’s something that is not seen by the naked eye and only felt by the heart. It’s not hard to put on smile on you’re face being genuinely happy by being selfless and trying our best to be better eveyday. Stressing ourselves in becoming physically beautiful and only being concern with our looks will not give us good benefits but living truly beautiful inside not only relieve our stress but gives us joy in our hearts
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    No matter how you look, no matter what people say, you are who you are. Be confident in yourself. Learn to love yourself because what’s not to like? Whatever good or bad things in you, they make what you are now. Keep the good things and try to improve the negative ones. Embrace yourself, be the best version of you.

    With just one attitude - CONFIDENCE, it can change how a person look at oneself. They learn to love, appreciate and accept who they are. Confidence makes that person become more beautiful and charming in their own way without even trying so hard. Confidence change the way a person carry oneself, they become more ambitious, reliable and independent.

    You know why models and actors are beautiful, it’s because they have confidence in themselves. They embrace all of their traits and shine. You don’t have to be on TV to shine. You can shine in your own way. Remember to have confidence in yourself and be the best you. Learn to love and accept yourself. Soon you will notice the changes within you and how people respond towards you.

    Confidence is important with the balance of humbleness. No one like someone snobbish. When you’re confident with yourself, don’t look down on people even when they are mean to you. Protect your dignity the right way and don’t hurt others in the process.
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    5 Things That Make a Person Truly Beautiful


    To me, the word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t necessarily mean outer beauty. In fact, it’s more important how you are on the inside. I’m sure you’ve met many ‘beautiful’ people, yet their mean and hurtful character makes them completely ugly.

    Here are top 5 traits that I think make a person oh so beautiful!

    1. Be a positive person!

    No one wants to be around someone who is negative all the time, constantly complaining or whining about their looks, their job, their mom, whatever. The world is already full enough of negativity, be positive and stand out among the crowd!

    2. Speak about yourself in a happy and affirmative way!

    Similar to number one, if you speak about your qualities and strengths of your character while continually working on what you think you could do better, you will shine.

    3. Having a strong sense of faith in God!

    So many people nowadays are only concerned with their appearance or how much money they have. A person who has faith in God and accepts His love and puts Him first, that person is the most beautiful because she’s the most fulfilled.

    4. Run your own race and stay true to who you are!

    It’s so easy to get swept away into what other people think is “cool” – and compromise values in the process. Be who you are meant to be. Don’t conform to what the crowd is doing – stand out in your own unique way! Trust in God and let your inner beauty shine through! It’s not all about having the latest jeans or what your hair looks like.

    5. Give unto others!

    It doesn’t need to be money or material things. When you are openly generous with helping out a friend or your parents – looking after their dog, picking up the kids from school or donating some old clothes to Good Will. Generous people who don’t always put themselves first and look out for the best interest of others are truly beautiful. God says: Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you. – Deuteronomy 16: 17
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    To me, the word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t necessarily mean outer beauty. In fact, it’s more important how you are on the inside. I’m sure you’ve met many ‘beautiful’ people, yet their mean and hurtful character makes them completely ugly. Here my 5 Things That Make a Person Truly Beautiful 1. Be a positive person! 2. Speak about yourself in a happy and affirmative way! 3. Having a strong sense of faith in God! 4. Run your own race and stay true to who you are! 5. Give unto others!

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    Beauty has never been an external appearance, never been in what one wear and how one showcase themselves. Beauty of a person dwells within. It is all about being a person of words, keeping a promise no matter what so ever. Holding your nerve in anguish and handling the situation while being sober.

    Beauty is an emotional connects one shared with the loved ones. It lies in understanding the feelings of a partner with a blink of an eye, a blush from the bottom of heart with the sweetest smile “yeah I got it“. I believe if one adores this quality. Is the most beautiful in the world?
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    What i find beautiful: Having a good personality, easy to talk to, and just a beautiful person in general. Simple.
  12. What makes people beautiful? Its not in the outer or physical appearance.
    Its in their heart. Yes , their personality and attitude towards other people,their etiqutte makes them beautiful.Thats all.
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    Their kindness and generosity is what makes them beautiful. This especially true when they pass it on to others. Confident people are also beautiful. The inspire us to go beyond ourselves. They show us that anything is possible. These are the traits of a beautiful person.
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    Having a pure heart makes a person beautiful inside and out.
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    Having a good heart makes a person beautiful inside and outside.
  17. All people are beautifully created by God. What makes us extra beautiful is our heart. If we have a golden heart,it shines and people see it.

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