What makes a RPG game interesting?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Davide12, Jun 10, 2018.

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    Gaming has been part of humanity; it is an intricate way of learning new skills and also a way of escapism. Humans have always dreamed of the imaginative worlds that books could bring but however those books could never give you the real experience of living in those worlds. That's how RPG'S came to exist. These games, which could be played at first, right out of the people's imagination are being created with the most advanced computing technology and cutting edge graphics. These games are the ones which make you think about worlds that are inexistent and in which anyone can live their dream.
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    Generally speaking, what makes an rpg intresting is when you forget it's an rpg and only care about the story. The gameplay part only serves to give you the illusion of control so you stay engaged. Cookie cutter RPGs tick these boxes by default, and as a consequence, hardly break new ground.
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    Role Playing Games generate interests thru the subsequent reward of discovering new parts to the story. Unline with other genres of video games, RPGs are driven either by a storyline or variation of an open world that will capture the imagination of the player.

    It is also layered with mechanics such as the creation of in-game items, a collection of in-game items, romance plots, mini-games, character leveling up, skill points management, in-game lore etc... For the most part, RPGs are like books that a gamer plays thru but it is much more interactive than a book. If a gamer wants to play a game with a great story then RPGs offer this experience.
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    I'm a fan of role playing games. The first thing that will stand out of course the characters. Characters will make the world of the game alive. They are the one that will progress the story. It's like talking to a real person, of course if you are talking to a dull lame person, you want to end the conversation. That same goes with the video games, you will get bored easily if the game has no well written characters. I personally don't like online rpg as they can go well repetitive. They lack in story and well written characters. So online don't appeal on me. The second thing that makes a role playing game interesting is the story/plot. Will you keep reading a book if it is bored and has no clear goal? of course not. Stories like you are a hero and you have to save the world from a dangerous fire breathing dragon, mediocre stories like them get my attention most of the time.

    Characters and stories. Two element every role playing games must have. Games are piece of art so without music and mechanics they can't be called interesting or invest tons of game hours. I know game developers have deadlines and limited fund on creating games, so everyone should enjoy the games they are playing.
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    The story is the primary focus of any role playing game (RPG) with character progression being inclusive to the story. Your story within an RPG breaks the barriers behind why each character is unique in their own fashion.

    We find out why the main character is a warrior due to his village being overrun by vicious marauders and he vowed never to let that happen again in his adult life. The black mage took interest in magic because of her grandfather and she wanted to continue practicing because of his legacy. A thief may have had all the riches of his country but lost it because the country banished him from returning because they learned he was taking more than was given. Together, these individuals come together to stop a force that is taking over their world and they must work together with their skills to stop this before it's too late.

    This is an example of what could create a monumental RPG as we want to learn how all of these characters work together to stop the force. We want to learn more about the force and their reason for their takeover. We want to see these characters succeed in stopping this from happening. This is what makes an RPG interesting.
  6. (RPG) Role Playing Game: It is a game contains of interesting story allowing the gamer to be part of the game. RPG game has a capability to involve the player to be part of the game.

    Why.? your not just playing the game you are already on the game because of the story mode in every series of the game. The connections between the player and the charter. Make the game more exciting and more fun to play and
    most of the RPG game the graphics is astonishing, mesmerizing . And most of the RPG game has a moral lesson.

    I love the romance, action, drama, fantasy made in one the reason why RPG game is one of the best game ever.
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    I enjoy the recent explosion of games that offer high replayability value by giving the player choices that affect how the rest of the plot develops. Some games that do a good job of this include Deponia, the Banner Saga (1 and 2), The Witcher games, and all the Tell-Tale games series like The Walking Dead, Batman, Tales from the Borderlands, etc.

    I think some would argue these games are more interact novel than RPG, but in the strictest sense of the term Role-Playing Game, they are the ultimate RPGs. We as players are pulled into emotional connections to NPCs that mirror our characters, which brings a novel sense of gravity to decisions that will potentially end in the death of a "loved" one or "enemy." These games also tend to toy with the shades of grey separating protagonist from the antagonist, which I also enjoy.
  8. Arslanxdsd

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    Games today have a lot of genre and most of them are pretty good to play. Role playing games is one of the genre of games today and we can say that the genre of role playing game or usually called "RPG" is a pretty popular genre of games these days. Role playing games are usually single player games but some also make use of multiplayer aspects to improve the game play experience. Role playing games can be shown in many ways and many system that each game has its own unique element that makes the system sometimes a bit tougher to play. Role playing games can be sometimes challenging but fun and can be worth your time.

    Role playing games have many different element for us to explore. One of those elements is the system, most of the role playing games make use of the party system where a party contains different characters and usually a party contains 4 characters but some games make use more characters in a party. Role playing games also introduces class system that which every character has its own unique sets of skills for you to experiment with. The story of role playing games also play a big role in fact most of the games gains interest because of the story. A role playing game contains a cool story and a good game play that makes it very interesting.
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    great battle system! That makes or breaks the game for me. If there is too much it can get too complicated and ruin the game. If its too simple it can get boring.
  10. arennaid

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    The Plot!
  11. Daemon245

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    RPG are always awesome. The way you play the game puts you into it. It is like you are the character of the game.

    And by the way the plot of the story. The plot is the most important in the game. That is because you are the one who decides of which output you want the game to be. It is like ready a fictional story with a visual representation plus you are the one controlling the output of that fictional character of the game. I makes the thrill when you are at the climax of the game, when you find it difficult to overcome the enemy of the the character you are portraying of. It not just stop there, the intensity of the game never stops until one defeats the final boss or the final puzzle that the game has.

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