What makes you happy?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Wilvelo88, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Wilvelo88

    Wilvelo88 Member

    Family is my happiness in my life. I love my family, seeing them smiling everyday makes me feel comfortable. I show my love to them by cooking there favorite dish. That's how I express my love to them. Happiness is a matter of choice. Be happy smile more.
  2. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    my family, especially my kids. They are my everything, my life, my strength and my happiness. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I can do everything for them.
  3. gina1

    gina1 New Member

    Success of my children makes me happy. It gives me purpose in life. Their happiness is my happiness. Even though true happiness is hard to achieve, we have to keep going so not to hurt the feelings of our loved ones. Money cannot buy happiness.
  4. anchoreztin

    anchoreztin New Member

    I am a very simple person I really like my life to be simple. For me, happiness is a very relative word. Happiness is different from on person to another. Some may be happy if they are famous. Others may be happy if they have money. Also, others may be happy if they are married to the one that they love.
    For me, in order for me to be happy, my ultimate hopes is to have peace of mind. Everyday I strive to make my life peaceful. As much as possible I avoid getting into petty arguments. I always respect the people around me. I dont move and decide in haste. I do my best to keep my self healthy so that I dont have unnecessary stress and worries about my body and mental wellness. I always try to be contented.
    Others may have the money in the world. Others can be famous. Others can be an over achiever and have all the awards in the world. But not all of them can be happy.
    Happiness is always about the positive mental attitide and good dispositions in life. And for me, having peace of mind is always my happiness
  5. donamis

    donamis New Member

    What makes me happy is my family. They always comes first before anything else.
  6. John0520

    John0520 Member

    My family and friends makes me happy. Happiness can't be achieved without them. But sometimes being alone makes me happy, i cant do whatever i can where no people can judge you, you can have a time to think of things, and being alone makes you comfortable without no pain and worries.

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