What makes you happy?

Discussion in 'Television' started by joanbuslon, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Pauaprint77

    Pauaprint77 New Member

    Many things make me happy. Just lately my favourite place is in the deckchair. Day, night, early morning it does not matter I love it. At night I watch the stars, by day I watch the clouds or sometimes read my book. Early morning is just my coffee and watching a new day unfold. Whatever this is my happy place. My other happy place is the sea, in, on or by the sea and I am in a very good space.
  2. jamomandre25

    jamomandre25 New Member

    Their are many things that can make me Happy.
    1.God- Because he give me straight in every difficult situation.I take god and every because every day is a blessing.
    2.Family-Is the number one given me straight and courage to survive all the problems that i encounter every day.
    3.Friends-My friend is my happiness also.
    4.Travel- I like to travel because it can give you a peaceful hearth and mind
    5.Foods- Foods in important in every travel that I've done
  3. BheiiSam07

    BheiiSam07 New Member

    What makes me happy ? For me, my happiness is waking up everyday especially when I wake up beside my son. Happiness is seeing him smile, seeing him grow and learn new things step by step. He's my stress reliever. I love him so much even if he is very naughty. My family is also my source of happiness. We always bond together like eating outside, playing bowling and more. When I'm sad I eat my favorite food like pasta, pizza, cakes, breads and other sweet pastries or I buy my favorite flavor in milk tea which is the wintermelon.

    There are so many things that makes me happy. It doesn't matter if it's small or big because I can appreciate things. Be positive in life to keep you happy. As long as your healthy and contented in the things that you have, you'll be happy.
  4. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    5 things make me happy food, smartphone, money, time with my family and God first.
  5. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    What enhances my happiness are the people in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s about the little things, like talking about our days, having dinner together, and just hanging out. In the moment, those things seem normal and routine. In retrospect, those are the things I come to appreciate the most.
  6. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    I’ve been blessed enough to have the privilege to choose to be happy. For me, it boils down to whether I choose to be happy or not. Not everybody has that privilege.
  7. chwitwine

    chwitwine Member

    Being with my friends and family makes me happy. They take my stress away whenever I am with them. That’s what makes me happy more than material things because they are all that matters.
  8. Anjin

    Anjin Member

    My love one beside me. But he's with God now so I guess, I'll just have to look for other way to be happy.
  9. Javeskie

    Javeskie New Member

    My happiness isn't clearly attached on people but rather to my one and only God.

    If we looked onto others we might be stumbled and fall too, we might start to doubt and think negative things that should be a worry. By looking to others, it also promotes judging, at first we judge ourselves then it creates a negative chain reactions.

    So by investing good in people and see them inside and the future with disregard to their weaknesses, failures and appearance I can build what's called true friend, true relationship from true human feeling and true human actions, with then reconnects back to true faithful God's servant.

    Good relationship to people like family and friends, even to acquaintances and strangers is possible, as long as you believe in good fortune and in good faith.

    Happiness is a dynamic positive emotion of a person could experience, with a little wisdom and self contentment, happiness is easy.
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  10. What makes me happy? When I saw this post, I pause and think before I wrote here. I may happy? If yes, what makes me happy? Not totally happy. My son makes me happy. He's the reason why Im staying strong. But beside that what else makes me happy? None. My life is terrible,horrible and unpredictable. But Im surviving it. I can surpass all the trials that God gave me. My son is my life. No one can take his place in my heart. He's the gift from up above. And always be thankful.
  11. Madmaxx9000

    Madmaxx9000 New Member

    I am always happy when I can rest at home with my family and get rid of my annoying work and boss.
  12. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Well as of now making lots of money makes me happy as i need it a lot in my life now as i am broke. If i become rich that's more than enough for me in my life and i dont need anything else in my life.
  13. rjdoroja

    rjdoroja New Member

    A good run. The kind of run where I come back salty sweaty and the endorphins are pumping. Then I hit the shower and enjoy the well-earned sore legs that inevitably come later in the day.
  14. ariieskid

    ariieskid Member

    What makes me Happy is first My Parents being Healthy. Second, eating the food that you always crave for after a whole busy day. Third is my Hobbies. Hobbies are the only thing that makes you feel alive in a cruel world we are living. Hobbies makes us happy in a way that we enjoy so much what we are doing. Specifically my hobbies are watching anime/kdrama, listening and fangirling over kpop, Social Media, making scrapbooks and editing.
  15. Emoad

    Emoad New Member

    The following are the reasons that makes me happy

    (1) What makes me happy is when I am doing the will of God and serving God wholeheartedly without any hitches

    (2)When I am touching lives positively by caring for the languishing

    (3) When there is peace around my territory and my environments

    (4) when I see my children progressing in the doing the will of God and affecting their world positively and fulfilling their destiny in life
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  16. ss2diamonds

    ss2diamonds New Member

    Happiness is a state of mind. A person can decide if he wants to be happy:) or gloomy and unsatisfied:(. Simple things make me happy like a hug from my children, a refreshing breeze, a really cool day without me sweating, a clean house, fresh linen on my bed, and finishing my "to do list" for the day. Generally, what everyone wishes to be happy is, I guess, like what they say in beauty contests, world peace:cool:.
  17. sheilasagario

    sheilasagario New Member

    Breathing everyday makes me happy cause I can still do anything I want, I can still hangouts with people I love and mostly I can still serve God with all my heart.
  18. Chaiya

    Chaiya Member

    Happiness on different stages and phases of life - When I was young I defined happiness differently, not the one that I delineate now. Early stages of happiness for me was just getting the toys that I want, in my teenage years happiness was freedom and doing the things I like with friends and at this stage of my life -- I love my family more than ever especially my parents who all throughout my rebel days, my failures and success was with me and it just made me appreciate the things I had to go through to be where I'm at right now. Happiness in my own terms right now is being at peace with myself and being grateful for everything that I have. Anything that distorts that peace that's in me, I immediately remove from my life, I wake up thanking every moment in my life. I sleep appreciating what happened throughout the day -- whether it'd be full of blessings or learning, In my peace I find true happiness and having an attitude of gratitude. I'm contented and fulfilled so far with everything that's going on.
  19. madzdavid

    madzdavid New Member

    What makes me happy? Everything that I have now makes me happy. The life I chose makes me happy. Every time I see my children smile and wake up every day with them giggling, running, making up after their small fight. Every little thing around me makes me happy. I'd wake up everyday thanking HIM of the second chance HE gave me with these angels.
  20. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    Things makes me happy? All my problem i want to ease and pain that i feel everyday.
  21. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    1. Playing with our cats
    2. Watching a movie
    3. Biking
    4.Sleeping especially when the air-con is turn on.
    5. Playing a game.

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