What movie inspired you the most?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Rozkov, May 29, 2019.

  1. Rozkov

    Rozkov New Member

    Since i work in a corporate company and slowly starting my own business. The movie that really inspired me was "The Intern", because it shows how a start-up fast growing business is being handled by a young and skilled CEO. The main character has a very strong personality at work, but at home, she goes through the same things as every person does such as doing chore, raising children, and that includes family/personal problems. I learned that sometimes, we get too caught up with our work and responsibilities at home, we forget to give ourselves time to enjoy and appreciate what life gives us and we also can slowly learn to appreciate these things through other people around us.
  2. Faolan

    Faolan New Member

    Honestly, the movie that has likely inspired me the most is How to Train Your Dragon (as silly as it might sound). If you haven't seen it, it's a comical tale of one Hiccup Horrendous III who is, more or less, the black sheep the viking village (due to his scrawny build and subsequent inability to fight dragons). Humorous moments aside, Hiccup is able to befriend a dragon and show his fellow vikings that he, too, has strengths. The movie reminds me of the fact that, while you might not seem strong or useful to the rest of the world, you have value and bring something unique to the table.
  3. NoNameBoy

    NoNameBoy New Member

    There are obviously a lot of inspiring movies. If i had to name on, i would say The Count of Monte Cristo, based on some real facts and events. The restless will and hope of a inocent prisioner leads to a brutal and deserved revenge through a mix of lessons during his survival. The emotions pop out from the screen and make the viewer identify with the charachter. Am amazing movie.
  4. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    What I find to be an inspiring film is Braveheart because it shows us that we are capable of anything regardless of our social class in society.
  5. srki93

    srki93 Member

    American Pie inspired me the most, I decided to go more in the clubs, meet people and enjoy life.
  6. Eirlys

    Eirlys New Member

    The Ip Man film series. Ip Man, who is based on a real person, is such a humble, kind and respectable person. The film and the character inspired me to behave like him in my day to day life.
  7. kezelkheo

    kezelkheo New Member

    Forrest Gump is the movie that inspires me most. No matter what we are as a person, we are all unique in a special way. You can not even imagine people that don't have anything had even have the beauty in them that makes them rich. They are rich in values, they inspire, they bring hope and love. Even the musical score made me cry when I watched this. Leaving me in awe.
  8. Lhits

    Lhits Member

    real steel...action and drama of father and son
  9. Nanette1123

    Nanette1123 New Member

  10. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    The movie titled "Sweet November" is one of a kind and it inspired me a lot in different ways. In shot, it makes me feels and realized what love could mean and how love can grow from a very little affection into real love just like one can describe the growth of a mustered seed.
  11. IreneJay

    IreneJay New Member

    The movie inspired me the most is Titanic, In the movie you get a lot of moral lesson in life, the value of life over things, to believe in destiny, realization of life.
  12. Zyrylrago

    Zyrylrago Member

    I just watched it recently. It’s title is ‘breakthrough’. It’s about a boy who miraculously survive and live his life without any complications in his body. It’s actually true to life so it really inspired me a lot. It made me realize how big the prayer is. How good our god is. So, I really recommend that movie. It inspired me in so many ways and I am living my live through those lessons I got from that movie. So I hope that this recommendation will also help others survive and feel blessed for how good our god is.
  13. phoedom

    phoedom New Member

    Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back. I loved this movie because i think it speaks to each and every one of us, to me it gives me hope that there is something wonderful out there besides the chaos of the world we live in, where all people do is fight, and cheat and lie and hate, where we steal from one another, kill one another etc.

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