What movies made you cry again and again

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Alzack50, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    What movies made you cry again and again
  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Brian's Song. The movie where men were not ashamed to cry.
  3. pbraun

    pbraun Member

    Definitely Titanic.
  4. Hosseinyhas

    Hosseinyhas Member

    Almost all of the good ones. That isn't a flippant response. I mean it, all of the good ones. The purpose of watching a movie is to live vicariously through the characters for two hours. We feel what they feel. If a movie doesn't have at least one moment of emotion intense enough to provoke tears, it's probably not a good movie.

    Crying can be instigated by sadness, joy, or release. I can't watch the climax of Rudywithout crying with empathy for how important that moment was for Rudy. I can't watch Steve Rogers earnestly and determinedly say “I can do this all day.” without tears welling up. I'm an absolute mess at the end of Saving Private Ryan when the film morphs from a young Ryan to an elderly Ryan at Normandy. At that moment, when we see Ryan doubting whether he has earned what the other soldiers paid for his survival, every moment when I've questioned my own worthiness is recalled. When Spock dies and Kirk collapses in grief, my multi-decade relationship with these characters leaves me unable to bear watching my heroes suffer. When John Wayne can't step through that doorway at the end of The Searchers, the separation his character feels rips into my soul.

    Our life experiences make it easier to relate to movies. I spent most of my childhood 5,000 miles away from my father. That makes me very susceptible to the emotions of any father-son scene, whether that be watching Will Smith play a father desperately trying to provide for his son in The Pursuit of Happyness or Kevin Costner playing a son that finally gets to play catch with his Dad in Field of Dreams. Hell, I once collapsed sobbing during an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer realizes he hasn't been a good father.

    The scene at the end of Apollo 13, where they finally acquire voice communications with the capsule, during reentry, leaves me crying as a release from the tension that has been building throughout the film. When Ed Harris, as Flight Director Gene Kranz, finally gets to collapse into his chair, after having to present himself as a pillar of strength for his team, for days, I can feel the release.

    If we aren't crying during a movie, we probably aren't watching the movie properly. We are supposed to give ourselves completely to the film and become immersed in it so that we can form an empathic bond with the characters. Someone on Quora once commented that they often submitted questions about a movie while they were watching the movie. I was horrified to hear that, because it is not possible to fully experience a movie and do something like that. It saddened me to realize that some people are never taught how to watch a movie properly and spend their lives watching movies from outside the screen, disconnected, only getting a ghost of the experience.
  5. Jilian

    Jilian New Member

    A Walk To Remember
    I am not one of those drama loving maniac out there (I don't criticize them) but this movie moved my heart heart ten miles away from my body and I think I haven't get hold of it until now. Well, that was thirteen years ago and believe it or not I still can't take it off my system. Hello! Mandy Moore, did you bewitched me? or maybe Shane West, Sir?
    Miracle in Cell No.7
    Yes.Yes. I am about to cry. One of those movies where you could definitely say that why do it have to be so unfair. Roll over your sleeve for you will certainly use it for this one. No matter what the genre is if you're going to use the family theme as the main subject then it's over for us who have shallow tears.

    I'm so sorry for breaking the subject. This is not a movie but an anime series but I am very very sure that you will lose your heart to it. So many sacrifices and love and tragedy. Give me a break! Just remembering it give me tears in my eyes.
  6. frankiko11

    frankiko11 New Member

    the movie that made me cry is the notebook is so very sad movie i hope some of you is already watch this movie
  7. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    HACHI was the first movie that made me cry so much and the fact the the dog waited at the train station everyday over the past10 years for his owner to be back again is just breaks me so much.cause the dog doesn't know that his owner died back then
  8. I am a man and yes miracle in cell no. 7 made me cry like a baby
  9. Janaafonso

    Janaafonso New Member

    Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 .

    I cried with laughter and by sadness everytime I watch it is the best movie for me.
    It has a powerful message and a great story.
  10. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    "Miracle in Cell No.7" is a Korean drama who made me cry and cry again. It is about a loving father who is mentally impaired with the intellect of a six years old. He wrongfully imprisoned for murder. He makes friends with other criminals in his cell who help him see his daughter by smuggling her into the prison. This movie made my heart sad and my eyes to cry. But it really inspired me because at the end of the story when his daughter became a lawyer she fight and claim that her father is innocent and clean his name.
  11. Stephen20

    Stephen20 New Member

    i cried many times in the "The Notebook" movie its very romantic.
  12. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    So far I can remember two movies: first one was entitled Harmony and the second one was Miracle in cell no.7.

    The two movies have a lot in common actually. Aside from the fact that both were korean movies, the main concept of both stories were about how parents are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of their children. I have played both of this films multiple times now and it still has the same effect as the first time I watched it.
  13. gbricia123

    gbricia123 New Member

    all sad movies always makes me cry
  14. JOBI

    JOBI New Member

    So far my all time movies that makes me cry are finding nemo, coco by disney and the wedding singer :cry:
  15. Ubayed

    Ubayed New Member

    I more of an anime guy than movie guy, but Deadpool made me cry of laughter.
  16. Littlegirl933

    Littlegirl933 New Member

    The movie that made me cry the most was "hope". A psychological film produced by Korea, it is based on a true story in Korea. The film tells the story of a girl's recovery, after being brutally assaulted and raped.

    8-year-old So Won, on her way to school, met a strange man, then raped and brutally beaten in a public toilet.

    After that attack, So Won became depressed, did not dare to contact the outside world, especially men, and had to treat for a long time. However, after the trial, the court "just" sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment for the offender, in the grievances of everyone, accompanied by the tragic eyes of parents.

    Hope only lasted 2 hours but was a test of endurance for humans. None of us is strong enough to assert himself not to cry when watching movies. Until So Won rediscovered the love of life, an unnamed feeling, the mixture of many emotions of happiness, compassion and regret still made me choked and tormented.
  17. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    That "ME BEFORE YOU MOVIE" made me cry over and over again. It shows the selfless effort of a woman just to make the man she loved the most stand and stay by her sad through good and bad times. A proof that love is not about the physical aspect for it's all about respect, acceptance and sacrifices. I always thought before that maybe nobody will love me because of my physical appearance, but that movie gives me hope that love will always find a way and there is always hope.
  18. gbricia123

    gbricia123 New Member

    The movie of Pasan ko ang daigdig by sharon cuneta
  19. Iamlucky111

    Iamlucky111 Member

    Titanic. I think this movie is the best love story ever, but is so sad. ...
  20. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    It's Bridge to Terabithia. This may sound an underrated movie but this movies never failed to make me cry when i watch it. It's a story of two friends who got close to each other because the main girl taught the boy to open his imagination and they made their own kingdom. They took part on adventures that they both made and enjoyed until one tragic moment changed their lives forever.

    I guess one part from this movie that will trigger you to cry is also the sound track and how the characters played their roles well.
  21. cfulton33

    cfulton33 New Member

    “Stepmom” makes me bawl like a baby! There are multiple scenes in that movie that make me cry. I kind of cry easily with movies though. Sappy, sweet, sad, and/or sentimental scenes will all make me teary.

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