What music do you listen to?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nielshilde, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Nielshilde

    Nielshilde New Member


    I myself listen to quite a bit.

    Black/death metal to metal/terror/hard core.
    Psychedelic/ acid rock ambient and trance(psy)
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  2. nylab

    nylab New Member

    I listen to music that turns me up and makes me hype, but I also listen to music that calms me and makes me think. I love all kinds of music but I would have to say that my favorites are R&B, Raegae, and HipHop.
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  3. chi92

    chi92 New Member

    I've been to almost every corner of the music industry. As a kid I started with things that were served to me, that is native pop (I am from Serbia). When I started developing my own taste I used to listen to 2pac, Eminem, D12, DMX, a bit of rap, but I was not there for a long time. I quickly "progressed" to heavy metal music, and I was there for a very long time. When I started going out (discotheques, bars...) I had to adapt, so I started listening to native folk music, but later on, I started hitting the real parties and went over to Tech - House and Techno. Now, I am finally somewhere where I like to be, and I think my taste for music is finally complete :) I listen to Deep House mixed with ethnic colors of Asia, South America, Africa, and Balkans. Magic.
  4. Tinymoronie

    Tinymoronie New Member

    I listen to diverse type of music from Pop to Hiphop to RnB and Classical I mean theres a lot. Theres a lot of good music everywere. Nowadays I am into BTS songs, I mean since last year. I was really inpired by these artist. For good music check out OPM and BTS songs that what I can recommend.
  5. Zakaria3210

    Zakaria3210 New Member

    To understand all the world you must listen every gener of music that will make you to be mature in brain and also be open mind
  6. rlmedalla31

    rlmedalla31 New Member

    I listen to almost all genre. Pop, Alternative, powerballad. Incubus, Journey, Michael Jackson etc. I listen to music when I'm off to work. Half of my time i do my work while I'm listening to Carry on my wayward son by Kansas, Remeber the name by Fortminor to get me going on Mondays. I enjoy almost of kinds of music, even RAP music.
  7. Nyiko

    Nyiko New Member

    Mostly popular music that is out there
  8. pseudolly

    pseudolly New Member

    I pretty much listen to all genre except heavy metal. I tried listening to it once but all I got was a pounding headache, so it was an unsuccesful attempt on liking that genre. But each to their own! I enjoy listening to pop music most.
  9. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    I love listening music and my favorite one is those slow beat. I really love yo listen on it because it was feel like lullabays.
  10. Logan1121

    Logan1121 New Member

    In my younger years, I loved listening to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, back in the 80's. When I became a teenager I enjoyed rock (Bon Jovi, Gun's roses, Metallica and others). In different stages of my life my taste for music genre changes as well.
    However I would say Michael Jackson songs will always be special in my heart :D:D:D [​IMG]
  11. Danna5

    Danna5 New Member

    I listen to music that gives meaning to our life, not just a piece of music. I used to listen to a music that is about love, life, or anything that I can relate to. Because Music is not just a Music, somepeople relate their own music to their lives, write music because of the love. And we must cherished their music because thats a kind a masterpiece. Music sometimes inspired because of love, and for me Im inspired not because I feel a love but because I can feel the love from that person who is inlove.
  12. GentianJaupi90

    GentianJaupi90 New Member

    I love rap music because all the anger, the street slangs the violence and evrything else is part of iur life and listening to it you understand that its wrong to live that way. But anyway it sounds great.
  13. gmangiamele1954

    gmangiamele1954 New Member

    Contrary to popular music, I love listening to Celtic Hornpipe music. It's lively and spirited providing an escape from the noise of everything going on around me. As a flute player, it is my favorite music to play, although my teacher wishes I'd get to the long hair stuff like Bach, Mozart and Brahms. :whistle:
  14. harliesmith

    harliesmith New Member

    To me Music is very important. I listen to all kinds of music, from country to rap. I mostly listen to rap though. Every rap song has a deep meaning under it. If you actually listen to the songs instead of the beat, you will be able to tell that it is a very good song indeed and that the meanings to the songs are amazing. Country on the other hand just gives out a good vibe that you would want for going on a long road trip.
  15. Reneew22

    Reneew22 New Member

    I Listen to a plethora of different genres of music. I mostly listen to Hip-Hop/R&B or Rap. Along with alternative, some pop music and a mix of heavy metal and rap. I usually listen to alternative music when I'm feeling down or in a bad mood and I listen to Hip-Hop or rap when I'm in a good mood to the point I want to get hype and listen to some upbeat music.
  16. Carusia

    Carusia New Member

    I mostly listen to Carpenters songs. Sometimes even if it's not Christmas, I listen to Christmas songs both fast and slow, it just hits home whenever I feel down, Christmas songs lifts me up :)
  17. LookWhoStalkin

    LookWhoStalkin New Member

    I like dance music because it feels me energetic, increase my strength/health and it is also as an exercise. Not only makes me happy but it helps to reduce my stress and boost my memory.
  18. angeloflove

    angeloflove New Member

    I am part of the old school generations and I love the music of 80's and my favorite are the 90's
  19. Dandycom

    Dandycom New Member

    I mainly listen to indie guitar-based stuff. But I like to think I'm becoming more openminded as I grow. Then again, I do spend most of my time listening to the same 20 songs I used to when I was 15 years old.
  20. JPAN18

    JPAN18 Member

    I mainly listen to a country songs.
  21. Dreayyyyy

    Dreayyyyy New Member

    Music is my life. I feel like I can't live without music and I don't tend to pick what genre of music I like to listen to because every song to me is amazing. I listen to different genres. Blues, country, pop, rock, metal, etc., I like them all.
  22. Mariansurio

    Mariansurio New Member

    here in my country i always listening the "kahit ayaw mo na" and the "Ang Hanap ko" because this is my favorite to listen everywhere i am .
  23. Remz93

    Remz93 New Member

    I listen to a wide range of different music genres. Firstly I listen to Ambient music because it relaxes my mind. R&B is the kind of music that suits me because the lyrics are often relatable to me. I also listen to Hip Hop and I occasionally listen to Opera music. Spanish and Portuguese songs are also mixed into my wide range of music preferences.
  24. bxbynaffie

    bxbynaffie New Member

    Afro music, pop and rnb!
  25. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    I always Listened Music Foreign Boy bands,Like
    westlife and more
    I hope you liked my music too.
  26. libius921

    libius921 New Member

    Depends on my mood, I love pop, rnb, love songs...music that will uplift me, that will make me happy when I am sad or music that will gonna make me even happier when I am at my best in a day.
  27. Anwright1988

    Anwright1988 New Member

    I enjoy listening to country music. It's so relaxing and enjoyable. Country music is great to listen to no matter how you're feeling- happy, sad, lonely, romantic... there's something for everyone.
  28. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    I enjoy listening to R&B and Hip Hop music.Those kind of music energize me everyday. And as a dancer it makes me groove. Once I heard beat of the music my body starts to move and dance. I also use those music to create dance routine and share it to other people.I believe all kind of Music can touch every peoples lives.
  29. nephi97

    nephi97 New Member

    When I was younger, I used to listen to rock. I just loved how rock gives me goosebumps. It really feels electrifying for some reason. But now, I am now more into R&B and rap songs. These songs just get me chill and hyped at the same time. Like I'd still listen to rock if I want to. But it won't be as much anymore. The cool thing about listening to R&B and rap is that you can feel the vibe of the song anytime of the day or at night. In the morning, in the afternoon, and at night you can still feel the vibe. For rock, I only would probably enjoy the music at night. The mood at night sets the rock vibe.
  30. AdvSrb

    AdvSrb New Member

    I prefere rock music, not this new rocker but the old ones like Princ, Queens, Bon Jovi... That kind of music cheers me up every dan and gives me strenght to move on..

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