What music streaming apps do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nancy Ramos, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Nancy Ramos

    Nancy Ramos New Member

    Let me start by saying that I don't like to pay for music. I love the radio and don't mind ads. I actually consider myself and ad enthusiast. I have personally used Pandora and Spotify for quite a while.
    I got the paid subscription for Spotify and I liked it, but really missed the new music I was being exposed to on Pandora. I love Pandora because it's so flexible. I don't have to micromanage each playlist. My husband has an iPhone so I no longer have need for Spotify, as I only listened to it with him.
    What are your favorite apps? Are there any you recommend? Why?
  2. Negan

    Negan New Member

    Spotify and Pandora for me too. I used to have Spotify unlimited that was £4.99 a month though, and then one month I was short on cash and didn't pay, and then the following month I went to reinstate the account and it turns out that they've gotten rid of unlimited now, and my only option was £9.99 a month which for the amount I use it is very good, but also more than I can afford right now, so now I just put up with the ads. Pandora (that I can only use through a proxy at the minute because it's region locked) was good because I would just put in a band or a song that I liked and it would just go ahead and make this awesome playlist with songs and bands I never knew existed but were right up my alley. I know Spotify has radio, but for some reason their algorithm doesn't work as well as Pandora's and quite often throws stuff up that I've either heard to death or stuff that's really nothing like what I wanted to listen to. If they could join forces and make some kind of psychic super-app, I'd be stoked!
  3. gladysalexander

    gladysalexander New Member

    To begin with, I'd like to say that I am a huge fan of music streaming as a cheap and accessible way for music fans to support artists. After over a year of using Spotify Free, I upgraded to the premium plan almost six months ago. As a music enthusiast, the cost was totally worth it for me. Though I will agree that Pandora's radio algorithm is superior to Spotify's, I personally don't use the radio feature much. What I like about Spotify is how users can follow their favorite artists and other Spotify users - whether that be celebrities, companies, or Facebook friends. Out of all of the popular streaming services - Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. - I think it is safe to say that Spotify is best at integrating social networking into the platform, which adds a whole other level to the program as it is easy to share songs and collaborate on playlists with friends. Also, the user interface on Spotify is much for intuitive than that on other programs (though I have noticed that the iOS app is better designed than the Andriod app), such as the ease at which listeners can songs to their queue and check activity from accounts they are following. The only downsides for Spotify is that, as you mentioned, it is harder to find new music (I found it's best to follow regularly-updated playlists) and that they are always last to release albums from artists who give exclusive early releases to Tidal or Apple Music.
  4. Alesio

    Alesio New Member

    I use soundcloud a lot since it has tons of indie music and emerging artists I really like to listen to, though lately they have started rolling out their paid streaming service Soundcloud Go which is resulting in tons of tracks being region-blocked due to monetization issues. :(
  5. Nuk1nat0r

    Nuk1nat0r New Member

    Actually, listening to ads during a cool workout section or playing a great gane ruins it for me, so I started using the music app from apple. Of course I didn't pay, and i got my music in by using the iTunes library on my computer and adding in mp3 files straight to my phone. I would get those mp3 files by converting them from youtube with an online converter. Using the music app is really great, and it's super great to listen to my music on shuffle.
  6. WriterBound

    WriterBound New Member

    I'd just like to point out that music streaming apps are life savers! Instead of having to download and purchase every single song that you want to listen to, apps like Spotify and Pandora, let you easily access songs. Although you have to pay for more options, Spotify is my go to choice for music streaming apps. If you pay the $10 a month fee, you get so many useful options. For example, as a Spotify premium member, people have access to music they saved under their "My Music" tab offline. This means that if your on a road trip, you can still listen to your saved music. Spotify also allows you to store the "saved" songs on the app itself. This in turn means that your phone will have more available storage. The best thing about Spotify is that it allows you to follow other peoples music selections. You can listen to the same music as your friends, family, etc. Spotify is like social media to some extent. I recommend Spotify to any music lover!
  7. Kyle McLaughlin

    Kyle McLaughlin New Member

    I almost exclusively use Spotify ever since I started my free trial a year ago. I started using Spotify because I hate listening to the radio do to the absurd amount of ads that are played and I got tired of either downloading songs from iTunes or other, let's say less formal methods. I decided to then start using pandora which I had tried in the past but not regularly. My biggest gripe with pandora was the fact that if I picked a song to listen to I couldn't just listen to that song I would have to try and skip through the radio station it created to find my desired song. This got very tiring so I decided to sign up for Spotify's free trial, and instantly fell in love! I was able to play individual songs, create and manage every song in any playlist I created as well as find new music through their radio function. And ever since then I have stuck with Spotify, unless they make some huge change with their service I don't see myself switching.
  8. MrPBandJ

    MrPBandJ New Member

    Honestly, I have to agree with pretty much everyone in this thread. Spotify is the way to go if you want fast and easy music streaming.. If you don't want to pay, you can always use the free option. It's so cheap though that I feel like you might as well just pay. You can always use Youtube as well as a free music streaming platform if you really need to save as much money as possible for some reason.

    To be fair, I feel like Youtube's recommendation system is better than Spotify's. I've found so many good songs through Youtube and Spotify has kind of failed me in that regard.. but oh well. I guess it's a matter of preference.

    I've personally never tried Pandora.. but after reading your post I might give it a shot. Thanks! :thumbsup:
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  9. jmelo

    jmelo New Member

    I only use Spotify to listen to music these days. I tried the TIDAL free trial, but I prefer the Spotify interface way better!
  10. kootlefoosh

    kootlefoosh New Member

    I used to use Spotify, but over time I realized that streaming music is not as fun as owning it. A lot of times, artists will put their music up for free on websites like Bandcamp or Soundcloud, and then you can drag and drop it into iTunes and now you can listen to the entire album for free without those irritating ads.
  11. LoveChyle

    LoveChyle New Member

    I use Spotify and Pandora. Spotify is great to hear albums, specific songs you may like, create your own playlist and can listen to music offline. With Spotify, each playlist are limited to the song added in that playlist. If there are 30 songs, you only hear those 30 songs and either have to replay those songs, add more music or change to another playlist. What I like about Pandora is that each station plays endless music.
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  12. allyssak

    allyssak New Member

    I'm not a huge fan of Pandora anymore. I feel like once you make it through a "playlist," it never varies again. I have also noticed that if you thumbs up a song, the rest of the playlist will be almost identical to it. I like Spotify and Soundcloud because I can keep up with artists that I already know. I really like 8tracks. It is an app where users can download their playlists to and you use tags to search. I can put obscure things like "housecleaning" "funk" "summer" into the search and find really great playlists with musicians I've never heard of.
  13. Burungu

    Burungu New Member

    Grooveshark and Soundcloud rule as long as they are still free for people like me. I have been using these products for some time now and I can't complain. Even though there are some new ones, they are clearly out to make money first then provide a service. I hear Deezer is also a very great pay service with a huge music database. I might give it a try some time in the future.
  14. ladydaydream

    ladydaydream New Member

    I tried quite a few apps like I Heart Radio and Pandora before finally settling on Spotify. The latter has a lot of pretty great playlists, is easy to use, and doesn't need to be fiddled with much. Pandora sort of irked me with its playlist system, which had similar but repetitive songs with not much variation. I like having a similar bunch of songs to listen to, but Pandora went a bit overkill on it. Soundcloud is also great to find cool remixes and more obscure artists.
  15. DeltaRaider

    DeltaRaider New Member

    Ive used most of the mainstream music streaming services, but I would say my favorite of the free genre would be Spotify. While there is a paid version, the free version offers just about everything I need to listen to music. If I'm going the paid route, I would prefer apple music.
  16. Cheyenne Trujillo

    Cheyenne Trujillo New Member

    My favorite app to use is Spotify. I can find any song I love and put it into a playlist. You don't have to worry about getting some song second hand that's just a cover. The quality of the song are amazing and so is this app! The only thing is that the songs shuffle around and if you want them to play in order you have to purchase the full app. You do get a 7 - day free trial before you have to pay though so that's pretty cool.
  17. henryb3rd

    henryb3rd New Member

    Pandora is my top music streaming app. Huge platform for exploring my favorite music and hearing music I didn't know I would like. It keeps you up to date with new released music from artist I like to up and coming artist who I may like later on. It has ads....but it doesn't stop playing good music when it's my music.
  18. HuntleyR

    HuntleyR New Member

    I like to use Pandora for most of my radio listening, however, when there's a certain song I want to hear, I really appreciate my subscription to Apple Music. Their catered playlist are typically excellent as well, so I consider it worth the monthly cost. Songza used to be outstanding until the company changed hands and moved the platform.
  19. katrinafernandez

    katrinafernandez New Member

    I always use Tidal for my music. I go on runs often and I need an app that won't lag or give me problems, disturbing my run. Tidal also provides the best music videos and the latest. I recently watched Kanye West's new music video named "Famous". Some songs and music videos are only available on Tidal. I pay 12 dollars month and you really do get what you pay for!
  20. lacee89

    lacee89 New Member

    Spotify has always been my go to music source. I pay for the unlimited service. I like that I can go to which artist I want to listen to and play a certain album or song. One of the frustrating things with Spotify is not having all artists songs available, and the fact that you can't share the service on multiple devices without screwing up what the other person is listening to. I recently have started using pandora. Pandora is okay, not my favorite because of the constant ads and that you cant choose what song you directly want to listen to.
  21. Whinnie12

    Whinnie12 New Member

    I have tried sound cloud but the platform is clunky. May need another year or so to develop. Pandora is solid but I feel like the commercials have gotten more frequent and more irritating. Or maybe I'm getting old and also get off my lawn
  22. sasaclubber1

    sasaclubber1 New Member

    My experience with the online music streaming web services Soundcloud.com has been very good and i enjoy listening on it. Soundcloud is one the best music streaming services in the world as it has music from all the world all the major artists in music industry. If You want awesome and great music you should try this site.
  23. Jekaterina Maslova

    Jekaterina Maslova New Member

    I like Spotify at the moment, I just upgraded the account to premium and it is so comfortable to listen to music now. No advertisements, unlimited skips and it is so easy to discover new music on Spotify and create new playlists. I Love it.
  24. jetpackjeff

    jetpackjeff New Member

    I have used trials of almost all of the streaming music services. Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify. I did not personally like Apple music due to its clunky app for Android and lack of selection. Deezer also had a confusing app layout and I found the app to be buggy while also lacking content.

    Google Play Music is great as it is very well integrated into the Android operating system and the music selection and ability to upload up to 50,000 songs from your own collection are amazing features. The fact that you can just upload all of your own music and not have to pay to access it over the cloud is amazing. The paid version also has a great selection of music, but not as good as my favorite music app...

    I pay $10 a month for Spotify for a reason. It has the best apps (for ios, Android, and PC) that are very well integrated into each other and the operating systems. I love how easy the app is to navigate and find the musical selection to be second to none. Even more obscure bands I listened to growing up are on Spotify, in fact a lot of my personal friends bands and productions are on Spotify as well! I also like the social integration of Spotify so I can see what my friends are listening to and recommend them songs.
  25. darlenem

    darlenem New Member

    I like Apple iTunes because it has a large variety or choices but also has new releases before any other music streaming companies. I also like how its already on my apple music device and provides three month free trials which is great!
  26. wecantfixthat

    wecantfixthat New Member

    Soundcloud is my favorite because you can actually listen to newer artists that are really talented and deserve the fame more than some actual celebrities.
  27. shcoo

    shcoo New Member

    My friend bought me a Google Play subscription, so I use that frequently. They have a great selection. Sometimes I'll just find full albums posted on YouTube as well.

    I also really love 8tracks, a more fandom-based playlist site. People make playlists inspired by TV show characters (such as, "here's what would be on Jesse Pinkman's iPod," etc.) You can't see the tracklist before pressing play. It's like a surprise treat bag where you never know what you're going to get, and I enjoy that as an avenue to find new bands and artists. It's also fun to see the musical moods people create for their favorite fictional characters!
  28. Mike Stanton

    Mike Stanton New Member

    I personally enjoy Apple Music. The app itself is beautifully designed to show off the album artwork and give you an overall great visual to audio experience, which I believe is extremely important. People like to associate their music with visuals.

    That being said, in the new iOS 10 update coming this September, the Apple Music layout will be changed and will no longer feature these magnificent visuals (unless Apple decides to change their mind). This decision automatically makes me want to switch to Spotify Premium, along with the fact that Spotify gives students a 50% discount on their streaming.

    If Apple permanently discontinues the design they have now with Apple Music, I would definitely use Spotify Premium. I wouldn't consider any other choice because Spotify has the largest selection of music and is the most efficient at the moment.
  29. Niya

    Niya New Member

    I prefer using Spotify, but I used to be a big Pandora user. The reason I switched is because I didn't like that the songs Pandora showed me were songs that were a couple years older even when I was on Today's Hits and whatnot. I really like listening to new songs as they rollout. With Spotify, there are a on playlists that are already made and I can make my own if I want. This way, I can listen to songs I've never heard before AND save them so I can listen to them later if I want. I bought Spotify premium so I could listen offline to save battery and data.
  30. Krumpton

    Krumpton New Member

    After taking part in a three month trial of Apple Music I decided to break away from Spotify and Pandora and use Apple full time. The ability to ask Siri to play any song in the world is incredible to me. They also get a lot of exclusive music before other sites receive them. This is definitely a pro of using Apple Music, it's just right for me.

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