What Pc game you play the most?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Ke7en, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. tjbud1234

    tjbud1234 New Member

    I have play'd CSGO the most on my steam account after about 4 years of service. The game is introducing constant updates and I like that you don't need to pay more to be good at the game. However, as the game is progressing I find more and more cheaters on the game.
  2. Zoreia

    Zoreia New Member

    The PC game I play the most is World of Warcraft. I started playing it right before BC came out, and I actually met my husband on that game (he was my raid leader). I still play to this day.

    I also really enjoy Minecraft (Pixelmon specifically). However, the last time I tried to download it, I got a very nasty virus that wiped my Windows. :< So I currently am not playing Minecraft, but am hoping to get it downloaded (successfully this time...) so I can continue to play.
  3. buddybolden

    buddybolden New Member

    I find that the games I end up spending the most time in are ones that involve a good dose of exploration and/or creativity. I try a wide range of games, but there are only a few I've logged triple-digit hours in- Skyrim, for the epic world-building and sense of exploration, and Minecraft, for the endless possibilities for both exploration and building (especially if you start getting into the mod scene).
  4. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    I am a huge fan of all the series of The Sims. The sims has so many different things to occupy hours and hours of endless fun. They have so many different starter packs and extension packs to choose from. Its impossible to ever get bored. Also if you want, they have different cheat codes that enables things like unlimited money, or items. The cheat codes open up several different doors on their own, and expand game play to focus on certain things like building your skills. I also played World of Warcraft for a little while but its not really my style of gaming. Still an excellent game though.
  5. Mikhail

    Mikhail New Member

    Shadow of Mordor. I know it's not exclusively a PC game but it is released on PC. I think it came out on PC before ps4 and xbox one, though I could be wrong. Anyway it's fantastic on PC. The graphics are even better.
  6. AmpReflection

    AmpReflection New Member

    I've probably sunk the most hours into Chivalry: Modern Warfare at this point. The game is incredibly fun and absolutely thrilling. You're not going to get better duels anywhere else. It's challenging and immersive, but can be incredibly frustrating as well. Highly rewarding game.
  7. Basinator

    Basinator New Member

    My favorite PC-game, that I have also played the most of, has to be ArmA 3, or the ArmA series in general. I have played ArmA 3 for over 1000 hours on Steam.
    I have always been into Military Simulator (MilSim) games. I am also a professional Airsoft player, and having participated in multiple international MilSim-styled games, I feel like ArmA is the way to go.
    It has some very realistic aspects, and leaving the occasional bugs aside, it is very immersive.
  8. Frank Reynolds

    Frank Reynolds New Member

    Terraria. Anyone here waiting for the update at the end of june? :3c
  9. kruno98

    kruno98 New Member

    I always play pc games. I am playing it all my life, it's easier than on consoles.. And the graphics with great pc are unbelieavble. I play most GTA V online, because it has great graphics, and you can do what ever you want, online heists with your friends are great. It is the best game i tried so far.
  10. Juju

    Juju New Member

    Lately I've been playing The Sunless Sea a lot. It takes time to get used to the navigation and combat mechanics, but the story and the atmosphere drew me in right away. The writing is also quite good, especially for a video game. I highly recommend it.
  11. ETGZach

    ETGZach New Member

    Recently I have been playing a lot of Dota 2, I think its one of the best games on Steam right now just because of its replay-ability. I believe I've clocked over two thousand hours on that game.
  12. edesapa

    edesapa New Member

    Right now I am playing League of Legends. It is a very addictive game, but lately its community has become terrible. Everybody rude towards the newcomers because they are 'noobs'. Well, of course they are noobs to a game which they only play for the first time. You have to start somewhere. I was also a noob when I started it, and now I have been playing it for like 4 years. If you want to be in the highest Divisions in ranked, I believe you really need to invest many hours in a day to become a skilled player. But you can always play normal games, but there are way more toxic players in there, but you can mute them anytime you want to.
  13. soltis

    soltis New Member

    According to Steam...Dragon Age: Origins. Which is strange because that one is probably my least favorite of the bunch (still a good game...just didn't age well). I'm pretty solitary, so most of the games I have the most hours on are single-player or only have multiplayer as an option. Aside from that, The Sims 3 racked up quite a few hours (I was obsessed with it for about 3 weeks....those mods, man), and recently Dragon Ball: Xenoverse has been getting quite a bit of attention from me.
  14. fatguy39

    fatguy39 New Member

    PC game, huh. I'm more inclined on using handheld consoles such as a 3DS or a PS VITA, but the game I play the most on PC is ROSE Online. I've first played it when I was still a teenager. It then became a pay-to-play game thus, as a jobless guy back then, I wasn't able to continue playing. Recently, I've found the sole official server in English on WarpPortal and, with all the nostalgia rushing in, it's the only PC game I've been playing for a while.

    Other than that, I mostly play strategy games like Starcraft. I also play (very) old games that I own but won't work in modern PCs, such as some DOS games like Eradicator and Magic Carpet 2. I wonder if anyone still recognizes these two, hahaha!
  15. Sassa

    Sassa New Member

    Currently I'm playing league of legends, I've been playing for quite some time now, since season one actually lol. I think I might want to try out DoTA but I heard its a pretty hard game.
    Before that I was super addicted to WoW.
  16. mobiako

    mobiako New Member

    For me, it's between Terraria and League of Legends. I started playing LoL in about 2012 and have played so many games across so many accounts it's almost impossible to keep track. For Terraria I've played since it came out, maybe 3,000 hours? It's just so fun, I can keep restarting and going from the beginning to hardmode over and over.
  17. Melissa Dawn Conn

    Melissa Dawn Conn New Member

    I never was a PC gamer growing up- I was raised by Nintendo through and through. Now that I'm older (still a Nintendo fangirl with an Xbox as well) I've become so addicted to Minecraft. I can't stand Minecraft on a console. I mean, I love that console Minecraft makes crafting SO much easier but, with PC Minecraft, there's so many things to do! Minecraft Realms, multiplayer networks like The Shotbow Network- goodness, I pretty much live on MineZ!
  18. Aadil sharif

    Aadil sharif New Member

    I played fifa games most of the time.Basically i like football,when it comes to play with your favourite player and team it have been always fun u know.then i mostly played the gangster games like gta games,mafia,godfather coz it was great playing games in which we can do anything like smashing stuffs,shooting,high jacking its kinda fun.
  19. Spenser Murray

    Spenser Murray New Member

    Counter-Strike is an absolute favorite of mine, as I like playing competitively with a few friends every now and then. The extent of tactics and strategy that is required to become distinguished at the game is astounding. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours total, and have yet to master the mechanics and knowledge. It remains to be quite the challenge; and that's what makes it so great.
  20. Swiift

    Swiift New Member

    As of now, the game I play most is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I mostly play it because I can either play with friends, or if they're being annoying/in their own game, I can solo-queue and try to get a good team, which I've done. I've made good friends through the game.

    I used to be really into DotA 2, but sadly, I think my attention span is wearing down. The games last too long for me. Or maybe it's just because I was bad, and when you start to lose in DotA (at least at lower levels), you don't typically recover.

    Now, pressing on the topic of my probable lowered attention span, you may be thinking "But CS:GO games last just as long as DotA games". I agree. However, the individual rounds of Counter-Strike only last 2 minutes.
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  21. Spikn

    Spikn New Member

    I've been playing DotA2 on steam for the past 3 years, and it's my most played game of all time. The ability to spend hours on it a day, and have no 2 matches go the same way is just a huge part of the appeal. Plus, the strategy behind it is amazingly deep.
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  22. Aleem Rai

    Aleem Rai New Member

    I always play fifa 14/15.I loved them so much like I play it for 3 to 4 hours daily but never get bored of it.Because it has many game modes.You can also play online or play with frirnds.Its graphics are amazing and also amzing comentry.
  23. Aleem Rai

    Aleem Rai New Member

    like my post please
  24. Amit Fudim

    Amit Fudim New Member

    You may not like this, but the games I primarily play are all by Paradox Interactive, which means that they are all Grand Strategies. Take for example, the Civilization Games, by Firaxis. They are what I would call "Grand Strategy For Stupid People," because they give you lots of info, much of which is not given in a Paradox Interactive, and they focus on more than one small part of running an empire, which is what games like Crusader Kings (Ruling) and Hearts Of Iron (War) much better, because they are much more detailed.
  25. jackclick

    jackclick New Member

    I love playing online games with friends special blizzards games. Right now we love playing heroes of the earth where you can choose characters from warcraft, starcraft and diablo.
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  26. aliao317

    aliao317 New Member

    I used to be a big fan of MapleStory and Ragnarok Online private servers. They allowed me to reach the endgame of the MMORPGs rather quickly but it was definitely satisfying. Currently, I play league of legends like most of gamers in the world. The large character selection pool, individual characterization, and constant shifts in the meta makes the game always refreshing and fun!
  27. Kismet128

    Kismet128 New Member

    I wish that I would have started League in season 1. Been playing for a year now and am finally able to hold my own in high Silver. The speed at which you need to think is so addicting. Every once in awhile I will get a moment of clarity and pull off an amazing combo of abilities that will make me want to play 5 or 6 more games. The rush!
  28. UKremlin

    UKremlin New Member

    My personal highest hours for a game is TF2, currently standing at 785 hours. Team Fortress 2 is a great shooter with a dedicated community and constant updates, do I need to say more? Although the hats and economy has consumed much more of the hours than any gameplay has. I've since stopped playing and my focus has switched to games like Europa Universalis III/IV (I played the old one before IV came out) and Crusader Kings 2, amazing games with massive replayability but nowhere near 785 hours.
  29. golden2010boy

    golden2010boy New Member

    Arma 3 is the pc game I play the most on the pc. arma 3 is amazing and fun to play because of the freedom it gives you to gi were ever u want to go in the free roam mode. I also sometimes olay dayz that is a mod for arma 3.
  30. LegitKorea

    LegitKorea New Member

    I've played many types of games on the PC. The mains ones I play now are League of Legends and Maplestory. The other games were Runescape, CounterStrike, Diablo 3, Minecraft, and Osu. They were all exceptional and had me very satisfied. League of Legends requires very skilled players and patience, while Maplestory is very diverse in what you can do and mostly everyone in the game is friendly. The most fun I had were in Runescape Maplestory and League.

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