What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    Hello everyone!

    In this thread we discuss which phones we have, and why.

    I have an iPhone 4s. I got it for christmas last year, and I love it! It's not like many other smart phones, this one feels expensive, where I get the feeling with a Samsung Galaxy, that they are cheap, because of the plastic and such.

    Now, your turn! :)
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  2. netskee

    netskee New Member

    You buy a phone so you can feel rich? Oh well.

    I made the switch from an iPhone 4S to an HTC One S and it totally changed the way I use my phone, it's so much better for me, the larger screen, much more responsiveness and a plethora of ways to customize my phone.
  3. Isabel

    Isabel New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S II
  4. halls

    halls New Member

    I have a Nokia 1209

    I only need a phone for texting and phoning, and I've had this one for 3 years and am not thinking of changing soon. To use the internet I have my laptop and to listen to music I have my mp3 player, so I don't need any of those new phones that can do all of the above.
  5. Friezaa

    Friezaa New Member

    Hey, same phone as me. It's a fantastic phone, the One series has great build quality, and with custom ROMS the phone becomes new again.
  6. Maisha6371

    Maisha6371 New Member

    I have a samsung exhibit 4g. I loved it for a long time. However, it is starting to give me problems now. I will probably get another samsung when I upgrade.
  7. nanancyyy31

    nanancyyy31 New Member

    I also have the Iphone 4s. I am thinking about getting the Iphone 5 soon. Anyone with an Iphone 5 that is willing to chime in on the pros, and cons will be appreciated. Love everything about the Iphones except the battery life. I think that is the online downfall of the Iphone. If Apple were to create an Iphone with better battery capabilities they would have a powerhouse of a phone. Other than that, I have no complaints with the Iphone 4s at all.
  8. Kany69

    Kany69 New Member

    I have a Nexus 4 16GB model. just got it a month ago. Didn't got any problem yet. Amazing Design, Stunning Performance. Really LOVING it.:) I use most of it for Gaming and for Facebook. A Really Great Phone.
  9. djgoesnomnom

    djgoesnomnom New Member

    I have a Kyocera Jax, because someone pulled a gun on me in a Walmart parking lot a few days ago and took my old Galaxy... =/
  10. erykahmv13

    erykahmv13 New Member

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S2. I was in love with the phone when I first got it. I was upset when 3 weeks later they came out with the S3. It wouldn't have been so upsetting had they not just came out with the S2 about a month prior. I'm really not a fan of it at all now. It gives me a lot of problems and I've had to have it replaced 3 times due to manufacturing issues. This 3rd one isn't doing too great either. I love that there's so much new technology when it comes to what you can do with your phone. I do wish that they would focus on getting the apps correct as opposed to trying to put the newest and most apps on all the new phones. I feel this sometimes takes away from the quality of the features you really need, internet, phone calls, texting, ect.
  11. vectriss

    vectriss New Member

    I recently got a Galaxy Note II and I instantly fell in love with it. The screen is just so big! I barely use my ipad anymore because I can do everything on the note and I almost always have it with me.
  12. Heasarc

    Heasarc New Member

    I have this exact same phone and I absolutely love it! I don't have much of a problem with my battery life. I charge it every night before I go to bed.

    Here's a great tip for other Galaxy SIII users. If you want to buy a case, do NOT spend $10+ on them at a retail store! Use ebay and get a hard plastic case of any main color. look up "Samsung galaxy s3 case", filter it to $0.01 - $2.00 and 'buy it now', the voila! You can see for yourself, there are some great deals there.
  13. Adolfo_pt

    Adolfo_pt New Member

    I use a plain old cellphone but I make the most of it through services that utilize SMS to get things done. If I wasn't stuck for one year more on my T-mobile contract I would probably get an Android phone.
  14. mrk00k

    mrk00k New Member

    I got a Motorola Droid Razr M a few months ago. I was considering the galaxy SIII, which is undoubtedly a better phone, but the Razr M was such a great deal on dell.com. $9.99 with a $100 dell gift card. I find that the Razr M does everything I need it to. I was fairly pleasantly surpised actually.

    As someone who usually buys the latest and greatest, but is currently on a budget due to an upcoming wedding, I would definitely recommend the Razr M!
  15. LuxeNovice

    LuxeNovice New Member

    I upgraded from Motorola Droid Razr two years ago to the Iphone 4s. I'm not tech savvy when it comes to cell phones. The main features that I use on a daily basis are texting, surfing the internet, and making phone calls. I am just now expanding my horizons by using the calendar for appointments, using the notepad to remember things, and downloading apps to make things easier (such as banking and shopping) . Overall, I love my Iphone but the battery usage could be better.
  16. jesterscript2319

    jesterscript2319 New Member

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt. I got suckered by all the hype and now I'm stuck with a good phone that I don't use to it's full potential. I will admit though that using various brainstorming/note-taking apps, checking my email and browsing the web is great on the nice, big screen, but I have yet to watch a movie or do much else.
  17. crider3232

    crider3232 New Member

    I currently use the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Could be the longest name for a phone but I love it. It has a very large screen that works well with my large hands. I have loved Android for the past 3 years but as I implement more emails and processes from my work into my phone its hard to translate it over to the EVO. I hope to figure out the best way to keep it compatible or I will have to join everyone else in the Apple world.
  18. randomme

    randomme New Member

    I have an iPhone 4. That's because my Evo Shift had problems, which led me to get a Evo 3D (which i loved), guess someone else did too because it was stolen quickly, and led me to get an Evo 4g (it was okay), it broke and i got this crappy phone because it was free. I only dislike it because it's outdated.
  19. Blade_N

    Blade_N New Member

    I have ZTE - Blade, an android phone, pretty weak but it looks fancy and runs most apps smoothly. Using it for various helpful apps and of course, games!
  20. MikeWalt

    MikeWalt New Member

    Ive had android for years, but my girlfriend gave me her old iphone and i love it! Even though its an iPhone 4 things are working silky smooth with it. I like how everything seems to flow better. With Android things always seemed shaky on android when it comes to customiztion. I dout id go back to android.
  21. NoraManger

    NoraManger New Member

    iPhone 4s.
    I know a lot of other people really promote phones with larger screens, but I've never seen the point. To me, a larger screen sounds like less battery life and a lower likelihood of fitting in my pocket- both major negatives in my book. I will admit that I don't make much use of Siri. An iPhone 4 would probably get the job done for me, but a lot of people enjoy Siri. The shape is really nice, I find. I like the feel of something substantial in my hand, but it's not terribly heavy or bulky- it's just enough to let you know it's there.
  22. lokis80

    lokis80 New Member

    I currently have the Evo 3D. I was moving from T-Mobile to Sprint and the Evo was the best android phone on Sprint at the time. I am waiting on the new HTC One to be released so that I can finally upgrade to a better phone.
  23. cebray95

    cebray95 New Member

    Currently I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S3. It's an awesome phone and I enjoy every aspect of it. I will probably be upgrading to the four when it comes out mainly because of all of the new and innovative technology that it will have.
  24. Ice058

    Ice058 New Member

    I have an iPhone 4s. I love my phone because you can do anything on it like talk, text, talk on Facetime, watch music videos or movies, surf the web, or play games. I don't think I will ever but a different phone.
  25. CavaloBranco

    CavaloBranco New Member

    I have a LG Maximo Black (p970) and it never lets me down. I have it since 2011 I guess, and I just keep liking it more. This phone was the one that got me into the Android world (a beautiful place) and keeps on telling me to go further.
    I just miss my Nokia 3310 for battery duration and the phone endurance itself.
  26. jakeraker

    jakeraker New Member

    I have a iPhone 3G. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Holy crap that's old!" But I only have because it has yet to break or malfunction. I'm always hearing stories about the 4's and 5's breaking in a single drop. Let me tell you, I've dropped my phone more times than i count on my fingers and toes, and this tank refuses to break. I haven't even cracked the screen yet. I'm long past eligible for an upgrade, but until this thing finally dies on my, I'm sticking with it.
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  27. Jordan Stevenson

    Jordan Stevenson New Member

    I had an Iphone 4 when they first came out on a 24 month contract which ran out last December on the network '3'. They are the worst phone provider in the world! No signal anywhere! I have now got myself a Samsung Galaxy SIII on O2 and what a great phone along with a great phone provider!!
  28. Onni Pasanen

    Onni Pasanen New Member

    I have Sony Xperia Go as I'm an Android fanboy. I wanted a durable smartphone and I have good experience with Sony's phones. It has worked very well for me despite it freezing sometimes.

    It's a phone with nice specs and quality for it's low price. Only minus I would give it would be that you cant take the battery of but that's nothing new on today's phones.
  29. islandie

    islandie New Member

    Well i got my self a Samsung Galaxy SIII for my birthday, and to be honest im pretty happy about it's features. it's light and nice in my hands. i took a light blue. Which is a very nice color.
  30. renesis

    renesis New Member

    Formely a Evo 4G. Currently a cheap Motorola. Saving to get a Galaxy Nexus. Why? Because Android. That's Why. Ah.... And you know... the economy I guess. LOL.

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