What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Revy

    Revy New Member

    I have 3 phones. an HTC Explorer (My android phone), a Samsung champ (my regular phone), and my O2 (my old PDA)... I love all my phones. My wife has an iPhone and she has a mac too... she's trying to convince me to get an iPhone but i prefer the style and diversity of the Android. :)
  2. Cimon

    Cimon New Member

    I have a white Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone. I've used both an iPhone and various Android phones in the past, but Windows Phone is a prettier, faster and easier to use than both of those alternatives.


    Just look at it, so beautiful. :)
  3. profeyn

    profeyn New Member

    I have the Galaxy S3. One of the best phones right now, except for the Galaxy S4. The iPhone doesn't even come close, but that's a whole different discussion.

    I love everything about this phone. The design, the speed, the functionality and basically anything else that you can think of. I love holding it in my hand, it feels like you have so much power just at the reach of your fingertips. It's amazing and I thoroughly enjoy every second of it.
  4. kylexgr

    kylexgr New Member

    I have the Galaxy SIII. I'm kind of disappointed that they are coming out with a new version. It makes me feel like I wasted my money 6 months ago. But, then again, they come out with new technology all the time. It seems like everything is obsolete within such a short amount of time.
  5. Juusuhako

    Juusuhako New Member

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920. I bought it after being an Android owner for 2 years. Back then the Android UI was still choppy on most devices (I had an HTC Desire HD), and even though Android offers tons of customization I felt like I had tried it all and needed a complete overhaul, so I went with Nokias flagship phone.

    I've never had a Windows Phone, but im really enjoying this one. The best thing about it must be the camera, it's absolutely amazing on the Lumia 920, it's even said to be the best camera to date on the smartphone market. The only issue is the lack of apps. and customization with the home screen, I really miss custom wallpapers.
  6. joshAnthony

    joshAnthony New Member

    Well the phone I currently have is an iPhone 5 and I love the features and the design of this phone I am absolutely certain I'm going to get the next model when it comes out.:cool:
  7. crystal lara

    crystal lara New Member

    I own a huwaeii android phone. Its not one of them high fashion phones but its a cool phone. I enjoy it because i can download lots of apps on it. I enjoy that i am able to download apps for sites i also use on the computer.
  8. greyfox22

    greyfox22 New Member

    I have an Huawei Ascend G300. It was my first android mobile phone, i'm very happy with it. Has a good processor and 512mb of ram, witch is enougth for my daily use.
  9. kamotekid696

    kamotekid696 New Member

    I have a Nokia Lumia 710. No, it's not the best phone on the market these days, I assure you. The thing about this phone is that it is very cheap, and it gets all the job done as an expensive Iphone 5 would. Pretty funny... why spend money on a luxury phone when you could get the cheap Lumia 710 for the same features.
  10. JakeAbel

    JakeAbel New Member

    I have Samsung Galaxy S3 and i love it .Firstly the android system makes the phone awesome and Samsung's specs makes it ever more awesome ,the phone runs smoothly without any lags,has a really big screen in comparison to iphone.I would never change the system that is for sure but the phone i would with something with a bigger screen.
  11. Russo

    Russo New Member

    I currently have the iPhone 4, and once I get the sufficient funds, I will be upgrading to the iPhone 5 or whichever is the latest one.
  12. eusad

    eusad New Member

    I have an iPhone 4, but I dislike IOS. I like how "open" and customizable Android is. Many things on IOS are too restricted. I would like to take more out of a device. Jailbreaking doesnt't actually "open" the operating system. It just lets you install third party programs.
  13. Aniko

    Aniko New Member

    I have iPhone 4s what I got from my boyfriend. That is my first smartphone, and it is so easy to get addicted to it! So even it is useful, I am just trying to do useful things rather then social networking too much :)
  14. Thaze Culprit

    Thaze Culprit New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it's the best phone I've ever had, I got it about a month ago.
    Previously I've only had Sony Ericsson's of the Walkman series, they broke down and malfunctioned all the time, so naturally I have never been too pleased with them.
    I have also tried to use iPhones, but the screens are too small for my taste, my thumbs are to big. That's why I love the Note 2, the screen is huge and it's faster than my home computer.
  15. Swinblink

    Swinblink New Member

    Currently have a broken Samsung Galaxy SIII. The phone its self is fantastic, I can't fault it atall over my 9 months or so of use. However my S3 died yesterday of an apparently common fault so is away with T-Mobile to be revived hopefully!

    I thought when I got the S3 I would regret it and want an iPhone, however I'm extremely satisfied!
  16. Jonathan J

    Jonathan J New Member

    I have an old Samsung Galaxy S Plus. It does its job well and I see no reason to change phones, unless I would like to play significantly more graphically enhanced games, which I don't really share much of an interest in.

    I have, however, been eyeing up the HTC One phone and I think if I'm going to be getting a new phone, it will either be the HTC One, Galaxy S4 (When it comes out obviously) or the Samsung Galaxy Premier.
  17. Manon Monsall

    Manon Monsall New Member

    I'm proud to say that I have a dirt-cheap, pay-as-you-go "dumbphone" because I don't want to get mugged for an iPhone. Too many crimes are committed in my city over these stupid gadgets. I refuse to partake in the notion that a smartphone is must-have technology. I don't really need it. And here's the best part: my cell phone bill is only $20 per month!
  18. Nicholas Peter

    Nicholas Peter New Member

    I have a Blackberry Curve, and so far i'm really enjoying it! People used to tell me that Blacberry's aren't durable and will freeze continuously.. But that hasn't been the case at all with mine! I've dropped it too many times to count, and it's still running strong. Although the keypad is quite small compared to other cellphones, i perfer this Blackberry over my last iPhone. It's been 9 months with this cellphone and i'm still loving it!
  19. RoguePyro

    RoguePyro New Member

    Iphone 5, and I love it.
    This phone can really do it all. I can play a game, and talk to one of my associates at the same time. Its great.
  20. Danny Sit

    Danny Sit New Member

    I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. To many, it's a gigantic and bulky phone but it's an awesome phone to me. The Note 2 falls into the "Phablet" category with it's large 5.5 inch screen. I have no difficulty stuffing it into the side or back pockets of my skinny jeans.

    I think it's a really good Android phone and I would even consider it to be the best, till Galaxy S4 is released later this month!

    To my surprise, I find more girls than guys using the Note 2 in my country. Most of them use it to watch movies on it and keep it in their handbags.
  21. Tee323

    Tee323 New Member

    I currently have the iphone 4s. I don't know if I should purchase the iphone 5 next or wait until a new iphone comes out.
  22. Dsin

    Dsin New Member

    Iphone 4. I'd like to upgrade to a iPhone 4s, but cannot justify it while this one is still working.

    I dont see any need to upgrade to the iPhone 5 just yet as well for the same reason and it seems a bit flawed still.
  23. Adrienne Mancuso

    Adrienne Mancuso New Member

    I have a dodgy HTC Legend, given to me by my housemate. My previous phone, a HTC Mozart, died on me after being rained on at a festival and I spent 7 months without a phone. My current phone is slow, randomly reboots and struggles running most apps. I guess you get what you paid for.
  24. DanielV

    DanielV New Member

    I've got a Galaxy S3. I'm not sure whether I should switch to an S4 when it comes out, I don't think it's that much better than what I have now. Maybe I'll just skip that one and wait for an S5 or something.
  25. amasar

    amasar New Member

    I have an LG Optimus Elite. It runs the Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread) and has 1 gig of onboard memory. I know that there are many phones out there with more impressive specs, but for price you can't beat it. It's very capable for an inexpensive phone.
  26. kksippicup

    kksippicup New Member

    I have an iPhone 4s and I like it. I want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 but my contract doesn't end for another year. Maybe by that time they'll come out with an iPhone 6! Any ideas on what the iPhone 6 will be like and when it will come out?
  27. ColbyRoss

    ColbyRoss New Member

    I've had very few phones in my days. My first phone was an old QWERTY keyboard phone, and it worked very well. Eventually though, I couldn't stand not having access to internet at a moments need, so I ending up buying a smartphone: an iPhone 3G. After that one broke (iPhone buttons break way too easily), I ended up getting the phone I have now, and iPhone 4. I'm kinda done with iPhone's though. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out, I plan on buying it... until the next big thing comes out of course!
  28. kledia

    kledia New Member

    I have an i phone 4.My husband bought it for my birthday last year .Even if i did not used to like touch screen mobiles now i love them.It is so easy that even my 4 years old daughter knows how to use it . My brother bought i phone 5 so this is going to be my next purchase.:)
  29. Justin Simon

    Justin Simon New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I love it.
  30. TheDahlia84

    TheDahlia84 New Member

    I have an iPhone 4s. I think I got it last summer or early fall? It hasn't given me any issues thus far. Before then, I had an HTC EVO 4g and I loved that phone...it just didn't love me back!

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