What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. rheann

    rheann New Member

    I have the Asus Zenfone Max 3 5.2. It is very nice to me and it fits everything that I need for a phone. It has a good battery life of 4100mAh and it lasts for 2 days even connecting to a network and using 4G connection. It can also be a power bank to the other phone. If ever my boyfriend has a dead battery on his phone, we will use my phone as the power bank. It is also nice in capturing photos with its 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. You will love to capture memories with this phone. The good thing about this is my phone is good for gaming as it has 3GB of RAM and has a 32GB internal storage which I do not need to buy a micro SD Card. Above all, what I love of it is the price is right for me which this specs and features. It is only less than 10000 in Philippine Peso which is roughly less than $200.
  2. marcusclark828

    marcusclark828 New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime and I had it for a year now. So far its been performing impressively well despite having a ton of apps running at the same time in which majority of these apps use data. I previously had an Asus smartphone but I had to replace it because its heating up. Two brands to consider buying next time are the Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones.
  3. marienspiration

    marienspiration New Member

    I'm using a Huawei P9 that my mother gave me on my birthday. It's not as expensive as other mobile phones but it is durable, I droped it once with screen facing the floor, I thought it cracked but it did not. :laugh:;)
  4. MMaker24

    MMaker24 New Member

    The current phone that I have is a Galaxy s7 Edge, the phone before the Galaxy s7 Edge was the iPhone 5c. The reason I got the phone was because of it's beautiful design. It's all glass, and the camera on it is amazing. Unlike my iPhone the Galaxy s7 Edge screen was twice the size of the iPhone 5c screen, which i liked. The phone did cost a lot, the total of the Galaxy s7 Edge was $750, but it was worth the money because it's technology was light years ahead of Apple. I would recommend people to make the switch and become part of the Samsung family!
  5. Jeahan

    Jeahan New Member

    I love music so I have chosen Sony for it's good quality of music and the bass pretty much always go in my heart. Whenever I play my songs, the quality of the music always moves me.
  6. jeffrey_1984

    jeffrey_1984 New Member

    I had Iphone 3, Iphone4 and I phone 5s. I was influenced by one of my colleagues in my previous company who loves Apple products like Iphone. She told me that I must buy an Iphone because I'm working in a call center. Here in the Philippines, Call Center is one of the highest paying jobs. She said that my phone will represent me and my social status in life, so I need to have an Iphone. I followed her advise and I used Iphone for 7 years. Now, I changed my cellphone to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I'm using this for almost a year now. I'm so thankful that I changed my phone to Samsung.
    Samsung is easier to use compare to Iphone. Iphone has lots of restrictions like when sharing a photo or music to other devices. With Samsung I can easily share photos or music to my friends' devices using an app called "share it". I can also easily download music using my Samsung phone. I also love my Samsung Note 3 because it has big screen so I can watch my favorite videos anytime I want.
  7. justraf16

    justraf16 New Member

    Right now I am using Iphone 6. I was an android user before I have this. I had samsung galaxy before I made up my mind to change it. Samsung was fine but something persistently convince me to have Iphone 6 that's why I have this now. Well, being with Apple phone would definitely set you different.
  8. heromendoza01

    heromendoza01 New Member

    What phone do I have? I got the brand new oppo a57 it has a geart specs 4gb ram 32gb rom 5.5inch screen display 4g lte and it comes in very affordable price for 11,500php
  9. SaicY

    SaicY New Member

    I have Samsung Note 3. I got this phone as a Christmas Gift for Myself. That was 3 years ago and i'am still very happy and satisfied with my choice. Samsung phones are very durable and cost less compare to other phones. It has an android OS, 5.7 inches, a very good camera and a lot of features that i surely enjoy up to this date. Samsung battery also last longer that other brands in my opinion.
  10. Marijons

    Marijons New Member

    I own a Nexus 6P from Huawei right now. A lovely phone with a big screen and sturdy build quality. I have for almost 2 years. and I like almost everything about this phone, except its battery. I know I am not the only one who has issues as other users are reporting them as well. So my plans are to replace the battery, which should help, I hope.
  11. Brandon1105

    Brandon1105 New Member

    I have Samsung J7 2016, I actually bought it a year ago and it is still awesome. I really recommend Samsung phones because of it's durability and user friendly. I accidentally dropped it many times and it didn't break even just a little bit. I have owned Samsung Corby before but I lost it going to work, also one of the most durable model of Samsung phone. Hopefully this J7 will take long, I don't have any plans of changing it or buying new model of Samsung phone, for as long as I can still use it for text messaging or call, I wouldn't change it, I will use it for the next 3 or 5 years to be honest with you, I just hope that I won't lost it anymore somewhere else.
  12. Demar92

    Demar92 New Member

    I have Iphone 5s 64gb i bought it last 2015 and i loved it, that time i really want to have this phone because of the good quality cameras both front and rear. and also the quickness of optimization of this apple processor makes you multi-task, and one of the favorite apps of the phone is iMovie, where i can generate a quick video compilation for my travel videos, so quick and easy, even apple release a new versions of iphone like iphone 5c, 6,6s 6s+,7,7+ and the latest iphone 8 and iphone x. still this is fine for me. thanks!
  13. Alfonso Fidel Luna

    Alfonso Fidel Luna New Member

    I am not an apple fanboy that is why I picked the Nexus 6P. I am using it for two years already and still, I claim it as the best smartphone I had ever used.

    Nexus phones were projects by Google, in collaboration with other smartphone companies, focusing on performance while maintaining the affordability. For me, the Nexus lineup is the best for the budget back in the day, because of software, performance and price. Today, the Nexus lineup is phased out in the market and replaced by their powerful and luxurious Pixel lineup.

    I am a fan of Google Smartphones. I just cannot afford it anymore.
  14. JigsGino

    JigsGino New Member

    There are many phone in the market, but I also wonder what phone do you have.

    I belong to a middle class family and buying a expensive phone is not on my list.

    So i do research on the internet on what phone that suits for my small budget but has a good specification, and i found Xiaomi phone. It's from China but has a reputable name on Smartphone, it is also the number 1 phone in India.
    Today i owned Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x, great specs and features but less price.
  15. Jaycua

    Jaycua New Member

    I am currently using a samsung s6 plus edge phone. One thing I like about it, besides the edge feature, is its ability to multitask. It has the capacity to open 2 apps at the same time in a split screen view. I find that very effiecient because I can for example watch a youtube video while browsing facebook or create a note on notepad while having word open.

    The look and feel of it is quite high-end too. Not to mention the edge feel gives it a very cool appeal. Though having owned an iphone5 before, comparatively I can say an Iphone is still more sturdy. I dropped this phone recently and the screen now has a minor crack. Whereas with my old iphone, it has been dropped numerous times but not a single crack until the day I gave it away to my nephew. :)
  16. Anthony D. Perez

    Anthony D. Perez New Member

    Hello everyone! :) I was an avid fan of Sony for the longest time.The last Sony phone I had is Xperia Z2 which was really a good phone for me and love the music player and the sound it produces; But since some of my friends (most of them) uses I-phone I gave it a try and got my self an I-phone 6s Plus. I must say, I-phone is a good phone. Especially that MAC launched their top of the line I-phone X or I-phone 10 this year. I'm waiting for the scheduled release date of it in the Philippines. I'm really waiting for it. With the face recognition that you can unlocked the new I-phone X/ I-phone 10 with a glance.
  17. Currently, Im using a samsung A5 2016 series. So far there is no issue I am encoutering using this phone. It is not to bulky, it can still fit in to my pocket. The battery is also a good thing since it can last up to a day, eventhough I frequently use my data for surfing and playing games if I have nothing to do at work. The price is also cheap. A mid range android phone to look over if you want to buy a new phone.
  18. RiverM

    RiverM New Member

    I just got the S8 a few days ago through a best buy promo, ended up being cheaper monthly than my S7. I absolutely love the phone, it's great!
  19. arnonjv601

    arnonjv601 New Member

    I got my self a ASUS ZENFONE 3 MAX 5,5 which cost me around $250. A great android phone , it has a 16 MegaPixel rear camera and 8 megapixel front camera, with a 41oo mAh for more info visit this link below. I love the experience with my phone, i can do different things like no other before.

  20. xshanel

    xshanel New Member

    I have a cherry mobile Zoom. It a local brand here in our country but not expensive and budget wise. Eventhough its a local brand it is durable and it has long battery life. Its running on an android lollipop OS. Smooth in playing and it only cost for a 100 dollar.
  21. John Aguila

    John Aguila New Member

    I have the LG Q6 that has a 13 mp rear camera and a 8 mp front facing camera and lg full vision tech that is 18 by 9 display that you can also called infinite display and it comes in a android 7 nougat that5 offers square camera mode and muti window screen and it run pretty fast not like the high end phone that out now in the market but done the job done for just simple checking the email and surfing the net and watching videos also it come with a free floppy disk that is a portable charger its pretty good deal for just an asking price of 12 990 pesos
  22. junarie

    junarie New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. I just bought it just recently. I like the specifications of my new phone. The screen is wide, I like the way it appear. This new model is easy and convenient to use.
  23. Alexzandero6

    Alexzandero6 New Member

    I have zenfone 3 max. for me it's good. and cheap ..
    You will not be sorry. because the perpormans are fine. good camera, good system, very useful android pone.
  24. kevinfeb4

    kevinfeb4 New Member


    Bought mine from an online store since they were the only one selling it and its specs were pretty good considering its cheap price. I've been using it for 2 years already and it has gone through the roughest times slipping out of my hand and falling on the floor, it just won't break nor the screen gets chipped off or shattered. Its durability is pretty impressive. But I'm eyeing on the ALCATEL FLASH PLUS 2! :)
  25. Emre

    Emre New Member

    I have an S4 (Samsung Galaxy 4). It's not that bad, but unfortunately it's just so outdated nowadays so having it makes me feel a bit left out I guess. The only reason I have it is because my relatives aren't really free enough to help me get a new and much more advanced version than the S4, so until then I have to wait for an upgrade :p
  26. marshal0514

    marshal0514 New Member

    For the past few years, I have been an Android fan and using affordable phones available. But my phones won't last even with my extreme care. Now I have given up and invested on my new Galaxy S8+. Yes, it is expensive but very powerful and durable smartphone. I got the 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory version. It really amazes me on how seamless my phone is. It has an infinity and borderless screen wide enough for satisfying viewing. I do not use my power bank anymore because of its large battery capacity even though I am playing a lot of High Graphics games and surprisingly it does not heat up much. The performance does not depreciate even though I have lots of apps running in the background. My favorite feature is Bixby. I can do various voice commands on my phone. It is very useful when I am driving and I am about to wake up to create and check on my appointments. It’s like having an assistant close to me. But I have to always keep in mind to safeguard my phone for unwanted theft and misplacement because I am planning to use and retain my phone up to 4 years to enjoy my investment longer.
  27. violet vhenz

    violet vhenz New Member

    Currently, I have an LG-K10. I know its not that expensive nor trendy now a days but the important is its serving its purpose.
    It's a handy phone for call and text or chat to keep me updated and to keep track on my work.
  28. lunanerd26

    lunanerd26 New Member

    My phone was Huawei Y6 II . It has a decent specs, nice camera with a high 4G signal , good for gaming with ram of 2gb and pretty decent battery life of 3000 mAh. To me this is my ideal phone pretty decent, no issues and just right to what i need.
  29. hvega

    hvega New Member

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi3 pro. What i like about this phone is, It is affordable. However, The specification is awesome. 4100 Mah battery life. Nice camera as well. I'm not into selfie thing so the camera is fine for me. It has an Octacore cpu which is very impressive. It is not popular compare to other phones in the market, But i still find that this device is amazing.

    I had an Acer liquid Jade phone but i lost it. It was a good type of smartphone as well, Not in specs but the way it looks. Anyway, I'm a fan of Xiaomi now.
  30. VinceDenmark123

    VinceDenmark123 New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, this phone of mine is nice working. I like doing things with my phone like tweaking it and doing some designs in it. Cellphones really are awesome

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