What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Lyndon

    Lyndon New Member

    I have my lg g3 in my hand now.. why? It is not because of the price or even the quality, although we know that lg g3 is a high end android phone. But this is not the reason why i have this phone, why?
    Its about sunday night, when me and my family having some good time with each other, cooking, singing,and having a movie marathon, it was my birthday that id never forget, my father surpised me with a gift and that is a brand new phone, LG G3. I was so very thankful that i have a new phone that is coming from my dad, but a minute of happiness changed with a glimpse of sorrows. My father got suddenly fell on the floor, he was experiencing a sudden heart attack and i dont know what to do, i was nervous and shocked at that moment, i feltthat i will lose him. He sent to the nearest hospital with my mother and my uncle, that was the time that we dont have any money to support his medications, and then id finally decided to sell my phone to the pawnshop, alhough this phone is very important to me. But my father is much more important to me. After that, my father got cured and then a few weeks id get my phone back. This is the phone that save my father's life.
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  2. JulyDiscarga

    JulyDiscarga New Member

    Now, I have Samsung Duos GT-I8262. I love it. It's a nice android cellphone with a dual sim. I like it much because I have two (2) sim cards and I just carry one cellphone everyday. All the specs and features of a cellphone I want to have and use is already in it. I bought it in Malaysia since 2014 and still very good till now despite I dropped it many times. No repair at all....very durable.
  3. Lizjoyous

    Lizjoyous New Member

    I use Samsung Galaxy A8. When I was shopping for a phone, my womanly instincts were looking for a beautiful and sleek phone. It caught my eyes and I just had to get it. I like how it fits well in my porch. When it comes to features, it has great features but for me, a phone's main function is to make and receive calls. Then how beautiful it looks. That's it! The rest I can do on my tablet and laptop.
  4. Wesdaasian

    Wesdaasian New Member

    I currently have an Iphone 7. I enjoy this phone because most apps and software work on it and it is compatible with a lot of things. This includes texting features such as "Game Pigeon". The only downside to this phone is that there's no headphone jack so you cannot plug into AUX Cords or listen to music and charge your phone unless you have the correct adapter.
  5. farwyelon

    farwyelon New Member

    I am still using a Samsung Galaxy S3. Only real problem of keeping it is that my banking app no longer supports my device, and I might be missing out on some new games I don't care about. I only use my phone when I get out of the house so all that doesn't really bother me.
  6. ScorchedEarth

    ScorchedEarth New Member

    I used an iPhone 6S, and have been using this for the last 18 months of so. It is fast and responsive, and one of the better phones I've had over the years, however I was quite disappointed with Apple as the camera failed and turned to producing only a blurry low pixel image just after 12months, and they were not interested in helping without hundreds of pounds being paid.

    The next phone I'll be switching to in January will be the Google Pixel 2.
  7. fredoman

    fredoman New Member

    I have here a huawei p9 color silver. I like the functionality of this smartphone and the back camera that is like a DSLR clear. I bought this because this is just enough for my budget. I think It's almost a year now and it's still functioning well, although I have to be honest I have notice some weakness in it's battery life compared to the first time I bought this, but come on guys, powerbanks now a days are so available anywhere with a very affordable price.
  8. angelocajala

    angelocajala New Member

    I have Cloudfone Thrill Boost. Just bought it last month. So far, i am enjoying this phone but hoping to buy the latest phone of Samsung. Just have to work hard for it.
  9. Jessryll

    Jessryll New Member

    I have Lenovo K6 note, it's a good and build quality. The camera has 16 megapixels and the RAM 3GB. K6 note, has unibody design. For people who love to watch vidoes my phone Lenovo K6 note is a good choice. I didn't experience call drops.
  10. Spark29

    Spark29 New Member

    i have a old Nexus 5 with me right now, i love the my phone but wouldn't mind to upgrade it by now. The phone is 4 years old by now and the battery life is really bad. With that said, this phone has been with me thru some of the most important moments in my life, i will always keep in nearby :)
  11. AlexJea

    AlexJea New Member

    I have iPhone 7 plus. Why? because I love the new feature, the portrait of camera and how fast the iPhone 7 plus. I want to explore more about the phone, like what other thing that I can do about it. Because apple is full of surprises.
  12. The phone that I have is Cloudphone Excite prime. It is a local brand of cellphone here in the Philippines. What I do like about this phone is the Battery and Speed. Through out the day I can use my phone for call, text,browsing the Internet and games. I also like it's screen size because it is 5.5 inch. Watching movies is the best also the, Listening to music is very good. Overall it is a very useful phone for everyday use
  13. Saranya25

    Saranya25 New Member

    I m using Lenova K4 Note from past One and Half year. It has good battery backup. I always keep on playing games, browsing its supports all the software and it will not hang at all. The back camera is 13 Megapixel and front camera is 5 Megapixel .
  14. DrowRanger18

    DrowRanger18 New Member

    My phone now is iphone 5s I have been using this for 5 months. I got this as a prize because of having a good grades at school. I have not encountered and problem on my phone it is really easy to use and smooth, So if you have enough money there to buy a Iphone5s buy it now it is really easy to use and smooth
  15. jhelai07

    jhelai07 New Member

    I have the samsung galaxy note 8, i loved the camera, wide screen and a lot of features that help on my work.
  16. Travis Webb

    Travis Webb New Member

    My current phone is an LG Premier LTE. Before I bought it, I borrowed one from a friend of mine. I liked it so much, I wanted to get my own - and so I did.
    $60 at Wal-Mart, plus another $45 for the StraightTalk service that is Unlimited Talk and Text with 8GB of High-Speed 4G mobile Internet at only $45/month. I also purchased the $20 warranty plan with it plus an extra SD card and an extended charging cable. In total, the investment for this phone was about $195. It has forward and rear cameras, an HD LED screen, quad-core processor, and Android 5.1 Lollipop as its operating system.

    All-in-all, I like to think this was a worthwhile purchase. One of the better phones I've had since my first one, a Droid G2, with a foldout keyboard.
  17. MrMiaow

    MrMiaow New Member

    I currently have a Xiaomi Mi Max. I love its large screen and long battery life. I usually play games and take pictures with it.
  18. Clean Heart

    Clean Heart New Member

    I am using Samsung J7 prime... just right for my budget and enough for what i need in a pbone. When buying a phone i always check the camera if it captures a clear fine photo ,the ring tones and the battery life. These are the main thing i look for in a smartphone . If it has other good features then that will be just good enough for me to use it. But if i only have enough money i would go for high-end phones and enjoy everything what it has to offer.
  19. quen29

    quen29 New Member

    Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Pop. My uncle bought is from Korea, where he works. I'm already happy with my phone, because for me, the brand of phone is not really important, because nowadays only close minded teenagers thinks that the brand of phone is important, and they base your social status base on material things such as phone. For them when you have an expensive phone like an Iphone you're rich. But in my own opinion, most working adults think phones, as an investment, they buy smart phones for easy transaction and business matters. However, phones for teens are the basis of how they should treat you, and your stand in the "social status". But for me, as long as you can take and make a call, or receive and type messages that's already fine.
  20. Orly Merida IV

    Orly Merida IV New Member

    [latest Nokia 3310 can subscribe postloop?
  21. Ali Chic

    Ali Chic New Member

    I have a Iphone 6S Plus right now. Got it for my birthday earlier this year and I absolutely love it, especially for taking pics and making videos.
  22. angelrosei

    angelrosei New Member

    I have an OPPO Neo7. It's an old model, but I honestly still love it.

    It was a gift from my dad and I had it for almost two years now. The phone has this clean and unique User Interface which I absolutely love since it reminds me of an iPhone. It's really handy and also has great features. The camera, one of my absolute necessities, is amazing. I've been complimented about it a lot. I'm still saving money for a new phone and I don't mind using it for a little bit longer.
  23. Sarah Brunelle

    Sarah Brunelle New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S8+, I love this phone! The picture quality is amazing, the operating system is responsive and user friendly. I dropped it to the bottom of the ocean when I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago and it stayed on and lit up on the ocean floor! I havent had to deal with any bugs or crashes and I really enjoy the availability of apps on the google play store.
  24. MissGlenSaturday

    MissGlenSaturday New Member

    I have a LG Stylus. I love it features and it is a user friendly phone. I love to take pictures with my phone and listen music. I bring my phone with me everyday because I use it and I can communicate with friends here or abroad wherever I go. It installed lots of application which are very useful to me especially in my job. I love my LG phone very much!
  25. janinja

    janinja New Member

    I only have CHERRY MOBILE J2S android phone. It's the only phone I can afford.
  26. Genevive Valdez

    Genevive Valdez New Member

    I love my Android phone and I think you would like Android too. :)
  27. janet africano

    janet africano New Member

    I have my smart phone. the Brand is Brown. I don't think someone in this forum recognizes the brand. I just got this when I attended the ASEAN summit last April. they gave this as a token. although it is not that popular brand it is very useful. what id love with this phone is that the front camera is 13 mega pixels. I'm a selfie addict. for me it is better than my former smart phone. I don't know if this phone is in the market. I haven't seen any of this in the phone stores.
  28. UnknownJasper

    UnknownJasper New Member

    I have Samsung s6 here, with special cracks XD. I dropped it last week
  29. Jamierox

    Jamierox New Member

    I have a phone that has a very great deal for its price. Huawei Mate 9 and I am a proud user. Having a big screen, larger battery life, a great camera using leica lense and having a great processor that makes my everyday lifestyle changed. A faster way to make my job done and its very user friendly. It runs on android 7 Nougat where you can access more new android apps available on google playstore. It's really cool. I am enjoying the device a lot.
  30. danchez

    danchez New Member

    I use an Iphone 6s. I am not a techy person so I have trouble using other brands like samsung and oppo. Apple is a good brand for people who like quality phones and easy use. It is the perfect phone for me, it's design is stunning and it's display is beautiful. I love using Apple phones and I don't think I will ever switch to android. I personally believe that android phones are hard to use and too complicated. Although they have many advance uses, I prefer simple and creative phones better like Apple.

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