What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. thecdguy

    thecdguy New Member

    I started off with an iPhone 4. It was perfect. It did whatever I wanted it to do, like surf the web, check my email, and text-message. Then, Apple decided to kill it off, which set me back. I was thinking about upgrading to Android, but then my Apple ID would be lost, and I didn't want that to happen. So, I decided to stick with Apple, and upgrade to a 5s. I'm currently thinking about getting an iPhone X
  2. naknakdatu

    naknakdatu New Member

    I have Asus Zenfone Selfie. Amazing phone, I love the size of the screen and love how it respond to everything you want the phone to do. Captures great image or photos. Has the access to every app on google play and most of all it has longer battery life.
  3. Jreshard91

    Jreshard91 New Member

    I have an iPhone 7 and I must say this camera is amazing and life changing. Not only that the functions this phone enables is pretty much groundbreaking for the whole industry.
  4. alpie

    alpie New Member

    For now im using lgk10 ..its soo nice because these have a high specs good to use and the screen is soo smoth to scroll,the battery is long lasting .thats why i loved this .
  5. elenaalcongerardo

    elenaalcongerardo New Member

    I always prefer my phone to be iphone. My iphone now is not updated because I still have iphone5s.

    For me the best phone is an apple one. Yes, it's expensive but the features are worth buying for. The camera has the great shot so far. It's so clear that I can still see my pores when I'm having a selfie. The panorama is superb and the effects.

    Apple have the best security feature too. They have the touch id. You can't open someone's phone because of that. It also have the icloud backup so when your phone is missing or snatched, you can still back-up your files like photos, music, videos etc.
  6. julianneweight

    julianneweight New Member

    Hey. I have an iPhone 7+. I love it. I have had an iPhone since the 3GS (wow, that was forever ago- lol), but before I had my 7, I actually had bought a Note 7. Those got recalled because they started exploding, so I had to exchange my Note for an S7E, and I hated it. Quickly returned it and got an iPhone. Never leaving Apple again for sure.
  7. c3kii

    c3kii New Member

    I have Huawei p9. That phone is a monster. It is very fast and responsive, overall great phone and the best I have used. Camera is magnificent, which is very important to me because I am amateur photographer. The phone is beautiful, very thin and easy to hold. It is covered in metal, has fingerprint scanner...
    As I said it is very fast even after almost a year of using it. Huawei have great garbage collection system and they provide great support!
    I strongly recommend this phone!
  8. Accelgirl

    Accelgirl New Member

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S2. I was in love with the phone when I first got it. I was upset when 3 weeks later they came out with the S3. It wouldn't have been so upsetting had they not just came out with the S2 about a month prior. I'm really not a fan of it at all now. It gives me a lot of problems and I've had to have it replaced 3 times due to manufacturing issues. This 3rd one isn't doing too great either. I love that there's so much new technology when it comes to what you can do with your phone. I do wish that they would focus on getting the apps correct as opposed to trying to put the newest and most apps on all the new phones. I feel this sometimes takes away from the quality of the features you really need, internet, phone calls, texting, e
  9. Mavzbing

    Mavzbing New Member

    Mine is IPHONE 6. Actually I just got this phone last September. I just want to know whats the feeling to have this kind of phone because my previous phones are always android phones. So now, i choose it for the better. Because i love my new phone now.
  10. Jaysonthejr

    Jaysonthejr New Member

    I have an iPhone 7, and it’s a great phone. It’s fast has good battery life and an amazing camera.
  11. liamgrace98

    liamgrace98 New Member

    I recently got an iPhone 8 plus - Was originally going to wait for the iPhone X to come out but i didn't see enough benefits to it with that ridiculous price tag and also not a very big fan of the face ID. Made the right choice in my opinion to wait 2 years for the iPhone X model to receive touch ID.
  12. OnanadIpo

    OnanadIpo New Member

    I have this Apple Iphone 6s (Gold); this phone of mine is the best of I've ever had my favorite feature about this phone is whenever I'm going to get it inside my pocket it will turn on immediately with that feature it makes the Iphone 6s users more convenient. I also love the quality of the camera it just makes everything look normal at perfect unlike the other phone that has beauty effects on their camera making the photo looks unnatural. in addition of the feature my phone also has "assistive touch" that identifies hard touch over tap. Overall, this phone is perfect for everyone: young, teens, 60's.
  13. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Currently, I have a phone that's brand name is Oppo. It is a camera phone and my brother actually gave it to me last year. It's very easy to use, actually. And I do think that using the phones that Oppo had made is not a bad choice. It is a very good brand.
  14. MamaSue83

    MamaSue83 New Member

    I am an apple products lover, except I do prefer a regular PC verses a MAC. I currently have the iPhone 7 and love it. I gear it with a stylish colored Otterbox defender case and my all-important device is ready and protected! I have been with the iPhone family since the iPhone 4 and haven't gone back. I will say, however, that I rarely purchase upon first release. I give it about 3-4 months for the main bugs to get worked out before I make the next switch up.
  15. cj13

    cj13 New Member

    I'm currently using samsung galaxy j5. It is almost two years with me. This is my firt hard earned smarthphone.
  16. samie peralta

    samie peralta New Member

    iphone 6s but i guess its more useful if i can swap it with android phone, don't know really the size of it's memory sucks but good security service.
  17. larryy.Smiith

    larryy.Smiith New Member

    I personally only own an iPhone 5c which has recently died. Apple is a money hungry company whose only desire is to make a quick buck. They overprice phones to hell and back while keeping the hardware inside a few years behind. and which mottos such as light heavyweight you have to be going wrong somewhere...

    Unless your into jailbreaking then go right ahead... Not anymore though apple is cracking down on that too sadly...

    Android doesn't need a jailbreak it does have rooting however the phone is from past experience mostly open you can change fonts and the UI, in fact, there's not much you cant do!
  18. jordantactay

    jordantactay New Member

    I have samsung galaxy j5. I love this phone a lot. This is my first hard earned smartphone. I'm using I everyday. This a good phone for average user person. I don't recommend this if you are a gamer. This phone can be use in gaming at medium graphic setting.
  19. stranger_07

    stranger_07 Member

    I have many phones but some of them have some malfunctions and that why I often use my Gionee P2. It is an old model 2013 I guess but it still works just like I first bought it.

    Do your phone still works the same as my phone even after some years? I guess not, Right???
  20. Jacqy Ramos

    Jacqy Ramos New Member

    Hi, currently enjoying Huawei P9's Leica camera and it's superb, the phone itself is sleek and classy, i got the Gold color. I believe Huwaei can be at the top of the chain, my prediction top 3! The specs are of high quality and the images are very vivid and satisfying to see. I think this would be my phone for the next 2 years or so hehehehe :)
  21. chocobotmacoy

    chocobotmacoy New Member

    I currently have an Asus Zenphone 2 which really serves me well.
  22. gigigigigigi

    gigigigigigi New Member

    Any phone other than apples' and such can look cheap and stumble but I guess the software and their capabilities are a big plus. Mine was an Asus Zenfone Max, I basically chose this because it has a battery that could last a day or two with continuous usage since it has 5000mAh of battery capacity. I have it since december of 2016 but I'm planning to buy Oppo's new flagship phone that cost 16k with such amazing features. That's it.
  23. iamglenda

    iamglenda New Member

    For me, I only have a Cherry Mobile Phone (local phone made only in the Philippines).
    Even though its a local phone, well I bet you, the functions are very good and the quality of camera is also good.
    I can do online surfing, chitchat and talk to my friends and family.
    It has all the functions that Samsung have.
    In choosing phone, we don't really need an expensive phone, why? because when someone will get interested in your phone, the thieves will get your phone and sell it into a lower price.
    So let us be practical and put in our mind that we must choose a phone that is suited for us.
  24. hikaru20

    hikaru20 New Member

    I love my Oneplus3t. It's one of those phones worth the buck! And I would recommend it to people who just want a new budget phone. Android>Apple (IMHO).
  25. HopeCleg

    HopeCleg New Member

    I had an iphone 5s when they were newer but it was so small I never really liked it, then I got the iphone 6 plus and LOVED it. The 6 plus screen is similar in size to a samsung galaxy which I enjoyed and it was very easy to use as well. I am now considering trading it in for a samsung phone though because I have had a lot of issues with the screen messing up and there are far too many updates that don't seem to really fix any of the ongoing issues.
  26. jwcreatives

    jwcreatives New Member

    I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 it's a great choice for someone who's looking for an entry level digital art device, if you are in a budget like me. Like other galaxy note series smartphone it comes up with a built in stylus called spen it's a wacom emr pen digitizer with 1024 pressure sensitivity. Just install a drawing app and you're good to go! I highly recommend Medibang paint for drawing app.
  27. mrkhai163

    mrkhai163 New Member

    I have an iPhone 6Plus space grey colour, and i love it. I just upgraded it's iOS to iOS 11.1 and it has been amazing. I have owned my current phone for 2 years now just after my marriage. I haven't encountered any problem with my iPhone except a little crack on the screen. You should own one too because it's an amazing phone, perfect for people who like security and big screen.
  28. meredith18

    meredith18 New Member

    I currently have iphone 5s which I bought for my self and I really love it. It is not the latest model but it is giving me all I need in a phone which is text messaging and calling. I can also use camera and music. There are the main things I use my phone to.
  29. Tanmay_Garg

    Tanmay_Garg New Member

    My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, It was the first phone with dual curved edges and was an innovative piece of tech when it was first launched.
  30. Bhing1980

    Bhing1980 New Member

    I’m using Iphone 6 a year and a half now, it was my mom’s gift to me and i love using it for texting, calling, playing, listening to music and even using this for online jobs :) it was kind of helpful thing for me. I have alot of time every weekdays so im thankful i have this.

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