What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Alexa Kate

    Alexa Kate New Member

    At the moment, my phone is Oppo R7 and it is with me for almost 2 years now. I bought it because it's android and this phone never give me headache even if I am using it while I'm charging it and I dropped it many times. I can say that this phone is really worth it, I bought it for only 9,999 Php and it really gave me satisfaction. It is really a camera phone, because all my photos have good quality and it's battery last long depending on how you used it. For me Oppo is really the affordable yet hightech phone in the world.
  2. Rox-Ann Larcia

    Rox-Ann Larcia New Member

    What I have is IPhone 5s which was a gift from my mother. I love the features and it's camera which I can do editing and some filter that help me look great on my pictures.
  3. Christ_Chandra

    Christ_Chandra New Member

    I used to have an android phones (Sony Xperia Z, and ASUS Zenfone 2 Selfie), but got pretty dissappointed with their performance (yeah, they lagged alot), and now, i’m using an iPhone 5s (got it from my wife,haha).
  4. march

    march New Member

    I only have huawei y53. I don't have that much money to buy expensive ones that I really like to have. But I'm really comfortable and satisfied with the phone that I have. An android phone is more than enough to me as long as I can watch youtube videos , access to social media accounts and play some mobile games. It's pretty nice to have this kind of phone only but gives you satifaction.
  5. shiereubim

    shiereubim New Member

    I still have my Samsung Note3 and I am pretty much contented with it. I have no intention of replacing it until it gets broken.
  6. Miki Park

    Miki Park New Member

    I have an LG G4, it's still a good phone even now in 2017, plus that the camera quality is awesome!
  7. hamboy

    hamboy New Member

    I own both an iPhone and an Android phone, but I find iPhones far more user-friendly so I only use my Android phone as a backup phone. I mean, it's great that Android phones are so open, but when it comes to comfortably going about one's day-to-day tasks I find iPhones more effective.
  8. CrypticKaxar

    CrypticKaxar New Member

    I own a Meizu M3S that I got on Black Friday last year. For it's price, it was a pretty good phone, but within 6 months I already had problems with it. It randomly turns off, overheats easily, the fingerprint detection doesn't work anymore and it sometimes lags. If it worked as it did when I first bought it, it would be a very good phone, but I couldn't recommend it at this stage!
  9. CrisPadz

    CrisPadz New Member

    I have Samsung S8+ which I bought a few months ago. First time to have a new released phone from Samsung. Normally, I am buying a device 1 year after they released it.
    S8+ is great! From infinity display, the RAM and the performance.
  10. iganman

    iganman New Member

    i have acer liquid Z520
  11. ochia69

    ochia69 New Member

    Im currently using IPHONE 5 16gb color gray right now im not that rich to buy the new iphone x or 8 but it doesn't matter what matter is we can use our phone properly and use it in a right way but i also want to buy the new phones coming out right now because they offer more features in that phone that i can use so from now on i will save to buy them and in the right time i will have one new phone
  12. i have a smartphone its very cheap but worthful its brand calls skk i dont thinks so if you are guys know this brand.
    My phone is skk hyper x blade it 1 gb ram ,16 gb rom, quad-core ,1.2ghz ,mali400mp,32bit,13mp the camera, android os lollipop.
  13. linconbright

    linconbright New Member

    I have an old blackberry 9720.[​IMG]
  14. ThatGuyAgain

    ThatGuyAgain New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 model. I love it and am planning on upgrading to the 2017 model.
  15. Paschell

    Paschell New Member

    Hello Everyone !!:)

    I have an iphone 7 plus. I have had the iphone 7 plus for about 2 months now. I chose to purchase this phone because of the features, the Camera & I really couldn't afford the iphone 8 plus lol. I love the big screen & the clear readability of the screen.
  16. I have iphone 4s the camera is good but its kinda slow. I only use it for facebook,youtube and other social medias its good for taking selfies,pictures but i dont recommend you using it to play HD games.

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  17. Rmarsh1984

    Rmarsh1984 New Member

    Personally, my need for a cell phone is minimal. I'm a stay at home parent and I don't yet drive (though I'm working on it), so the fact that I'm usually rather close to home means I do most of my internet viewing on tablet. I do have a Huawei "smart" phone, though for a mere $100, it's capabilities are rather limited.

    I usually text rather than waste my talking minutes unless it is for appointments and such. We are going to have to get a landline soon as our eldest child is now getting to an age where she may want to start phoning friends.

    Being in my situation, it makes little sense to purchase a high end phone with a plan that requires I pay a minimum of X dollars for a data plan that I don't need. As I get out more and more once I'm able to drive, as we'll as when the children are older, my needs will change. But basic, cheap, and not completely internet incapable is how I roll for now. (Until Apple decides to make expandable memory, I'm steering clear of the iPhones)
  18. joseph000

    joseph000 Member

    The phone i is skk hyper x blade it's a local brand here in philippines. I like this phone because in a cheap price 3,999 Pesos you have a good smartphone with good specs. Also the thing i love about this phone, is the camera in 13.1 MP in back camera and 5.0 front camera. I like the speed of this phone, i can do in this phone a muti-tasking, i can play music while playing games like gta san andreas.
  19. JmarkT_T

    JmarkT_T New Member

    oh sorry i dont have phone but only for me its tablet samsung galaxy tab 3
  20. Jdt

    Jdt New Member

    I have samsung j7 2016. I love using samsung other than i phone why samsung phones or adroid phone are easily to use you don't need to make a apple id and in android phone the games,music and etc. Are free to download than the ios you need to buy the app beforr you download it so android phone is the best base on my opinion. Please respect.
  21. jigee

    jigee New Member

    I have a samsung j2 prime and it sucks because all specs are too low.It's too old and the internal memory is just 8gig.I want an iphone when can I get my iphone people?Anyone out there want to send me one is pretty much appreciated.
  22. jhomel

    jhomel New Member


    My phone is an android its OPPO.This brand is great,this android brand is so good.It has some awesome functional device,and it was my first cellphone too.So for me cellphone is just a device that can call and text.You can use cellphone for social media like facebook,twitter,instagram,etc. for my experience with cellphone if you use cellphone in 1-3 hours you'll be tired all of the time.
  23. ptarkryen

    ptarkryen New Member

    I have an Iphone 5s for almost 1 year, bought it used and I don't regret, only had to change the battery, 'cause the Apple's battery are well known for the worst batteries in the market. He's working pretty good until today, there is no bugs or any annoying things. I would rather have an android phone, but now it's too late, so I stay with my Iphone 5s. ;)
  24. Mochi-kun

    Mochi-kun New Member

    I have an Iphone 7 plus but seriously its quite big for a phone. I like Iphone 6 better because it’s handy and pocket friendly. I always drop my phone because its too large. Sometimes I also forgot where did I left it.
  25. cris03

    cris03 New Member

    Samsung j7
  26. Leonardo Cepe

    Leonardo Cepe New Member

    Cell phones are the perfect way to stay connected with others and provide the user with a sense of security. In the event of emergency, having a cell phone can allow help to reach you quickly and could possibly save lives. However, the importance of cell phones goes way beyond personal safety.
  27. CrossfireHurricane

    CrossfireHurricane New Member

    I have a Samsung J5. It's served me pretty well in the past year I've had it and will hopefully last a good long while. I'm not the sort of person who changes phones often, lol.
  28. SantosVB

    SantosVB Member

    I currently own a Htc 626s desire, not an expensive model but there is nothing that I need to get done that it doesn't cover, it has an average camera and a great operating system efficiently updated !y only complain is its built in memory, I would love for it to have had more space but its a good phone.
  29. Johnny T. Alo

    Johnny T. Alo New Member

    I currently have Samsung Galaxy gt s7562. My eldest sister gave me this as a present because she already bought her new phone. I am so happy that she gave me a phone although it is not so fancy still I am so grateful for her kindness. What I like about this phone is its overwhelming features such as good camera pixel, handy, portable and I was able to browse my social media accounts freely by using Opera Mini browser.
  30. Meridith Yumul

    Meridith Yumul New Member

    I currently have the Oppo plus A37, i don't know if its familiar to everyone but here in our country it's a bit popular or maybe most of the people here were using it. Im in love with this phone because it has a good camera like iPhone specially that i love taking photos and i can store a lot of apps as much as i want.

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