What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. LauurKennedy

    LauurKennedy New Member

    Like 8 months i got myself a IPhone 6, is s Little phone with big memory(64GB) i Taked is because make good photo and have a good security for your dates.
  2. Mielyn

    Mielyn New Member

    At the moment I have a Samsung grand and it's been 2 years with me..I love my phone because I bought it with my our money from my work so I am so proud and happy because I have my own phone from my own sweat..
  3. connundrum

    connundrum New Member

    Currently, I am using an LG X Style from StraightTalk. My main issues with it are the low storage and the camera is not great. I combat this by using a physical camera and regularly moving any pictures I do take on my phone to a different location. Aside from that, it was relatively cheap and gets the job done. I do not make calls often and really only text one person so my phone acts more as an entertainment/productivity tool.
  4. DianCompton

    DianCompton New Member

    I have the Galaxy S7. I prefer the Galaxy series. I luge the way they work & the customization options available. Before the S7 I had the S6 & the S5 before that. Time to get the S8 :)
  5. Gordon4321

    Gordon4321 New Member

    Cześć, mam telefon huawei p9. JEst to najlepszy telefon, jaki mam. Dlaczego go wybrałem? ponieważ podobało mi się to wizualnie, miało bardzo dobre parametry techniczne i świetną cenę - 299 dolarów. Ma najnowszą wersję Androida, jest solidnie wykonana, mogę kupić wiele różnych dodatków, ma miejsce na 2 karty SIM i mogę korzystać z 2 kart od 2 różnych operatorów.
  6. Princessi092

    Princessi092 New Member

    Hello everyone, I have iphone 4s and 5s. Using an android phone would also be useful.
  7. Princessi092

    Princessi092 New Member

    I don't know but nowadays, when you have the latest iphone you're in. But practically wise, we should also consider its cost.
  8. Hector Brian Lim

    Hector Brian Lim New Member

    Currently I have VIVO Y53. I chose to have this phone because firstly the price is accessible to me in the nature of my income. Secondly I chose this phone compare to any other competitor its because of its built in features which is really amazing and much more helpful for me being a graphic artist and being inspiring vlogger. For me when i but a phone i always dig deep into the full specs of it and the price value.. cheaper for with nice specs really got me...
  9. Delfin

    Delfin New Member

    It's important for my phone to reflect my style. What is your intended usage for camera? I like to record every moment of my life with a snap; I want to achieve a best quality camera with a long lasting battery, right now I choose to used Asus Zen phone. Every time that we have a gathering with my friend, they will asking me to use my phone to get the best shot.
  10. gutierrezjenesim

    gutierrezjenesim New Member

    I have Samsung Galaxy Duos. It is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Regular and Regular. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM and 3G. Sensors on the phone include Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor and Accelerometer. Easy to use and a friendly user.
  11. lhez04

    lhez04 New Member

    Talking about phones? well, I can say that I have the best one. I have an Oppo phone best for selfies and taking videos. before I got Samsung but later on when oppo comes along i switched not because Oppo is better than Samsung but because I got it as a gift from a special someone and that makes that phone so special to me.
  12. thegraves

    thegraves New Member

    I have a Nexus 5 which I recently 'downgraded' to from my iPhone 6+. I have been studying Pentesting, and from what I was told the Nexus is one of the last phones which have a modem that can be put into 'monitor mode'. I put a custom ROM called Nethunter on it which is designed for Pentesting and security work. It's a little slow, but it is incredibly capable compared to my iPhone!
  13. Tact

    Tact New Member

    The phone that I have is Redmi Note 4X from xiaomi. I'm really picky when it comes to smartphones. Detailed researching of it's features, and of course, it's price (as I'm currently a student), to make sure that it'll be worth it. Going into detail, my phone has a Snapdragon 625 processor which is really efficient matching with the battery size of 4000 MaH. The reason why I bought my phone is because, after thorough researching at midrange smartphones, this one really stands out. Compared to Samsung Galaxy J series which costs at 13K PhP, my phone that is only worth 6899 PhP beats it performance wise. Overall, my phone is really bang for the buck.
  14. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare New Member

    I currently own the newest iPhone X and I have to say it's fantastic. Definitely worth buying.
  15. Christine12

    Christine12 New Member

    I do have now a samsung galaxy j2, the front and the back camera is really clear but the storage is really awful. Imagine this phone has 8 gb internal memory but the half of the memory consist of the system. I only like here is the camera but for the memory I really like my huawei honor 4c, even I download many games in the playstore the memory won't full, the 8gb internal of huawei is for download applications only unlike the samsung galaxy j2. I only do have few application and if I want a new application I have to delete the installed application and clear all the cache in all the application and clear the data in google chrome and all other browsers. I really don't like in my huawei is the front and back camera. The selfies of mine in my huawei are all awful that's why I don't take a picture on my huawei phone.
    If I'm going to pick another phone I would chooose the higher version of samsung but it will cost alot of money to buy that kind of phone. I need a phone with a beautiful front and back camera and a good internal storage.
  16. michael acosta

    michael acosta New Member

    i have iphone 5s i used my iphone for facebook and gaming.and i used my samsung keytone. for texting and make a call.
  17. Luis Rocky Duaz

    Luis Rocky Duaz New Member

    I have Oppo a37, this smartphone is suit in what i need. i bought it last summer and i was happy for the specs this smartphone have many futures that i need for personal and for my work.
  18. Solji05

    Solji05 New Member

    I have this new Nokia 6 that i got thru home credit. This new phone offers experience unlike any others because of its full metal body that has a precise finish and smooth design for a professional look. I also proved its durability when I dropped it several times but on a low height, that only gives me small scratches on the side. The pure stock android experience amaze me because it is the first time I used a smart phone that has no bloatwares, up-to-date security updates(almost every month). The camera also offers 16mp that is very decent when capturing sceneries with good lighting. But I think it is designed for heavy gamers and users that stays online for a very long time like me. The battery offers almost a day of usage with its 3000mah and charging time of 2hrs. My optimal charging routine would be from 15% to 85% for preserving battery life span. It is also good for network coverage and internet connections, that I also use as a tethering device for my pc.
  19. bgenciso

    bgenciso New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw its screen display. I know it's not a high-end phone, but I'm the type of person who looks at the price first then checks the specs (specifically its display and battery life). I was really not expecting a great resolution screen and display in comparison to how much it cost! I've been using this phone for four months now and I plan on using it until it gives up on me.
  20. I got the LG V10 for my phone. It is a product to hard work and sacrifices. I bought my phone when I was a Safety Officer. What I like about this phone is that it packs a lot of feature even if the phone was released in 2015. LG is a reputable phone maker that's why it was a big factor for me what manufacturer was. Lg V10 is a rugged phone a military grading. It has the secondary screen for viewing my currently used apps and switching with another apps. it packed also with many features that utilizes my phone to function well.
  21. krochefiso

    krochefiso New Member

    I have some HUAWEI P10. I dont prefer this phone ,but i get it as gift :) . If u ask me ,SAMSUNG is the best phone ever made. They work great,long, precisely, do not spoil the road... Have a reasonable price and are available to anyone.
  22. I currently have Samsung J7 Pro and Iphone SE. I mostly use my J7 Pro since I only use my Iphone SE for mobile hotspot since Iphones does get better signal strength than android phones XD
  23. nofear11

    nofear11 New Member

    I have Samsung J1 and tab 3v....
  24. theDanielGuy

    theDanielGuy New Member

    I am using a Sony Xperia Z1. It is one of the earliest additions to the Xperia series yet is still considered better than its successor, Xperia Z2. Sony has been known to be one of the top brands for its camera, and my phone has lived to its expectation being a Sony mobile. Despite being released back in 2013, Xperia Z1 is still a great option for users who want a mobile phone with a great camera- 21MP is no joke, I'm telling you :)
  25. pamchz

    pamchz New Member

    So this post is quite old! :p I remember when Apple released the iPhone 4s and it was the sensation! Now is 2017 and they have released iPhone X! OMG! But I have the iPhone 7 and I have to say I love it... but I love more the iPhone 7 plus, my boyfriend has it and the camera is amazing. The only thing I don't like is that with the newest software updates the battery life is lower, I have to charge my phone twice a day.
  26. Ceenoo60

    Ceenoo60 New Member

    I am curently rocking my infinix hot 4 and it's serving its purpose well.
  27. ajohn

    ajohn New Member

    i have iphone 5s and it helps me a lot for everyday living.this phone gives very good performance,long battery life and easy access to my contacts.
  28. Tottii

    Tottii New Member

    I have hawei Y6
    Rate Please
  29. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    currently, i have Huawei Y5 but before i used Samsung.
  30. Patrick84blog

    Patrick84blog New Member

    I've been using my Iphone 7 and its 2 months years old i am using this phone. And everything is greate about this phone its still usable in 2018. This iphone 7 is not too old because this phone releases 2016 so its not too old its still new. But im going to switch android soon. But still at my observation to my iphone 7 is im satisfied in this phone from the camera is good and the smoothness of the phone is greate.

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