What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. jan.beja

    jan.beja New Member

    I have an android Samsung Galaxy S7. I really love this phone because its very fast, sleek and easy to carry and fits on my hand. I've been using this phone for more than 2 years now and it still works fine. But I love to have the latest samsung phone because its a more faster and efficient.
  2. binkylogarta

    binkylogarta New Member

    I am currently using Samsung S5 which I think is out of trend but nothing beats a long time phone that you find comfortable with. It is very durable but if ever this breaks, i'd probably shift to Xiaomi Redmi because my friend told me it has great features in it like you can use another phone inside a phone. So yeah, that would be awesome and it is cheaper too.
  3. deewinc

    deewinc New Member

    I have for years used Samsung phones. Currently, I do have the Samsung A7 2016 and just as the name suggests, I bought it towards the end of November 2016. I purposefully bought this phone due to a number of features such as it's glass and metal body and powerful camera capabilities.

    The phone is a few months shy of cloaking 2 years of use. So far I haven't had any major issue using the device. There is a screen flickering though that happens randomly. It's irritating at times but since it lasts for a few seconds it doesn't bother me that much.

    I'm looking forward to rewarding myself this Christmas holidays with an upgrade. I'm currently eyeing the Samsung A8 and Note 8. As for my current device, I'll give it to my daughter.
  4. Vinz lar

    Vinz lar New Member

    I have two phones right now, one is a local brand called Cherry Mobile, this phone is for 4.5 inch phone for my texting and calls because I don't like huge phones to bring all the time, i bought it recently. The second one is Xioami Redmi Note 3, i bought it 3 years ago and it's kicking right now, i fix it myself when it accidentally slip in my hand and now its ok.
  5. Vongerald

    Vongerald New Member

    Hi good day, now im using a oppo A37,6 months after i pay it in home credit.. Thankful already done paying..
  6. jan.beja

    jan.beja New Member

    There are few that can disagree that having a phone interface with a more open source development environment created the dynamic between the two companies that we see today. Apple is kind of like Internet Explorer and Samsung is like Linux on steroids. Something that I dislike about Apple products is their exclusive nature, this is seen in the Apple Store vs. Play Store. Its changed a bit but when they were first started Play had way more free apps, and just more apps in general.
  7. jan.beja

    jan.beja New Member

    I consider three things: the processor, the camera, and the build quality. The processor because it determines how fast and snappy my navigation through apps and the phone's user interface. The camera because it is one of the highlights of the phone, sharing photos and moments through social media is essential to almost everyone because it has sentimental value. And the build quality so that I know my phone will last in the years to come considering that prices of phones nowadays is an important investment to consumers so I want to make sure that my phone will be productive and worth what I paid for.
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  8. Jeramel0829

    Jeramel0829 New Member

    I love my phone right now compared to what I have before. Right now I have this Huawie Nova 2i cellular phone. It is very handy. I love the resolution, it is very clear. I also love the battery life, it never easily goes lowbat.
  9. simonblog

    simonblog Member

    Well i Have a Phone and My Phone Brand is Samsung Galaxy j1 And its Pretty Old But Its Useful To Do Something Example When You Need a Help Just Call From Your Phone But I Never Used to Buy New Phone Because Its Pointless To Buy it You'll Never Use it For Your Own Good.
  10. pablo030216

    pablo030216 New Member

    I guys wow to all of you seeing that all have the newest and latest phone but on my end I still have the 1st cloud phone android system which is one of the coolest thing I owned my self got it for 120.00 pesos from a guy that don`t really need it coz he bought vivo9 for himself so he offer me his old phone for 120.00 peso.
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    BATINGAL New Member

    I am using a Huawei Honor 4C right now. So far, I find it good in terms of performance, communication and surfing in internet.
  12. jomel100115

    jomel100115 New Member

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S2. I was in love with the phone when I first got it. I was upset when 3 weeks later they came out with the S3. It wouldn't have been so upsetting had they not just came out with the S2 about a month prior. I'm really not a fan of it at all now. It gives me a lot of problems and I've had to have it replaced 3 times due to manufacturing issues. This 3rd one isn't doing too great either. I love that there's so much new technology when it comes to what you can do with your phone. I do wish that they would focus on getting the apps correct as opposed to trying to put the newest and most apps on all the new phones. I feel this sometimes takes away from the quality of the features you really need, internet, phone calls, texting, ect.
  13. JRay03

    JRay03 New Member

    I have Cherry Mobile Spin Max this is the first smartphone that I bought with my money to myself ,this is now 2 years old . This is just a 1GB ram phone so it can’t play high graphics android game and even mobile legends .Some of my application are OfficeSuite, Anwriter and Qpython I downloaded them to practice coding because I want to build a website just by studying using my phone and also my phone has Sololearn ,there I can learn multiple computer language. My phone case has so many scratch but still the screen have no scratch because I put a tempered glass on it.
  14. JexsonTolentino

    JexsonTolentino New Member

    Hello! I got iPhone 7 Plus! Well, we all know that Apple products are a bit expensive compare to the Android brands. But for me, it cost for this phone is worth it. The price don't depreciate so much not like other phone brands and the customer service for Apple is very active where not all the company have.
  15. deadko88

    deadko88 New Member

    huawei p20... affordable and durable, plus it has great camera that can rival or maybe more satisfying than iphone... it has good battery life than other phones that i used... best for capturing pics and can offer a lot more than that
  16. anmino

    anmino New Member

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note4X. This is phone is a China phone but it can compete with other flagship brands like Samsung and Apple. This phone is a beast in performance and battery, it can handle well with more apps open simultaneosly with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. I really love its fingerprint scanner, it has a very quick response everytime you unlock your phone. I love my phone!
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  17. ellise

    ellise New Member

    Well i got Oppo A37 i got this from my birthday. so im super thankful to my mommy. Its nice using it .
  18. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    I am currently using Huawie Y5 2017. It was given to my sister and I switched my Samsung J2 Prime for it. So far, I am very much satisfied because of the specifications, battery life, and durability of this phone. My fiance tried to destroy it one time by throwing the phone really hard from the ground floor to the external wall of the second floor. It even fell back to the ground but to my surprise, the screen was not broke. It had three very very light and short scratches on the screen and a dent on the left-down corner but aside from that, nothing else. It was 3 months ago and it's still in good condition.
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  19. anithachirakkal

    anithachirakkal New Member

    I got realme 3i for my engagement as a gift of my fiancee.i love this very well.i care it well.i using this for calling and browsing.it is first phone in my life.before getting this phone I'm using my mother's phone.i like any kind of mobile phones.the uses of each phone are same
  20. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    I am currently using Xiaomi Mi5 plus.
  21. Sreelesh31

    Sreelesh31 New Member

    Hi, I had previously used cell phones from Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Samsung. Currently, I am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 powered by Android 7 Nougat, 64 GB, 4 GB RAM. The features they have in this cell phone is unmatched in this segment of smartphones. Also, the pricing is very reasonable at which they offer a handful of features. Its battery has long life and it is very fast compared to Samsung smartphones. All in all, I would recommend this smartphone to those who are looking for a high-quality smartphone at reasonable prices.

    Thank You.
  22. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    I have a Samsung A50, a new series from Samsung. It has a lot of room for applications and a nice camera pixels. Also it's very clear and it adjusts the phone's brightness wherever you are.
  23. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I am using two mobile phones; a Samsung Galaxy C5 and Nokia 3310. I basically use my Samsung for my social media life because it is an android phone. It is my personal mobile phone. There I can access most of my transactions from time to time. Meanwhile, my Nokia phone is exclusive for my business transactions. I basically use it for phone calls only and for my clients as well. It's an awesome phone and I love the comfort of bringing a lite weight phone.

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