What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Z-man

    Z-man New Member

    I have a T-Mobile MyTouchQ, It's a nice phone with a slide out Qwerty Keyboard, but it's ultra-slow... that kinda gets annoying
  2. sshubham

    sshubham New Member

    I have an iPhone 4s now. I owned an iPhone 3gs before but upgraded it just a few months back. Apart from its great looks a jailbroken iPhone can be very useful with the various tweaks that are offered in Cydia. So all in all I am pretty much happy with my current phone. :thumbsup:
  3. Araiya

    Araiya New Member

    I'm currently using a T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z in other countries).
    I put an ICS-based ROM on it months ago, and it runs rather decently, but the phone is reaching the end of its usable life. The charging socket won't hold any cable in place very well, so I have to wiggle and hold the cable just right to get it to connect for charging.
    Strongly considering a Nexus 4.
  4. missgyd1

    missgyd1 New Member

    That's what my Galaxy Prevail is (Boost Mobile). Like I said in my post, droid and Boost are good for me. It's a far cry from the government phone....:thumbsup:
  5. jeun

    jeun New Member

    Recently switched out of my Iphone 4 to a HTC Amaze. I can say for sure that the Amaze did not do what its name implied and in fact has caused me much frustration. I know I will go with Apple again or Samsung next time.
  6. Striker

    Striker New Member

    My phone that I have is Samsung Galaxy y duos. It is pretty useful when I like to browse in the internet, call and texts. It is wifi capable and HSPDA network. It becomes handy phone for me.
  7. mint_pp

    mint_pp New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S2, bought it outright when it came out two years ago. It's served me ridiculously well to this point and I have no reason to upgrade to the S4 yet.
  8. Andrilena

    Andrilena New Member

    I have the Motorola Atrix. It's my first smartphone and I got it last January. I picked it mostly because it's a little smaller than most smartphones. My hands are pretty small, so I don't need a big phone, plus I wanted one that would still fit in the front pockets of my pants/jeans. Other than needing to be rebooted occasionally, the long boot-up time, and the sometimes iffy battery life, I like my phone.
  9. Walter Jones Jr.

    Walter Jones Jr. New Member

    I have a HTC EVO 4G on its last legs. Now, there are so many great phones to choose from I really have to take time and review them. The HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and now The Oppo Find 5 are all using the same processors (Snapdragon). The build quality of the HTC One and Oppo Find 5 are among the best out there and the cost of the Oppo Find 5 is a bit cheaper. But, I have also found generic android phones online with about the same features for half the price..looks like I have some homework.
  10. supr3mefx

    supr3mefx New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S. It has served me well over the years but i gues it's about time to get something better because it cannot keep up with the newer models. Nowadays, some of the applications don't run as well as they used to and i find that the battery life is getting significantly shorter than before.
    I would prefer to get a new phone with Android OS. I find that they are just the right phone for me and i have no problems finding what i need in their marketplace.
  11. ricgrb1

    ricgrb1 New Member

    I own a Motorola Droid M and I love it. It is such small and sleek design and can handle everything I need it to do.
  12. Eroz

    Eroz Member

    I have the iPhone 4s. My carrier is Verizon. This is my first experience with iOS and I must say I'm quite impressed. I would recommend it.

    I've always believed that each phone has its strengths and weaknesses and the value of each is in the eye of the beholder. For example, before I bought my iPhone I was using a 3 year old BlackBerry Storm 2 which I absolutely loved! The only reason I switched to the iPhone is because after all that time my BB began malfunctioning. I was devastated by the fact I had to give it up but as I said, I'm quite pleased with my new device as well.
  13. Nicole Mirecki

    Nicole Mirecki New Member

    I have a Blackberry Bold 9900. I purchased this phone 21 month’s ago as an upgrade for my previous Blackberry Curve. Overall this phone has severed me well. Some of the complaints I do have about this phone are that the battery life has deteriorated a lot since I first bought the phone. Once it reaches the half way point on the battery marker, I find that my phone will only last an hour or less after this. I am not sure if this is an issue among other blackberry users but this has certainly been the case for me!
  14. wolfpack55

    wolfpack55 New Member

    I have the Motorola Droid X2. It's a bit of an older phone, but it still does what it needs to. One problem I've consistently had with it is that if certain apps are running for long enough, they crash and close. This is especially apparent with the Youtube app, but it isn't too much of a hindrance. Overall, it's a decent phone.
  15. naseer ahmed

    naseer ahmed New Member

    iPhone 5, because I like it. Also like stock Android phones, like the concept of Ubuntu for mobile devices but at the moment iOS is the best choice for me.:)
  16. Nina

    Nina New Member

    I have a Galaxy S4 and it's the best phone I've ever had. It's just amazing! So fast and has a beautiful screen. I love it.
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  17. David Bindloss

    David Bindloss New Member

    I'm currently working as a mobile developer for my job, so I have access to almost limitless phones! I've currently got a Samsung SIII (Well, actually I have two...), an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 2, Samsung 8.1 Tab, Google Nexus Tab. I personally use the SIII and the Nexus tab the most in my day to day, mostly because I think that Samsung has done really well to create a competitive phone to the dominating iPhone. And well, the Google Nexus Tab is just, well, nice. :).
  18. SirArgy

    SirArgy New Member

    I currently have an iPhone 3S. I used to have the iPhone 4 (got it right when it came out, actually!), but I ended up in a pool with it in my pocket.

    After that, my phone was a goner. The iPhone 3S isn't bad - it does everything I need it to do. However, lately it's become very, very temperamental and deleted all my contacts spontaneously . . . twice . .

    I'm not sure why though. . . .
  19. Perfection

    Perfection New Member

    I have an iPhone 4S, nothing crazy or special, but I love it. It is extremely smooth and it looks nice. It also becomes almost completely customizable when jailbroken, even more so than an Android. I do like the bigger screen size the Galaxies but otherwise, my phone is perfect for me.
  20. Wes

    Wes New Member

    I purchased the latest Nexus 4 phone from Google in December, and I'm very impressed. It was only $300, and contract-free. One thing I dislike about the phone is the glass backing, which cracks very easily. Other than that, I am very pleased with the phone, and am looking forward to seeing what Google releases next.
  21. NMha

    NMha New Member

    I have used many kind of phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola
    In them, i like using Nokia because i want to Nokia ring tone. That sound funny.
    And now, I use SamSung Galaxy S3
  22. IAmLinxy

    IAmLinxy New Member

    I have a sad, sad Samsung GoPhone. It's very inconvenient however, I am getting an IPhone 5 soon.
  23. Ronnie

    Ronnie New Member

    I have the HTC Wildfire at the moment and I think it is great so far, thinking of getting a Samsung anytime soon though!
  24. justhere

    justhere New Member

    I don't have a phone, nor have i ever. I'm still young, and don't really have a need for one.
  25. Philv

    Philv New Member

    Nowdays I've a Sony Ericksson with Walkman.
    Well I loved the eighties I love Walkmans backthen, so nowdays having that Walkman simbol in my cell is like epic.
    About the phone I'm very happy, android, quick and funtional, and of course, great sound performance.
  26. muriel1988

    muriel1988 New Member

    I have a blackberry torch. I am looking into upgrading to the Z10 soon. I have it for 2 reasons: I refuse to buy an IPhone and I like to support Canadian businesses.
  27. cmalvarez20

    cmalvarez20 New Member

    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S2. Before this phone I owned a iPhone 4. I made the change mainly because I preferred the bigger screen that the Galaxy S2 had to offer. Another reason I changed was because Android phones are more flexible, meaning they have less restrictions. With the iPhone I was tied to having to go through iTunes to get media files passed over to the phone. Where as Android phones, you just connect the phone to the USB port of the computer and copy/paste any files you have on your computer to the phone. Finally, another reason I changed to the Galaxy S2 was because of the storage. With the Galaxy S2 I am able to expand my storage up to 16GB more because of the removable storage component the Galaxy S2 has and that the iPhone lacks.
  28. reprise

    reprise New Member

    Right now I have a Galaxy Nexus. I got it back in November because I wanted to enter the world of smartphones, and I was deciding between this and the Galaxy S3. However, I found that the price of the S3 was very expensive, and the Galaxy Nexus could be bought for about $30 on AmazonMobile. I'd say I'm really satisfied with this phone so far, despite the battery life (though battery life is pretty bad for all smartphones, isn't it?) and I recently decided to root it and such so there could be more customizing options on the phone, such as the use of ROMs and various apps requiring a rooted phone.
  29. devianthype

    devianthype New Member

    I have an iPhone 4S, which I can't do without. I switched to the iPhone two years ago from a Blackberry. The change was a no-brainer, since by that point my Blackberry was freezing and dying several times a day, the lag was terrible, and there were all these great apps I couldn't use because they were only made for iPhones/Android phones.

    My iPhone does everything I want it to, all apps are built for it, and there's a large enough user base that I can Google any minor issues I have. Plus it looks great. I briefly considered upgrading to the iPhone 5, but I don't like the longer body – it doesn't fit well in my pocket or my hand, and I think I'd be prone to dropping it.
  30. Chancek90

    Chancek90 New Member

    I own an iPhone 5 and the reason why is because I'm an Apple fan. I won't say I am a die hard fan but I do love their products and the fact that other products such as the Apple TV can connect with my iPhone. So my iPhone is more than just a device to make calls. It is also my MP3 player and the remote control for my Apple TV which is used for Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and other applications.

    I've also a 4S before the 5 and loved it just as much as the 5. I was an Android fan for the longest time but it didn't catch my attention as much as iOS.

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