What phone do YOU have?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ElaineWeston, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. lajust1ce

    lajust1ce New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I enjoy messing around with the developer stuff you can do with Androids, hence why I have mainly stuck with Android operating system phones. I have had no issues with this phone and would highly recommend it to others. It is not a huge phone, but it is definitely not the smallest. This phone runs smooth, acts as my wifi from time to time, keeps my calendar up to date, allows me to join Google+ Hangouts with my friends, watch Netflix, and so much more. Needless to say, I will not be in the market for another phone any time soon and I have had this phone for over a year.
  2. Arkayde

    Arkayde New Member

    My phone is an iPhone 3G and I don't think I'll be changing it soon since it does its job(calling, texting and whatnot) and it's good enough to run any app I would need. If it ever gets really outdated hardware-wise and it becomes unable to run newer apps, I'll still have my tablet for gaming.
  3. SageStone

    SageStone New Member

    I have a white 16gb iPhone 5. I've actually had every iPhone that Apple has released so far, and I fell in love with Apple when the original iPhone was released. Even went so far as purchasing an iMac and a Macbook - they're a bit pricey, but last forever and totally worth it!
  4. Mareep

    Mareep New Member

    My current phone is the Motorola Droid 4, with Verizon. It's my second Droid 4. The first one was great for about a year, but then the SIM card reader went up, so I had to get a new one. Luckily, it was covered under the insurance I have with Verizon. I'm pretty sure they sent me a refurbished one, but it works great! Too bad I dropped it within a week of getting it, haha!

    I do wish they made more smartphones with physical keyboards, though. I hate touchscreen keyboards.

    The only other smartphone I've had is the Motorola Droid X, which got super slow after I had it for awhile. It also had a touchscreen keyboard, which drove me nuts.
  5. tbanny

    tbanny New Member

    I currently have an iPhone 5. I made the switch from Android phones to the iPhone for the first time a few months ago. I mostly enjoy the switch, but there are certain things that Android does better. The app selection and the smoothness of the iPhone is really the best, but I enjoyed the freedom Android phones give you.
  6. JTLewis93

    JTLewis93 New Member

    I have the iPhone 5 and I love it! So far I have had no problems with this phone - knock on wood. Compared to my iPhone 4 it is ridiculously fast and apps very rarely crash. I receive exceptional reception and have never dropped a call.
  7. krosis

    krosis New Member

    I have a black iPhone 4 and I love it. Even though there are new iPhones being released out there, this phone seems to have all that I want. I can do everything I need and even have the luxury to access to helpful and fun apps. But I really am wanting to have that new slick iPhone 5.
  8. thomjo

    thomjo New Member

    I have recently managed to get my hands on the iPhone 5. At first I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy it due to the limited customisation available. However, this all changed when I downloaded evasi0n to jailbreak my iPhone. If you have technical skills I highly recommend you do this as now I can do almost anything on my iPhone!

    For example: My iPad 2 is jailbroken and with that I have successfully installed siri which works perfectly and exactly how it does on my iPhone 5.
  9. Michelle Cesare

    Michelle Cesare New Member

    I have and use a free government phone. As long as I qualify to keep it and use it I will. I don't live on my phone and only use it a few times a month BUT I now make a lot of phone calls using the Magic Jack Plus App. I do feel safe knowing I do have a cell phone on me in case I need it.
  10. Josue Gonzalez

    Josue Gonzalez New Member

    Currently I have the Samsung Galaxy S4, but I would have to say my old Note 2 may come back to active duty. Large screens are a sucker for me. I have had all generations of the Galaxy and the iPhone, and the Samsungs have beat them every time.
  11. Glassjaw1993

    Glassjaw1993 New Member

    The Galaxy s3. I don't really feel the need to jump to the s4 just yet.
  12. Radiance

    Radiance New Member

    I currently own a Kyocera Rise, offered through the Virgin mobile cell phone company. It's a pretty decent mid-range android smart phone. One of the nicest features of this phone: it offers a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, while allowing the full range of features you'd find in any android phone currently on the market.
  13. hueman

    hueman New Member

    I've recently got a fairly cheap Android device mainly for the experience of having a touch operated, Linux based device. I wanted something decent under $200 and decided on the HTC Explorer/Pico. I was not disappointed!
  14. OscarJS

    OscarJS New Member

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Ace as it is a decent phone at a very competitive price however I'm thinking of upgrading to possibly the Galaxy note or the S3/4 as the Galaxy ace is arguably outdated.
  15. wedfgh

    wedfgh New Member

    I've had a Samsung Galaxy S for about two years, best phone I've ever bought: it works like a charm, runs Android and has a really bright screen. It has survived quite a lot of falls without ever breaking. The only downside of it could be the short battery duration, although this is a common issue among smartphones.
  16. dwarfhamster

    dwarfhamster New Member

    I have an iPhone 4S that I got as a gift. It works alright most of the time but the wifi stops working whenever the phone heats up. And this happens quite frequently when I download apps, charge the phone, and so on. That's not really a problem because I don't use my iPhone to surf the net much, but it can get annoying when I'm trying to download an app.

    I've dropped it many times but it still works fine (other than the wifi problem which was already there before I dropped my phone).
  17. jules0309

    jules0309 New Member

    I recently splurged on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is definitely the best phone I ever had. Previously I had HTC mytouch4g , which lasted me 3 years before I broke the screen.
    I had the chance to use the Samsung Galaxy S3 briefly and its user friendliness and amazing features such as the camera was a big factor in me deciding to get the S4. The S4 has seriously been nothing short of amazing for me. The 13 mega-pixel camera is so wonderful it often leaves me stunned when I take pictures especially when I go hiking. I would definitely recommend the S4 to anyone looking to buy a new phone.
  18. 6o4_dc

    6o4_dc New Member

    I have the black iPhone 4 as well. It's actually been quite sturdy for me. Only recently the home and power button have gone wild. Other than that, texting, surfing the web, youtube, and calling has been perfectly fine for having it for almost 3 years!

    I'm not sure if iPhone 5 is worth the upgrade imo. I'm thinking of going with Android and buying either Note 2, S4, or wait until later announcement for "Note 3".
  19. Kad613

    Kad613 New Member

    I have an HTC Evo and I like it. Easy to use, large screen, great graphics, apps and long battery life. It works as well as my daughter's iPhone and cost even less! I email, surf the web, play games and read the news on it.
  20. pandapwner

    pandapwner New Member

    I am currently an owner of a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2. When I got this phone it was, in my humble opinion, the best phone that was available. What made me think this was the huge battery that lasted for 2 days and the 5.5 inch screen. The removable battery and expandable storage compared to the Nexus 4 is also what won me over. All in all I do not regret this decision and I am going to be using this phone for the next 3 to 4 years.
  21. Daniyal Chaudhry

    Daniyal Chaudhry New Member

    I had a Sony Ericsson x10 for a couple of years but now I have switched to an Iphone 4s. It was a great upgrade and my Iphone has been treating me well. I have been lucky because I have dropped it a bunch but it still hasn't broken. I am actually looking to upgrade again but I can't seem to find a phone that is worth the upgrade. I think for now I will stick to my Iphone 4s until a truly new amazing phone comes out.
  22. Wondercuz

    Wondercuz New Member

    I have a 64gb iPhone 4s. I find that the OS for iPhone is really simple and easy to use. Plus I think the phones look quite cool and sleek.
  23. Marzu

    Marzu New Member

    Right now, a ZTE Warp. It's running Android 2.3 (quite outdated). I've gotten pretty sick of all the problems so I'm probably going to get something new soon with ICS. I wish I had a HTC One or a Galaxy S4, but they're too expensive for me.
  24. Carlos Valdivia

    Carlos Valdivia New Member

    I have an iPhone 5 and I couldn't be happier. I got my iPhone this past Thanksgiving as a result of my old Android phone breaking. That Samsung Galaxy S 1 was the more durable phone I have ever had in my life. That little Android phone was so well built that it would not break even after I would throw it on the ground when the alarm wouldn't stop ringing. There are times when I miss my old Samsung phone, but I am so much happier with my iPhone.
  25. Xandrez192

    Xandrez192 New Member

    I got a Samsung GS3 back in January. It is the first smartphone that I've ever owned, and I love it. Of course, as is my luck with most things, the GS4 was released recently, but I'm perfectly content with this phone. And, well, you know, not paying a termination fee on my contract to upgrade it.
  26. Tim Kranen

    Tim Kranen New Member

    HTC Windows Phone 8X. Bought it about six months ago and absolutely love it. Windows Phone 8 (the new operating system that runs on this phone) is the perfect operating system if you care about design and speed. It is incredibly quick and incredibly beautiful. The phone itself is really nice too: edgy, light, absolutely love it. Downside is the screen though, although it supposedly is 'Gorilla Glass 2' it scratches way too easily.
  27. RotariCatfish

    RotariCatfish New Member

    I´m still rocking a Nexus 4. The price was convincing at the time and it still is a good phone.

    There maybe is no SD-Card Slot and the battery is non-removable, but hey for the price of 350€ it´s a hell of a phone

    But I might upgrade to the next Gen. phones with 1080p Displays and the new Snapdragon 800
  28. QQ02

    QQ02 New Member

    The Galaxy Note 2. I get a lot of comments on it's size, but that's the best thing about it. I get so much more screen, a stylus with pressure sensitivity, and a great camera.
  29. Contag

    Contag New Member

    The first smartphone I ever owned was one of the O2 Atom models - a smartphone of the era before the iPhone. Running Windows 5 it was extremely useful and I was perplexed as to why more people didn't use them. Shame I wasn't an O2 advertising exec at the time!

    Following that pseudo-bitterness, I eventually succumbed to Galaxy S3 international non-LTE model. It is an extremely competent device, and as long the screen remains intact it will serve for many more years to come. I would strongly recommend purchasing an Otterbox (I use the Defender line), as the screen is relatively fragile and cost $200 to repair via my own labour and a LCD screen/digitizer from Hong Kong.
  30. Silveach

    Silveach New Member

    I have an iPhone 4S, despite the fact that I honestly hate iPhones. If I could choose any phone, I'd choose an Android or Nexus, which I like better because of Widgets and how smooth and "open" the interface is. iPhones, in my experience, always break and whenever they release a new one they barely make any changes to it; there's nothing spectacular ever added. I only have an iPhone because of the social pressure of it (everybody has one and has to have one, in a way). Also, the iPhone has a lot more apps than any other phone available, and that's something that I like a lot about it. Other than that, the lack of Widgets and customization options really annoys me.

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