What practical freelance job can you recommend for me to make extra income online?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by steamyideas-45, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. steamyideas-45

    steamyideas-45 New Member

    I've heard a lot about online freelancing but in all my time of research I haven't seen one that paid off for me in the real sense of it. Whether the problem is myself or those platforms in which I try to use remains a topic for another day. Frankly speaking, I am in dire need of good paying online freelancing jobs.

    I have certain skill sets that I believe will enhance my chances of turning out a good outcome. I've worked as an online admin for a few Blog sites in the recent past, I run Facebook adverts for individuals too. I've also tried my hands on fiverr at some point but those folks keep blocking my accounts for reasons I do not know and they do so when the account is performing and bringing in lot of sales. So, as it is right now, I don't need any suggestion on fiverr because my experiences there have been very nasty.

    So, kindly suggest platforms where I can offer my little online skills to make some extra income and if possible the required tips needed to get started. It could be commenting on forums to earn, as an Online Admin, Speech translation, Resume writing, Video Animations, Blog post and a whole lot of other stuffs. Just something profitable I can commit my time to doing online from the comfort of my room.

    Good suggestions are highly welcome. Thanks guys as I await your inputs on this matter. Also, if you can hold me by the hand and mentor me in your area of competence, I will be most appreciative of your kind gesture.
  2. Rumu

    Rumu New Member

    If fiverr didn't work for you, I doubt you'll see other platforms much better than fiverr. I went through the same process of research on online freelancing just as you did and always end up with frustrating results.

    Someone recommended airtasker to me. I did my checks then realized it wasn't a bad site but it still didn't work out for me since I wasn't an Australian resident. You should check it out if you are. Or better still, google fiverr alternatives. You'll come up with very good results.

    Secondly, I think you should try sites that allow micro job post by random sellers. Some very good cash can be made from those platforms.

    I hope you find exactly what you are looking for. Best of luck.
  3. Desmond101

    Desmond101 New Member

    I will recommend some micro job sites that have numerous tasks that match your skill set.The good thing about these sites is that they accept freelancers from any part of the world provided you are capable of delivering good results.

    The sites are; Jobboy.com,Rapidworker.com,Minijobz.com and Microworker.com.

    Register on four of them and start earning regular income by utilizing your skills.If you are consistent, you'll earn the trust of your clients and that means more orders and revenue for you.

    Remember to adhere strictly to buyers' instructions regarding submission of proof of task completion.

    Good luck to you.
  4. Christopher Tubera

    Christopher Tubera New Member

    If you want an easy job, you can check out https://gotranscript.com/transcription-jobs. All you have to do is to transcribe audio/video into text format. You just transcribe whatever you may hear on an audio/video file. There are only two easy exams. First, multiple choice, second, 3-minute audio transcription. I advise reading the guidelines first before you take the exam. There's no interview either. The rate for a regular audio transcription is $0.23-$0.60, depends on how urgent the file is. This is currently my online job and I would definitely recommend this.
  5. MD047

    MD047 New Member

    Transcripting jobs are really good but its a bit of a hassle to pass their tests if you dont know what you are doing you know..
  6. marcp103109

    marcp103109 New Member

    To have an extra money online, you can do this job by just watching videos from you home. Earn up to 1000$ + by just watching videos online. This is a free time job where you do not have deadlines, you will just watch whenever you want.
    Snuckles Link: https://www.snuckls.com/

    One Thing that I like here is that you can play the videos even when you are doing other things such as Facebook, playing games and others.The earnings is not fixed because it becomes semi lottery but they are proved to be paying out. They pay out fast withing half a day they paid me already. This is good if you are always staying at home and you want to earn extra cash online.
  7. fromabove

    fromabove New Member

    I have tried them out, and I tell you,for me,"its not that easy." I aced the test and had the highest rating, however the test is nothing compared to real jobs. I remember I did clean verbatim with no time stamps. Some jobs will require full verbatim where you literally have to type every utterance. Coupled with bad sound quality, I soon found out that real jobs are not as easy as the test job.

    Perhaps you could recommend a site that offers sermon transcription, i have been on the look out for that. I feel I might find it easier to transcribe a single voice and familiar bible texts. Or you could supply me with tips to being a better transcription.

  8. amelie.clover

    amelie.clover New Member

    The thing about freelance work is that people are finding it hard to define it. I will not recommend https://www.snuckls.com/ as stated above to earn money online. It's not a freelance job nor a way to earn enough money monthly. It's the same as playing lottery, you'll only earn if you're able to guess the five numbers. In my opinion, this should just be done if you have a time to spare.

    As for a real freelance job there is Upwork and Appen, just to name a few. I agree that transcription jobs are the best freelance jobs to get, the only challenge is their tests are not easy enough for most people, which is good because that just means fewer people = more work. For me transcription jobs are not easy, It depends on your skill actually, they always rate you after sending your work so you can't just type whatever and forget about using right grammar and spelling. Having excellent communication skill is a plus and is very beneficial in this kind of job.
  9. cheripetal

    cheripetal New Member

    Hey fromabove! Take Note Typing regularly have sermons and lectures to transcribe. I'm currently half way through four hours of lectures from a great guy, the audio is really clear and the files teach me something at the same time, so I really love to do these types of files.

    I do think transcription is a really enjoyable, flexible way to earn money online. I am a single parent so having the flexibility to work after my daughter goes to bed, as and when I choose, is really important to me. I didn't think I'd actually find a job I could do my own choice of hours with.
  10. Meg-maggie

    Meg-maggie New Member

    Freelance jobs are a great way of earning some cash.I would recommend you to do some To do commodity testing where you test websites,games,apps online .User testing gives you such tasks
  11. Avin Juliet

    Avin Juliet New Member

    If your a good content writer then there are many freelancing jobs out there for you. I will gladly recommend the easiest site for you which is "iwriter.com" , it's simple and easy because they don't have tight security like fiverr and you don't have to be competing with other freelancers, you also choose any job you want to write on and do it at your own pace or time. You can also try out 'up work.com' or peopleperhour come. Best of luck.
  12. Maliaca22

    Maliaca22 New Member

    I will still advice you to try fiverr again because they are the best so far and it's also good for beginners but if it is not working out for you there are many other sites like peopleperhour. com, iwriter.com is also easy, seoclerk and upwork. Those are the only site i know about that can help freelancers develop and improve their skills. Good luck.

    GABTECH New Member

    I suggest make a deep research about the work or the website that you are looking for.
    There was a complete list of freelance base website all over the internet .
    1. Upwork
    2. Toptal
    3. Elance
    4. Freelancer
    5. Craigslist
    6. Guru
    7. 99design
    8. Peopleperhour
    9. Freelance Writing Gigs
    10. Demand Media
    11. College Recruiter
    12. GetACoder
    13. iFreelance
    14. Project4hire
    15. SimplyHired
    See link for more details.( https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245953 )
    hope this help
    By the way we all know that finding job online as beginner are really hard but don't Give up.

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