What regimen helped you get rid of acne?

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  1. CathyPack

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    Body biochemistry саn gо аgаіnst оur wishes аt times аnd result іn acne. То teenagers whо аrе јust аbоut adults іn а fеw years, body awareness stand оut аs а constant haunting thаt thеу саnnоt gеt rid оf аnd acne іs јust thе landmine thеу аrе praying tо avoid еvеr stepping on. Тhаt hоwеvеr іs inevitable. І hаd acne аll оvеr mу face аnd І remember mу mom аlwауs telling mе tо quit thе worry аnd leave mу face untouched. Тhіs wаs оnе оf thе hardest advice І еvеr hаd tо cave іn for. Іf уоu nееd remedy fоr acne, thеn уоu shоuld gо thе natural way. Κеер уоur face clean аnd avoid touching it. Іn case уоu can’t avoid that, usе а clean cloth. Drink lots оf fresh water. Eat lots оf natural foods free frоm fat. Аnd а final lаst one, avoid thе creams аnd skin applications уоu sее flashing аrоund оr thоsе thаt friends recommend. Тhіs mау tаkе time but trust me, whеn уоu аrе dоnе wіth them, уоu won’t bе worried оf sоmе skin spots.

    What's уоur acne control regimen?
  2. kjshaw

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    I also try to clear acne naturally. Over the years of experimenting, I've found a few home remedies that work well for my dry and sensitive skin. First, I use coconut oil to take off my makeup, then wash my face with African Black Soap (which is awesome, and I highly recommend it). Next, I use apple cider vinegar as a toner, in a 1:1 ratio with water. Finally, I moisturize with either more coconut oil or a store-bought lotion I like. After doing this for several months, my face is so much smoother, and I only have a few acne scars left, but no active acne.
  3. Excelsior9292

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    I believe diet is the key to acne-free skin. Trust me I 've been suffering from acne for 10 straight years, none of the products work better than alkalizing your body. Eating too much meat and processed food will acidify your body environment, making it a habitable place for acne-causing germs to
    grow. If your acne is severe and your skin is sensitive , you have to keep your skin care regime as simple as possible by using mild cleanser and non-irritating acne medication. For me, the Sebamed Active Cleansing Foam and Dalacin-T gel work the best to control my skin condition. In order to maintain my body alkaline condition, I eat watermelon and steamed broccoli everyday. Try to drink a few cups of green tea everyday, it is the strongest alkalizing agent to kick out the accumulated toxins from your body.
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  4. gcanizalez

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    One thing I learned from suffering from acne for years if you can never get rid of it, you only can control it. Accutane was my last solution in controlling my acne. I believe it has been about 5 years since being off of Accutane and it has improved my acne tremendously. I still break out from time to time, but it's not as bad as the cystic acne I've had in the past. My current skin regimen is a simple face wash and moisturizer. When I do feel like I'm about to break out I use Obagi Clenziderm. One last thing, whatever you do try not to pick on your face.
  5. AmbarMin13

    AmbarMin13 New Member

    Dove soap works really good for me, i wash my face several times a day to keep it oil free during the day, and drinking lots of water too. Since i'm not a water person, i downloaded an app that reminds me to drink 8oz of water every 2 hours.
  6. kookaburra

    kookaburra New Member

    This is what I do now, after having acne for 10+ years: I take antibiotics periodically, avoid wearing makeup completely, avoid eating wheat/gluten or too much dairy, and leave my skin alone for the most part. I wash with either water or a pH-balanced cleanser. I tone with an alcohol-free witch hazel+rose water toner. I also drink spearmint tea 3 times per day, as it's a natural anti-androgen.

    It's my personal opinion that acne tends to be caused by a combination of three things: hormones, genes, and skin irritation. (Diet can play a part too, though.) Many supplements can be helpful-- hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin A in large quantities.

    It helps to keep a detailed skin log (so that you may be able to recognize patterns over time) -- and most importantly, to be extremely selective when it comes to what products you use on your face.
    If you're female, you should be charting your menstrual cycle as well, so that you can compare it to your skin log and look for any correlations. (due to hormonal fluctuations)

    Everyone should be learn about every ingredient in the products they use, and in the ones they're considering buying. That way, if something you use causes a breakout, you can eventually pinpoint which ingredients were the culprit. There's a sub-reddit called "SkincareAddiction" that's a treasure-trove of helpful information and ideas.

    Also-- and this is very important-- use pH-balanced cleansers! I read countless acne forums in my spare time, and I'm appalled by the number of people using extremely harsh detergent-like cleansers. Alkaline cleansers are extremely bad for your skin in the long-run-- even if at first they appear to help-- because it damages your skin's acid mantle and moisture barrier. Once that happens, your skin becomes much more vulnerable and reactive.

    There are very few drugstore cleansers that are pH-balanced-- CeraVe is one off the top of my head. Korean skincare brands (you can find them on Amazon) tend to have more pH balanced cleansers.
  7. lauve98

    lauve98 New Member

    Religiously cleansing your skin twice a day and using an appropriate toner helps immensely. With acne it is important to be gentle to your skin and clean out the pores carefully and regularly. Depending on your skin type, using a clay mask about 2-3 times a week also helps clean out the dirt. Exfoliating your skin is vital but do it too frequently and it can harm your skin and cause irritation, so keep it to a minimum. OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) works brilliantly for most people, giving that a try also helps. Other than that a balanced diet and regular exercise will balance your hormones and keep you healthy.
  8. Alana White

    Alana White New Member

    I have struggled with acne for years, and I finally decided late last year to visit a dermatologist and put a plan in action. I had tried EVERYTHING in the past, and nothing truly worked. My dermatologist scheduled a full year of treatments including monthly chemical peels, IPL photofacials, and Fraxel laser treatments. She also recommended I start using ZO Medical face products.

    To date, I have had four chemical peels, and those alone have worked wonders! Coupled with the ZO products, it's like a whole new me. I am going this Friday for my first photofacial, and then I will be scheduled for the Fraxel laser treatment (quite harsh and painful, but well worth it!).

    For anyone struggling with acne, I definitely suggest visiting a dermatologist. The price point is high, but the change in my quality of life is beyond worth it!
  9. sliprick

    sliprick New Member

    is accutane and safe effective? does it have any side effects? i've been suffering from acne since high scool until now i'm 24 still suffering from it.. Is there any other remedies you could recommend?
  10. iamtherapist

    iamtherapist New Member

    Castor oil. It also helps to moisturize your skin. Apply some castor oil to your face and then leave it for 10mins and then wash with water and mild soap. Do it every night before bed time and you will see some results after 1 week.
  11. KeeN

    KeeN New Member

    One way to curb acne or slow pimple formation is to incorporate zinc-rich foods in your diet which includes spinach, shrimps, oysters, and among others. Zinc will boost your immune system and help you to combat acne-causing bacteria and other diseases. Also, incorporate other essential vitamins and minerals in your diet to provide other beneficial effects and meet up your daily requirements especially to the adolescents because they will undergo a major body system transition in their prime years such as production of more testoterone which is one cause of acne in adolescence. Keep track of your hygiene and sleep patterns to eliminate any chances that may arise from these factors. For facial care, I use a facial foam or wash instead of scrubs because scrubs are harsh on skin on a daily basis. And always keep this pecaution in mind, Do not pop your pimples. Popping you pimples adds more bacteria in your damaged pore, increasing your chances of infection.
  12. lopezbeth

    lopezbeth New Member

    I tried a lot of products to ged rid of my pimples. I also tried some home remedies that I had watched over the internet and do it on natural way. Some of these are effective and some are not. So I realized that it depends on your skin on how products reacts in your face. For now, I just washed my face with mild soap regularly especially at night. Drink more water and eat fruits everyday if it is possible. One thing, I noticed that everytime I touched my face and try to pop it, it becomes bigger. So just ignore it.
  13. heatbeyond

    heatbeyond New Member

    One of my Friend suggesting to me is always clean your face and hands always, sometimes we always touch our face and our hands is sometimes dirty and it caused of acne in our face, and also some times poor hygiene, lack of sleep, and stress caused of acne in our skin.
  14. happyjoy

    happyjoy New Member

    I tried the pricking method done by derma clinics before and I think it just made my skin worse.

    Now, I have found a great dermatologist. She doesn't have her own formula in a bottle with mystery ingredients. Her prescription is simple and it works!

    She told me to use Ivory soap for my face 2x a day (in the morning and before sleep). She also prescribed Adapalene gel to be applied at bedtime on the whole face and Tetralysal capsule once a day per orem for 14 days then one capsule once a day for one month. She told me to avoid processed foods, milk and nuts as well.

    I hope you everyone who is suffering from acne finds a great derma like her.
  15. Dean Matthew

    Dean Matthew New Member

    A change in what you eat is a great start to remove acne. Hygiene is also a must since not all the cases of acne is caused by internal issues. Drinking a lot of water everyday also helps aid the body in removing toxins that cause this pesky red dots. And if nothing else works, consulting a dermatologist is a great way to start your battle in having a clear skin. I have red a lot of information regarding this matter since I am prone to have an acne every now and then, but as I maintain a healthier lifestyle and keeping my body in a great condition actually helped me in removing my acne.
  16. jakiejak26

    jakiejak26 New Member

    I have always had problems with my skin ever since I was in highschool. At first, I thought it was just the hormones because my pimples would always pop up when it's "the time" of the month. But it got worse when I got into college. I've been to different dermatologists but nothing seemed to work. Until one day, I decided to change my diet and drink at least 3 liters of water every single day. I started to eat more vegetables and less red meat. I cut down my sugar intake and I began exercising too. I stopped wiping my face with towel after I wash it, I let it air dry instead. Lo and behold, my acne started to subside. I was so happy when I first looked at myself in the mirror without any big red spots on my face! Sure, going to a dermatologist regularly would help you get rid of your skin problems but expect to spend a lot.
  17. SladjanaW

    SladjanaW New Member

    I cannot agree more. As a young girl, I had the so-called problematic skin but no one asked me what I was eating for my meals. As I grew up, I came across an article written by some famous dermatologist saying that the food you eat is the main cause of how your skin looks like. The moment I started paying attention to what I eat (more fruit and less sweets), my skin improved and now I don't have any skin issues. In the past, I used to spend a fortune on different kinds of products for oily skin until I realized that I don't have that type of skin at all. My skin type is neutral but no dermatologist told me that whan I was a teenager. So sad.
  18. Queen17

    Queen17 New Member

    I only have minimal pimples when I was still a student that doesn't alarm me at all. Unfortunately, I was a late bloomer so I a had horrific breakouts when I started working. I tried using a lot of different anti-acne products but nothing's working. So I started doing some research on how to remove acne naturally and safely. And viola! I discover the wonders of apple cider vinegar and it's just so cheap. It is ver safe to use and does not irritates your skin. You're going to use it as a toner (after cleansing your face, of course) by mixing 1 part of ACV and 1 part water. Its a little smelly but you'll get use to it. I put a moisturizer on top of the ACV after it dries out to get rid of the smell and also to hydrate your face all day long.
  19. Tyron Knight

    Tyron Knight New Member

    Accutane, the stuff makes you so dry, but man that stuff is amazing, I can't condone medication but it's the only thing that has worked for me.
  20. AlexJea

    AlexJea New Member

    I have one product that really best for my skin, it helps to remove my acne and even the dark spot. The name of the product is BN. I'm using BN for almost a year and I'm using it for a maintenance also. Even their lotion and soap is good. After so many products that I tried finally I found the right one for me.
  21. shasha

    shasha New Member

    First go to your doctor, she may refer you to endocrinologist to check if you have hormonal imbalance or dermatologist to check for your skin type. The doctors will advise what medicine to take to correct such imbalance. Proper diet like lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty, oily and processed food, drink plenty of water. Use pH balance cleanser and alcohol-free skin toner. Get enough sleep as much as possible take 8-10 hours a day.
  22. gc79

    gc79 New Member

    This is going to sound bizarre, but I came across a forum thread about seborrheic dermatitis being conflated with and therefore exacerbating existing acne. The poster specifically talked about using Head and Shoulders Classic Clean (with the blue cap) and then one day realizing that their itchy, reddened, flaky scalp had a lot in common with their skin. I had moderate to severe acne for about 10 years (started at puberty) by that point, and I too used that shampoo. They recommended allowing the shampoo to kind of lay on the face and work its magic for about 5 minutes twice a week or something like that. And what do you know, it--in addition to going on medication for my anxiety, which then decreased my stress level--helped fix my acne in less than a month. I use it in the shower once every few weeks and use "normal" cleanser the rest of the time. I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't worked for me.
  23. Hyde05

    Hyde05 New Member

    I have acne-prone skin. When I was in high school, I tried going to a dermatologist. Sadly that time, I couldn't afford the treatment haha! For years, I've tried several treatments for my skin. I also tried Pro-Activ which is sooooo expensive! Dealing with sensitive skin lead me tgat the only treatment for acne is BENZOYL PEROXIDE. It has antibiotics that kill the bacteria that causes acne. Salycilic acid eliminates blemishes too. So, combined you'll avoid having break outs. Your skin also needs vitamins AB and C for renewal and glowing skin. And of course, you need to get rid of dead skin cells once in a while, because dead skin cells plus bacteria lead to acne.
  24. Andra Calbaza

    Andra Calbaza New Member

    Hi, i'm joing this thred to share my experience with acne, maybe you'll find it useful. As a teenager i didn't have much problems, just an occasional outbreak but I suffered from aduld acne about a year ago and it was really difficult at first to treat because i kept trying so many different products that promised to clear the skin but the only thing they would do was to irritate the acne and make it worst.

    The first most important thing that a had to learn was to stay away from touching my face if my hands were not clean, and to stop breaking the pimples, because that just multiplied them. Also I stopped using a towel to dry my face after washing and started to use cotton pads because they are single use and in that way more sterile that a towel.

    Second I tried an old folk remedy that proved to work for me, washing my face 2 or more times a day with sulphur soap. This helped to dry out the pimples and reduced the inflamation. Sulphure soap is very effective for acne because it gently removes dead skin cells preventing clogged pores. I started noticing a difference after a week or so, my skin wasn't so red anymore and some of the smaller paches of acne were beginning to heal. I also took pictures of the affected areas everyday to keep a journal of the healing process. This was a good way to keep my spirit up and to continue.

    Third way I decided to tackle this problem was to stay as much time I could sunbathing because the sun seems to do wonders for the skin. A tan can give you a nice glowing skin, reduce dark circles or under eye bags and improves the quality of bacteria living on the skin thanks to UV rays. A recent study shows that the bacteria that causes acne, Propionibacterium acnes, P. acnes for short is also found on the faces of people who don't have acne, so to treat acne you don't have to eradicate every bacteria, good and bad on your face with harsh chemicals, that will only make it worst but to try and restore a natural balance.
    Just don't stay out in the sun at dangerous hours, between 12am and 4pm if you have sensitive skin and get sunburned easily. It's best to start off with shorter periods of time and then gradually increase the duration of exposure.
    My acne completly healed in a matter of two to three months and to this day I still use the same routine, sulphur soap for washing and cotton pads for drying and on colder day if I feel that my skin is dry a moisturizer.
    Acne can have a crippling effect on self image and confidence but you can overcome it so try and remain positive, create a routine that works for you and good results will follow. Let me know if you tried some of this advices and if they worked for you.
  25. missc13

    missc13 New Member

    As of the moment, my skin is depending on Nature Republic Aloe vera gel whenever a bump or acne appeared on my face. I just use it as a face mask at night and when I wake up the next day, I would obviously notice that my blemishes and even the redness have lessened or disappeared.

    Another product that I have been using is my SkinGenie Witchazel mist. It has teatree oil so basically it contributes in prevention and treatment of acne. Can't live without these two babies!

    I'm curious to try Cosrx productw next time especially their acids and anti-acne line. I've been seeing tons of awesome reviews and netizens are totally raving about these items. Can't wait to try it and see if it's HG :)
  26. siasam

    siasam New Member

    Acne. The thing I hate most. The thing that gets hide inside my house and dread the situation. I have been suffering from acne since I was 10 and as early as that age, I have been frequently visiting my dermatologist. For those like me, it financially sucks, right? Well, I have learned that even if I clean up my face as necessary, I would still end up having those cystic balls of hell. I have tried ranges of anti-acne lines; expensive ones even, and to no avail.

    Overtime, I have come to a conclusion that diet also plays an important role in the anti-acne journey. In college, I have avoided food that can help swell my acnes. Slowly but surely, it helped me reduce these not until I learned that I have PCOS. Even if I exercise and eat right, I am covered with acne. I was so embarrassed to go out. I went to my OB and she recommended Althea (anti-androgen birth control pills) and now my skin is glowing and acne-free! But please, please do go to your OB or derma before getting into products or pills that may be harmful for your skin! Doctors know best :)
  27. Flex

    Flex New Member

    I got my acne problem when I was in my college years, maybe due to stress, lack of sleep, nutritional or hormonal imbalance,or maybe the facial product I am using that time . I tried many kinds of facial wash, creams and acne solution but still the skin break out persisted. With all the causes I think that contributed to my acne, I tried to find solution in each in everyone of them. I tried more of relaxation technique when I am stressed. Also, I exercise more often and eat healthy foods. Lastly, I am more careful of what I am putting on my face by knowing which product type is suitable for me. Some people are allergic to some ingredients used in certain skin care product.

    Now, I am worried free of acne as long as I make myself more healthy & sticking to the product that suit to my skin type.

    For skin tips, firstly, stay hydrated by always drink a lot of water everyday. Second, don't forgot to clean your face, apply toner and moisturizer before going to bed. Third, avoid using products that are too harsh to the skin, you can feel it specially in the face. Fourth, minimize touching your face with your bare hands as it is hosts a lot of germs. Fifth, always apply moisturizer to prevent your skin from tiny cracks that even a naked eyes won't see. Lastly, always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging UV lights.
  28. Jreshard91

    Jreshard91 New Member

    Constantly putting on the correct stuff for my skin helped me rid his terrible situation. Also using proactive on a. Day to day basis helped improve my situation as well
  29. jprecaa

    jprecaa New Member

    My acne started on my entire high school years and then my father's friend told me simple ways to get rid of acne, first have a proper diet, eating healthy is very important to your body to prevent toxins to cause acne breakouts and secondly drink much water you need each day, drinking water makes your body hydrated and not making your skin dry causing irritation and may cause to acne and a constant daily routine day and night wash, cleanse and moisturize your skin giving your skin what they need to make them healthy and lastly the most common problem of acne is touching your face. Just imagine all the things your holding has bacteria especially smartphones are some of the favorite places germs can spread and you don't want that to go to your face, this simple things and reminders gives much help in preventing acne breakouts.
  30. mitchellponce

    mitchellponce New Member

    I am so thankful that I don't experience this skin problem. This might be because, I just wash my face with a mild soap once a day only that would be after work or at night before going to bed. On the morning, when having a shower, I just wash my face with water only. I don't use toner or anything that could strip the natural oils on my face. The more you wash your face with soap, the drier it gets. By compensating the dryness, your skin would tend to produce more oil thereby making your face oily. I suggest that refrain from washing your face with soap, instead moisturize and hydrate regularly.

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