What regimen helped you get rid of acne?

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  1. elai19

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    I use a Garnier facial wash and mosturize. I will recommend that product to you guys, it was so effective on my skin, and my acne get rid off easily, 2 weeks using that product. Easily to apply to your face and very smooth. So if ever you want to use that you can buy it to a mall .
  2. Carlo28

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    Here are 3 tips on getting rid of acne:

    Gently Cleanse Your Skin: Each day, gently wash your skin with lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing your face too hard or washing it too often. Doing so can make your acne worse. Also avoid using skin and hair care products that contain excess oil. Instead, use water-based skin care soaps that gently cleanse your skin, or Dove.

    Apply Topical Ointments: At least once daily, but no more than three times a day, apply a nonprescription topical ointment to problematic areas. One of the best products is Clearasil because it contains both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide works to unplug clogged pores, while salicylic acid helps clear up blemishes by causing the top layer of skin to peel. Products that contain tea tree oil (commonly found in gels, creams, and lotions) or alpha-hydroxy acid are also desirable. However, remember that if you use a product too often, your acne can get worse. So confine your applications to less than three times per day unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

    Avoid the Following: Make sure to avoid the following acts which can trigger acne flare-ups: overexposure to the sun, the wearing of tight-fitting items that rub against the skin, excess stress, constant touching of the face, working with oils or harsh chemicals, excessive sweating, hair hanging in your face, or the use of hair care products that contain oils. Also avoid squeezing pimples. Squeezing pimples can result in an infection and/or long-term scaring.
  3. Thiaf

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    A week before my period I always get to have a slight acne break out. My ultimate solution for my acne problems is lemon. Every night before going to bed I wash my face with mild soap and water and after that I gently apply freshly squeezed lemon juice and leave it on overnight then wash it with warm water the next morning.
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  4. markedizon

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    Start a basic skincare regimen Acne thrives on neglected skin. Many cases of adult acne result from dead skin that clogs pores. That’s why the first line of defense against acne should be good daily cleansing habits. “An ideal daily skincare routine for adults with acne may include a medicated acne wash, glycolic or salicylic exfoliating treatment pads, and a lightweight moisturizer,” says Jeff Birchall, MD, medical director of dermacare and laser skincare
  5. Hdenny

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    The best acne solution I found (and I struggled with acne well into my adult years) was to stop wearing makeup. I know it can seem harm, especially for girls who feel self-conscious and a need to cover up their acne. But the makeup stops your face from breathing and clogs the pores, so logically not wearing make-up makes a significant difference.
  6. veryel28

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    Back in 2017, I had a major breakouts on my forehead. It was cured by taking Isotretinoin that my derma prescribed. Last year (2018), I had breakouts again on my cheeks (but lesser than what happened on my forehead). This time, I started to take care of my health --- going to the gym, having a facial once-twice a month, having a healthy diet, avoiding oily & greasy food, sticking to my skincare routine, cutting off dairy/chocolates, and what helps me most is lemon water and green tea. I am doing it for almost 7 months now, and my skin is glowing as ever. No more breakouts. Just some acne marks, but they are manageable than actual pimples.. So go ahead, you deserve to take care of your skin.
  7. marianneap

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    Acne was my dilemma when I was in higher school, I barely remember a day without any pimple in my face. Back then, I tried and used different toners, creams and cleansing stuff. One of those is the skinol and then I put clindamycin on it. Yes it worked for a little while but the pimples kept on coming back. I also used ponds, their advertisements work quite well for me because I bought it haha, but still it didn't work. Then when I was in college, I tried using papaya soaps, the kojie-san whitening, Olay, etc but what works best for me is the konie-san bur toner that I always purchase in supermarkets and mercury drug stores. And in my amazement, the nature republic's aloe vera gel even the mist have done wonders on my skin. In addition, for me to protect my skin from UV rays, I also used the Japanese brand Biore bright pink with SPF 50. I can also say that Etude's wonder pore blue toner is very effective, however its is costly. There are numerous products in the market nowadays, you just have to choose whick is the best one that suits your type of skin. You can also visit a dermatologist so they can prescribe you something. But we shouldn't forget to be aware of the food the we eat, and of course to drink a lot of water.
  8. Mecheslia

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    There are a lot of products available now in the market that can be used to treat acne problems. You just need to find those which contain some of the key ingredients that help in the effective treatment of breakouts such as Retinol, Glycolic acid, Sulfur, Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide.

    Another option and a safer way to get rid of acne is using natural treatment. I personally have proven the effectiveness of lemon. Using a cotton bud, I apply fresh lemon juice on the problem area and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with water. It is best to this regimen at night because the skin can easily get sunburn when you apply lemon. It takes some time to see the results but it's worth the wait.
  9. fordhamgirl914

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    I completely agree with you! Our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on internally. So, what is the point of topical treatments if we do not fix the root of the problem? I think one should look at their lifestyle and see what they can do to improve it. It's worth a shot.
  10. pseudolly

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    I got my acne problem when I was in my 2nd year in university. At that time makeup wasn’t as visible in the market as it is now. My self-esteem really took a nosedive because of acne. I went to the dermatologist to get it treated and he gave me like a whole bunch of his self-made concotions — benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and if I remember correctly, retinoids as well. He gave me a very strict skin care regime, using Cetaphil or Physiogel as cleansers and then his products. It stung like hell! My face was so red after putting all those nasty smelling things on my face AND IT DIDNT DO THE WORK. I still had acne!

    What cleared up my acne was a mixture of a local brand’s deep cleansing toner and an antibiotic capsule. I did it every night. Sometimes, I’d leave a soaked cotton pad on top of a cystic acne for 30 minutes or so, and by the next day, it would dry out. That was the only thing I put on my face aside from a bar of papaya soap that I would use to wash my face in the morning and night. It was cheap but it worked. I have zero acne right now, though I usually get 1-2 zits when I’m on my period. I’ve never changed my diet either. I’ve been using the 10 steps Korean skin care regimen in the recent years to help my skin look even better. My hyperpigmentation has visibly lightened following this.
  11. mvillere

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    Many people make the mistake of using too many products on their skin. I stick to a very gentle cleanser then light moisturizer with sunscreen in the AM. For PM, I use the cleanser, Stridex wipes, then a heavier moisturizer. And I never wear foundation or powder on my face, so that it gets to breath.
  12. dani000gge

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    I've used a lot of products from serum to spot ointment for my bad acne in the past.I have an oily skin which adds up to the risk of having break out every time I'm under a lot of stress or if I didn't get rid of makeup thoroughly. The only one that works well for me is "ALOE VERA GEL. I use this in the morning as moisturizer and primer. At night, I used it as moisturizer/mask.I spread it like peanut butter on my face.Yes, that amount! I've been doing this for almost a year now and it really saves my skin.
  13. beckertani

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    Avoid oily foods. I think the food we eat has something to do with pimples. The healthy food we eat the better skin we get.
  14. Warren1967

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    I wash my face thoroughly and use facial scrub to prevent oil from building up that would lead to acne.
  15. Hayciel

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    Acne is usually occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with excessive oil and dead skin. For me I just go back to the basics, do not let those health follicles be plugged up. My skin is a bit dry, so I'm really prone to having acne, what I do is just clean my skin twice daily, using mild soap and luke warm water, mild soaps are those that wont hurt your nose when you smell them, it means that it does not have tons of chemicals on it. Then I use moisturizer, I chose organic for that as well, Aloevera gel to be exact, my skin loves it, and it keeps it hydrated all day long.
  16. vebselpo

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    I have this toner that I bought online that contains salicylic acid which is vital to get rid of acne. Tea tree oil is also good in treating acne as it reduces the swelling of the acne. The very basic you can do and doesn't cost any amount is to wash your face before bedtime or after going out. Its my habit to wash my face once I get home from doing some errands. When we're outdoors there are so many germs accumulated by our skin that we need to wash out that may result in getting acne.
  17. sylviajasthy

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    These 5 regimens are practised by Asian people for smooth, bright, youthful and acne problems. Can be used on the face and body.

    Regimen 1: Rice water toner
    The rice must be washed thoroughly with water. Ratio 1:2 rice to water. Keep the remaining rice water in the bottle plastic and in the refrigerator. Use as a toner and apply on cotton as makeup removal or on oily face. Practice every day.

    Regimen 2: Use mild soap
    Use a mild soap such as Johnson Top-To-Toe. It is suitable for sensitive skin, oily and acne face. When cleansing your face, avoid rubbing your face roughly, and repeating the facial cleansing twice.

    Regimen 3: Salt scrub
    Use finer salt as a facial scrub. Salt can kill germs in the face. Practice 2 times a week.

    Regimen 4: Wipe the face with a tissue
    After washing your face, do not use bath towels or face towel, preferably with a tissue.
    This prevents germs from spreading from towels to your face that has been washed.

    Regimen 5: Tumeric and rice mask
    Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoons of rice flour. Add warm water, mix well until becoming a thick paste. Apply as a mask, let it dry thoroughly before rinsing with cold water. It is recommended leaving the mask overnight for good results. Use 2 times a week.

    This regimen is simple, and the ingredient is cheap. Give a try. I personally use it and saw an amazing result as soon as 2 weeks.
  18. pkfolk

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    I promise you I tried literally EVERYTHING during my teenage years and absolutely nothing worked until I had medication. My dermatologist gave me Roaccutan and my skin has been smooth and clean since then. I am still struggling with scars, but that's nothing compared with the horrible look I used to have.

    Diet helps, yes, but meds are the only solution.
  19. danzkie

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    When I'm start suffering from acne I don't know what to do on how to get rid from it. And then when the time comes that I suffer a lot of acne into my face I Tried to searched from internet Of different remedies, I tried it but nothing happens with my face But after 9 years of suffering it's all gone without using any supplement or ointment. All you have to do is to sleep early, wash your face regularly with mild soap, and don't touch with your dirty hand to your face because it can coupe irritation .
  20. katemacam23

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    Apply a treatment with 2 percent salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates, such as Benzac Acne Solutions Intensive Spot Treatment, twice daily all over your face, or one with benzoyl peroxide, which fights the bacteria that cause zits.
  21. pancitcanton

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    Acne runs in our family so home remedies, mild products, natural and whatnots don't work for me.

    Thankfully, I learned about Korean skincare. I don't do the whole 10 step though, that takes time and money, which I don't have.

    The following are what helped me clear up my acne and my current routine to prevent my acne from flaring up. I have combination to oily skin by the way.

    1. Wash with a non drying facial foam. I use Pond's facial foam.
    2. Exfoliate every other day (in the evening) with a peeling gel. I'm loving Ra&Gowoori Honeylemon peeling gel.
    3. It should be followed by a toner but I don't have money for that so I proceed with essence.
    4. After a minute or two, I proceed with vitamin C serum.
    5. This is the most important step in my routine, Ampoule. When I had active acne, I used Propolis ampoule. Now that my skin is acne free, I use Centella ampoule to prevent breakouts and treat acne marks and dark pigmentations.
    6. After everything is absorbed on my skin, I finish with a night cream. I'm using Ra&Gowoori horse oil cream.
    7. I also do everything in the morning but use face cream with spf instead of night cream.
    I hope my routine helps you.

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