What`s your brand of laptop?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by tavarel, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. ScottKiys

    ScottKiys New Member

    I like HP laptops, they have lightscribe, and also, it seems like HP designs their computers to be entertainment devices, great sound and video.
  2. SFW

    SFW New Member

    I have an old Asus laptop. I treat it quite badly, but so far no damage. It seems pretty rugged. I have one big complaint about it. It comes pre-installed with a lot of asus software. Some of these programs are difficult to use. Especially the wireless internet center. Luckily you can remove these programs or at least turn them off. Other then that I have no complaints.
  3. ckrieger1

    ckrieger1 New Member

    I have a Sony Vaio. I really like the sleek look of the Sony laptops. They might cost slightly more than brands like Toshiba but I think it's worth it for me. My very first laptop was a Compaq, and there is no comparison. The Sony is so much better in every way.
  4. Kharney

    Kharney New Member

    Just got a new MacBook Pro 15' retina screen display for Christmas and it is amazing!
  5. Parkergolf

    Parkergolf Member

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" (mid-2012) model. It is a very nice computer that runs well. I also run Windows 7 on it with VirtualBox.
  6. FerAl

    FerAl New Member

    I currently have an old Insys GameForce machine. It's not the best computer you may buy for the price I bought this one but it's a really cool computer. You can do everything you want on it. I'm running Windows 8 without any kind of problem. I have this computer for about 3 years.
  7. Intensity

    Intensity New Member

    Currently using an HP. It used to be a law enforcement agency laptop. Got a killer deal on it though. LOL.
  8. iVeyron

    iVeyron New Member

    Toshiba Satellite.

    ASUS>Toshiba>Samsung>Acer>MSI>HP>Dell>Everyone else.
  9. milonhasan

    milonhasan New Member

    I use Toshiba satellitec600 .
  10. Wimzicalbeing

    Wimzicalbeing New Member

    HP laptop with Windows 8 system. At first I was lost when it came to Windows 8, but after doing some tweaking it's growing on me.
  11. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    ASUS G74sx. I love the laptop, and I love ASUS' machines, but the ASUS support is really shitty. My laptop fucked up last year, so I went to my local PC store where I bought the PC at. They send it in to ASUS, and first after 3 months, I get contacted that they can't fix my PC so they will have to give me a new one. 3 months without a decent PC, that's shitty service.
  12. szjoe

    szjoe New Member

    I use a Dell for work and am on it most of the day however my personal labtop is a Mac... very confusing at times making the switch!
  13. drdurham77

    drdurham77 New Member

    I use a Dell Inspirion with a 17" screen and I also have a Mac Book.
  14. DesireeStyles

    DesireeStyles New Member

    I use the Mac Book Pro 17". Through many years of going through so many computers and laptops I figured I'd buy a mac. Boy, I was not disappointed. I purchased my Mac in March of 2010. The big selling point for me was that Mac's are not as susceptible to viruses as regular window computers. Ever since then I"ve never looked back and I am happy to say after 4 years of having it I have had no issues.
  15. Demonface

    Demonface New Member

    My current laptop is an Samsung . It has an i3 processor and its pretty fast . The only thing is that it gets a little hot . But I do use it almost at least twenty four hours a day.
  16. clockypage

    clockypage New Member

    I have a Dell Inspiron N4010. I got my first laptop when I started college, and it was a Dell Inspiron 1525. It never gave me any problems, so I've stuck with Dell ever since.
  17. Lernia

    Lernia New Member

    Mine is a toshiba, it is quite old but still pretty good. I do not play a heavy games either, so it is good enough for me.
  18. Kany69

    Kany69 New Member

    I have a Dell Inspiron. I got it on my 17th Birthday. It's working great since then. I never had any problem with it. I also bouth a Notebook later on but i gave it to my Brother since i am not using it well.
  19. larkykid

    larkykid New Member

    My brand is a Sony Vaio, this is my second one after I was quite impressed by my first one which gave me great service for 8 years then I decided to upgrade for a newer model and I have been quite satisfied with it also.
  20. papillon

    papillon New Member

    Same here. I've had three laptops over the years and all of them were Toshiba. The latest is a Satellite C660 and it's great for me, it wasn't expensive and does everything I want. I know some people have had issues with the Toshiba batteries but I've had mine nearly two years and it's fine.
  21. papillon

    papillon New Member

    Same here. I've had three laptops over the years and all of them were Toshiba. The latest is a Satellite C660 and it's great for me, it wasn't expensive and does everything I want. I know some people have had issues with the Toshiba batteries but I've had mine nearly two years and it's fine.
  22. Jackw

    Jackw New Member

    I currently use a Samsung, but i'm looking for a macbook at the moment. I like to produce music, and anything art related you should probably go Mac.
  23. ddeathly

    ddeathly New Member

    An Advent modena m1o1, not a great laptop :(
  24. Endo42

    Endo42 New Member

    Since all the hardware is basically the same in every manufacturer's computers, what matters most to me is the customer service of the company.I have an HP and I love it. Not because of how good it is (which it is), but because of how helpful HP is. If you have any kind of problem At All with your computer, HP is usually willing to bend over backwards to help you. I've had horrible experiences with Dell, and decent experiences with Sony, but only amazing experiences with HP.
  25. raflowers

    raflowers New Member

    Mine's a Toshiba. I frankly don't remember the exact model but I have been very happy with it so far; it's about eighteen months old at this point and I expect it to last me for at least a couple more years before being replaced. I haven't had to deal with their customer support at all as it has remained in perfect working condition in the time I've had it so I can't tell you much there - the fact that I haven't had any complaints speaks for itself. It was very reasonably priced compared to others but I did end up paying a bit more for it because I preferred one with a number pad which made the screen bigger, which is what they were actually charging for. I'd recommend this brand to anyone.
  26. Debra

    Debra New Member

    I love my Mac Book Pro. Thin and lightweight is the way to go for me. It has all different types of games, features and programs. I love Garage Band. It's a program on an Apple computer that allows an individual to create music. I can use this program all day and all night long.
  27. Garrett Friedley

    Garrett Friedley New Member

    I was unaware that Benq made laptops. This is interesting I am very impressed and would like to look further into this. I was going to suggest Asus when I entered this thread though.
  28. WA1

    WA1 New Member

    Lenovo is not bad at all, but some of their designs are weird. In terms of quality and durability, their think pad series is one of the best in the business. The exterior design of the current Yoga 13 is extremely beautiful but I think the Yoga 11 will be more practical.
  29. naorgk

    naorgk New Member

    I currently have an Asus N55s and its great, not too slow or battery consuming but it has a decent hardware for the time being (just ran Crysis 3 on it) . Before that I had an HP dv6 which was mainly used for gaming and it did its job very well for more then 3 years. If you are looking for a not to expansive gaming laptops I recommend something from those brands.
  30. ArcAngel11049

    ArcAngel11049 New Member

    I have a HP 530 Intel Core Duo. I love this machine first because it is a HP, it is fast, very quiet and relatively warm even after running for long hours.

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