What should I bring for a remote family picnic?

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    I need help figuring out a menu that will work for my family's day trip this weekend. We are driving up into the state park for some nature hiking and exploring. The picnic has to be able to:
    • be stored for 6 hours before we eat it and not need re-heating
    • not take up too much room in the trunk
    • serve two adults and a ten year old and seven year old
    • include a wine for the adults and some kind of refreshing or fun drink for the kids
    • be prepared by me, someone who is only so-so in the kitchen
    *To be served with minimal utensils is a plus, as is something healthy for dessert.

    What would you recommend for us? Do you know any good games to play in the woods? Also, if you have any recommendations for useful equipment like chairs or containers, or any other tips, they will be greatly appreciated!

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