what sport you love the most?

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  1. cha

    cha Member

    For me, it's volleyball. It's a great and intense game.
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  2. joshua123

    joshua123 New Member

    Test cricket has been my first and most beguiling love. It is the most artistic of all games and to me the most beautiful. In general, cricket is difficult, frustrating and unfair but those who play it know that the rewards are plentiful. Players have a singular power to make or break the game, as does the weather. Cricket is a game celebrated in verse and song. It can be as brutal as it can be balletic; as true as it can be false. Cricket can be played by all : tall and short, thick and thin, boys and girls, young and old, those with disability and without it. Hours, a day even, may pass while nothing happens and then, as the clock ticks to the close, a moment of magic might fire the emotion for ever. Test cricket is the panacea of this game but it is only a fraction of the grand, global sweep of cricket's appeal, which is realised year upon year by those who first feel its spirit and go on to marry its charms.
  3. Loopy

    Loopy New Member

    Has to be our Irish sport of Hurling. Was brought up on it, with my Dad being heavily involved locally. It is a great game full of skills, which one would have to learn to master from a very young age. Would watch other sports too, typically Gaelic Football, Soccer, Rugby, etc. Played some Badminton in my younger days. Greatly enjoyed that too.
  4. Muath Alhaj

    Muath Alhaj Member

    Taekwondo ...
    I was training Taekwondo for two continuous years, and I got a black belt (one dan) with certification from South Korea, but now I am overweight and lazy like old men, but nowadays I seriously thinking to return to training, at least in a Jim.
  5. izzygust

    izzygust New Member

    Out of all the sports I have watched or been involved in, my favorite comes down to a close tie between softball and volleyball. While I have only been playing volleyball for the past four years, I have always been amazed by the players and intrigued by the game. In contrast, softball has been around my whole life, as I have been playing since fourth grade. Even though I used to hate it, I definitely do not anymore. The excitement of the game and the emphasis on individual skills is extremely intriguing to me. Overall, if i had to choose, I would choose softball.
  6. Dnemesis

    Dnemesis New Member

    basketball is the sports I love the most, it is not just a popular sport but rather it is a good form of exercise if you want to be physically fit and also it can be the source of your income if you are one of the best player in your town and you can be popular by playing basketball with a good skills taking the hoops.
  7. madberna

    madberna New Member

    I'm a huge soccer fan. I used to save money so I can travel and watch Real Madrid play at the Bernabeu. I used to play soccer a lot as a kid and I've continued until I was in college but then I stopped because I started working and had kids. I hope my kids will love soccer as much as I love it.
  8. Louie Alcoriza

    Louie Alcoriza New Member

    I'm a fan of basketball but due to lack of height I ended up with the table tennis or ping-pong and I loved it Table tennis is a great game especially playing doubles. I played it when I was in college but now I don't have time to play. everyone should try playing it because of its technicalities and fun.
  9. karim soun

    karim soun New Member

    my favorite sport is football and why because when i was a kid my dad used to take me with him to play football and he was a football player not famous .so because of that since i was 6 years old i have always wanted to be a football player
  10. shafiq2

    shafiq2 New Member

    For me, it's football. I've supported football since 2000 when i was six years old and ma favorite club is manchester united in England. In Africa, i support Daring Club Motema Pembe (DCMP). Guys football is fun.
  11. Phi

    Phi New Member

    I like so many different kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, badminton etc.
    But guess what, the sport I love the most is unarguably soccer. The legendary Brazilian soccer star Edson Arantes Do Nacimento aka Pele called football ''the beautiful game''. And believe me Cha that is exactly what soccer is.

    Out of all other forms of sport including the ones I mentioned above, and those I have not mentioned, I think the passion surrounding soccer is simply unrivalled. This is a sport that unites nations. This is a sport that holds the entire world spellbound.

    To say that soccer is one of the sports that brings millions of people together is an understatement. Soccer is not just a game, but is also art. Watching the greatest soccer players play is like watching artists display their genius and talent. Cha soccer is the best, and the sport I love most.
  12. Aaron08

    Aaron08 Member

    The sports that I love the most is volleyball because I love playing this sport together with my family and friends, it is easy and fun games because and it was so challenging because you need to have teamwork in order to win the game. This game is so great because sportsmanship is always there.
  13. ysyo11onin

    ysyo11onin New Member

    When I was a kid there's a lot of games I wanna play but there's one game I love the most it's basketball It is one of the most popular games worldwide. Until now, I'm still a big fan of this sports, It gives great feelings if you saw you're favorite player doing a great job in this sports.

    This sports not only gives happiness, It can also be a source of being a physically fit. Playing this game is not that easy as you think, you need a skills to play this game and you need a lot of practice to win your game, you'll be lucky if you dont get injured during the game because when the game get so intense it creates hard physical contacts and you might get hurt.

    Those people who are really interested in this sports really gives time and effort to learn this game. Sometimes they enrolled in a lot of seminars and training's just to learn the basics steps and become a professional basketball player.As long as you know every rules in this game, Your good to go.
  14. JACONiAH

    JACONiAH New Member

    Ever since I was a kid, I've been a basketball fanatic especially NBA. Of course, I also play the game. I can still remember that I used to play at my uncle's backyard where he made a ring and most of the time we play with a bet. It was one of the reason why I enjoyed my childhood days.
  15. Janine2199

    Janine2199 New Member

    I try a lot of sports but BADMINTON is the best. You can have a concentration and a self esteem on itself. It will sweats you a lot when you play badminton. Sometimes i love to play it with my friends and it is more enjoyable while playing this. Even though it is basic for everyone but they are more enjoyable and more addictive also
  16. HumanLocket456

    HumanLocket456 New Member

    For me the best sport is SWIMMING.. Its a sport that i have been playing since i was 6 years old ... I find it a very competitive sport specially when entering a competition ... That's the best part about it .
  17. kgail

    kgail New Member

    I loveeeeee Basketball. The instensity of it especially when its a championship game.
  18. Mark Meynard

    Mark Meynard New Member

    I really love basketball. I've been playing it since the age of 7. It was my father who taught me how to play basketball. From basic dribbling to jump shot, I learned everything from him.
  19. jdo-1219

    jdo-1219 New Member

    I would say that I love Basketball! A lot! I can play it all day long. I've been in a varsity during my high school years. Basketball for me is something different, wherein you have to be physically fit and mentally prepared. And once you're inside the court, it feels like being in a different world. You have your own existing rules and regulations applicable only to all of you inside the court playing the game. You will have your own ways of running your game, like running your own life. You'll learn discipline the whole time, like handling your temper, anger, jealous, joy. Having the right mindset in this game is very critical. And lastly, what I really love about this sport is that, it helps me forget everything that are happening outside the court. All those problems, stress, depressions. They're all gone during the entire game. They do not have a single corner inside your brain. No! Not at all! You'll learn how to pull yourself up every time you fall and continue to play. Yeah! Thanks to the creator of the game. Basketball is life!

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