What stands between success and failure?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rosspigao, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. rosspigao

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    For me the most important success is being happy. But if we are not happy in all areas of our life, we are not as successful as we wish we could be.If we are not as successful as we would want, we have to change part of the subconscious mind.If something does not work out, we need to look for another way to achieve our goals. Giving up is not an alternative.People who fail are giving up too quickly.
  2. traceh

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    I think the most important difference between success and failure is your attitude towards the situation, if you feel that you will never accomplish anything then you are unlikely to be successful. You have to get up each morning with the right attitude and motivation, you have to believe you can your self and know your worth.
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  3. iamalwaysthankful

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    I sensed a lot of optimism on your words so I decided to join in. :)

    I think both success and failure would have similar meanings in the dictionary called life. To call one a success or a failure all depends on one's perspective. A person's success can still be called by someone as a failure. It is all about how we view things, how content we are on what is given to us.

    There are days one will feel he is a failure, other days, a success. The only thing standing between success and failure is you. So I agree with both of you, rosspigao and traceh.

    Get up. Be motivated. Life is beautiful. It always has been.
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  4. alaamohamed

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    I think that success in life is to provide benefit to others, to be valuable to those around you and as a result this will make you happy and this is the main goal of success to be happy. for example When the innovator succeed to invent something new to serve people and then see others use this thing and they benefit from it . I think this innovator will be very happy because he makes people happy and makes their lives easier. Either being aimless and not helpful this is the top of failure.

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