What superpower would you want?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Starmz, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Starmz

    Starmz New Member

    I've never been able to decide, partly due to a penchant for indecision and partly because the possibilities are endless! I used to think I would want mindreading but decided I wasn't a fan of invading people's privacy—or the possibility that I would be overwhelmed by non-stop noise should I be unable to control my power. Plus, I don't have a thick skin and though I logically know that a lot of our thoughts pop up unbidden or unmeant, I'm not sure I would be able to handle knowing the extent to which I irritate people.

    My go-to- for a few years has been empathy, mostly in the form of reading/experiencing others' emotions or even empathetic projection. I don't think it'd be terribly useful, but I just like the idea of being so closely connected to emotion. However, because I can't see that power having much purpose aside from debates or counselling, I might be leaning more towards mind-reading again or perhaps telepathy.

    How about you guys; what superpower would you like to have?
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  2. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Member

    Hmm that's a very hard question, there's a lot of good answers but,
    I'm going with Dead Pool's power,
    He simply cannot die, he's got
    unparalleled regenerative
    powers that surpasses
    even Wolverine's.
  3. Melody Raindo

    Melody Raindo New Member

    Really standard, but telekinesis is always my go-to. Think about it! Its versatility means that you really can't go wrong. In a battle? Stop bullets. Bored? Levitate yourself and fly. Spider? Kill bugs without ever having to touch them. Short on time? Multitask with more than two hands.

    That, and I'm just really lazy and want to fetch stuff without getting out of bed, okay. Don't judge.
  4. SWN

    SWN New Member

    I would want the power to be really smart but not too smart that it would drive me insane; being that the power of super intelligence would lead our race to rise to even greater heights and make new inventions/discoveris that will ultimately make our lives easier and better. You could also solve any and all problems which would definitely help everyone.
  5. Quick

    Quick New Member

    I want a power that controls time. I can stop it or go to the past or the future. Go back to the past so i can correct the mistakes i made. Then go the future so i will know the winning lottery numbers for me to win it hahaha. Problem solved im rich
  6. Rosamistika

    Rosamistika New Member

    How I wish I'd be strong enough to carry our two storey house and transfer it to a very peaceful place, but I don't ever want to stay in a cemetery...lol. Maybe whatever my mind thinks of will happen just like letting our house float in the air where my family and I can travel around the world. Anyway dreaming the impossible is for free so no worries.;)
  7. Amiel

    Amiel New Member

    Heyyaa there! I love topics about superpowers and if given the chance I'd love to have that of Nightcrawler--to teleport here and there at will. I would love to visit places instantly without having to travel via vehicle or plane. That would really be cool especially if I want to visit a kin or friend as well. The most exciting part of it is that I can easily take my wife and daughter to places whenever I want and without hassle! :)
  8. Reuben720

    Reuben720 New Member

    Mind reading CAN pose a ton of problems like you said. Take Professor X for example. He wasn't too happy about getting his powers at first.
    I am very curious about your idea of empathetic projection though. If the power could be projected to multiple people in crowd it could be useful for crowd controlling or even swaying an audience. A presidential candidate with such a power would be especially dangerous. Or just controlling rioters and angry mobs would be simple and done without violence.
    Since it is just projecting emotions it can't be listed as a complete form of mind control and just balances on a thin line of morality. Could be used for bad or good like any other power.

    Anyway, I think i would like to have such a super power. Seems very interesting.
  9. puntodevista45

    puntodevista45 New Member

    yeah...guys really a super power??much better to have the one who can change an object for me its more and absolutely cool. just i want to change some dollar bill to a big amout,,i guess this is the answer for the poverty and hunger....peace
  10. iPerfect87

    iPerfect87 New Member

    if i would have a superpower i would choose a power that can bring me back to time and make the wrong things right. because in today's generation people will just remember the good thing you've done when you died and would only remember the bad things that you've done when your'e still a live but never remember the good things you've also done so its better to go back at that time and make it right so that people will remember you from the good things you've done and not the bad.
  11. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk New Member

    I would like most superpowers,but if I had to choose I would want a superpower to charge up like electricity.I could zap the bad guys when I needed to,and in between doing that,charge my phone with it.
    I could also go anywhere and charge up a mobile generator for a caravan or cabin in the woods,and never be out of power.I could go live offgrid ,away from civilization for a time,and away from danger,
  12. akodeen2

    akodeen2 New Member

    If I would given a chance to have a superpower, I'd like to have a power where I can be teleport, so that I can finally tour around the world for free. And I also wanted to have a power where I can be invisible, so I can finally know who 's my partner with after work.
  13. bambie36

    bambie36 New Member

    Telekinesis because it’s one of the most overpowered abilities basically ever. With telekinesis and proper training I can do just about anything I want. I've always thought it would be cool to fight with my mind. Telekinesis is like air bending powers but cooler and would let me mimic any other power I wanted.
  14. Jennifer Campbell

    Jennifer Campbell New Member

    I would really want to have the ability to communicate in any language. I could travel the world, and be able to read anything! It's such a neat idea because a whole world of potential would be opened up for you. You could become a translator, or read old texts and translate them to any language in the world.
  15. Angelique93

    Angelique93 New Member

    Oh, this is such a cool topic! And there are so many possibilities...I mean, just as many as your imagination allows, haha.
    As a kid, I always wanted to be able to turn invisible at will. Just think how amazing it would be - you could basically enter anywhere, see everything, be in places that aren't allowed for ordinary people to see.
    Teleportation also would be nice. Every time I'm on a crowded bus, I ponder how great would it be to be able to just snap your fingers and immediately find yourself in a place you want to be. No cost, no exhausting travels, no hassle.

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