What to do if you have insomia? at night

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    any advice please?
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    There are many things you can try if you are unable to fall asleep.

    Sleep is caused by the production of melatonin in the brain. This will not happen if there is a lot of blue light around you. In the hours before sleep, try and limit your exposure to the bluer types of light. For example, computer and phone screens have a lot of blue light. Installing a blue light filter like f.lux will make the screen have more red light, helping the production of melatonin. Changing your lighting in the house can also help, as some lights are brighter and bluer than others.

    A relaxing activity in the hour or two before sleep can also help, as it will calm you down. Reading a book is particularly good at this time, as reading is a very peaceful activity and does not require screens that emit blue light.

    Try to go to bed at the same time every night, as this builds a routine and can help the timely production of melatonin, so you will get sleepy on time.

    The bed should be used only for sleep, so your brain will associate it with the activity of sleep and help you fall asleep faster. You can help this process by removing any sources of disturbances in your bedroom. Keep it dark, and get rid of your electronics.

    If you are unable to fall asleep after around half an hour, trying to sleep is pointless and will probably be stressful. At this point, you might as well get up and do something else for a little while. Perhaps some reading, or any other relaxing activity.

    Failing all this, there are doctors who can help with prescriptions of the right drug to help cause sleep, and other helpful advice that could be specific to your case. Try to visit a sleep specialist if sleep continues to elude you.
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    I drink tea, taking a half bath with hot water, listening to calm music lastly i am thinking about me laying in the swing in front of the sea or island then it help me calm my body and mind it help me fall asleep.
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    I'm trying to lose time on facebook until my sleep comes.
    Or to read something ...
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    I drink milk at night, then read pocketbooks or watt pad stories. It relaxes my mind and let my worries fall into place. I just wait for me to get sleepy so that my brain would not be burned out if I really oblige myself to sleep even if not sleepy.
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    To be honest, having an insomnia at night is very difficult. Having not better sleep affects our daily life. But there are few things to fall asleep easily at night. First, dim the lights slightly an hour or before going to bed. Next, do not use your phones and just read book instead. You can also drink milk and don't think about stresses in life. Lastly, you can do relaxing or breathing exercise to be calm.

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    One of the causes of insomnia is disrupted circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is our body's biological clock which is responsible for our sleeping patterns. But nowadays, we are surrounded by artificial lights which mess up our biological clock so people find a hard time in falling asleep easier and deeper. To avoid this, have a fix and consistent sleeping schedule every night to maintain our biological clock. Also minimize your screen usage for atleast 1 hour before going to bed and switch this habit by reading books or meditating to relax your mind and body so you will fall asleep easier. Taking magnesium supplements 30 minutes prior to bed will also help you fall asleep by relaxing your body and your mind. I hope I helped you in some ways. :)
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    If you have trouble in sleeping like insomnia, you should take away all of your stresses. Sometimes, we cannot sleep because we are thinking about our problems. So, calm and relax yourself, drink milk and take away your phone from you.
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    I just relax my self or make my self busy at my cellphone games.
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    I had that problem once. All I did is, I practice myself to sleep before 10 cause once you'll gonna go beyond that time, you will have trouble sleeping
  11. Just relax and don't mind stress. drink 1 glass of milk before going to sleep or listen to your favourite music because it gives a peace of mind.
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    You should begin a relaxing process even before going to bed. Thoughts like, what happened during your day, relationships issues, career progress, anything it can get its hands on that brings you to stress. You need to let it go before going to bed.

    Therefore, Put the day and your life on standby, don’t let your bedtime turn into a strategic life planning session.

    When you’re in bed, you need to be in another world. A completely separate environment. The day is behind you and all you have to look forward to is deep refreshing sleep. In order to do this your brain needs to calm down. If you are still in the loop of solving problems you will remain awake.

    A good way to shift your unsolved problems and to store them for the morning, is keeping a journal. Write down all your current thoughts, feelings, problems and solutions just before you go to bed. By doing this you can completely let them go, safe in the knowledge that they’re safely stored and ready to access when you wake up.
    You even can have a small voice recorder device like your smartphone by your bed just in case you want to add anything when you’re in bed. Once you’ve received a thought just write it down, let it go and pick it up the next morning.

    The next step would be to transform into positive thinking:
    • My sleep is deep and refreshing
    • Sleep is relaxing and nourishing experience
    • I get all the sleep I need each and every night
    • I wake up fresh and alert, ready to start the day
    Listen to some calm relaxing music. You can find thousands of tracks online that you can listen too, and by testing a few nights you will then be able to determine which kind of music turns your mind into a calmer position.

    When you go to bed, imagine yourself feeling very sleeping. Think back to time when you could barely keep your eyes open. Relive that moment as vividly as you possibly can.

    Worrying about not sleeping causes your mind to fill with thoughts and your heartbeat to race, stopping you from sleeping, stressing you out even more. It’s a vicious cycle. If you can’t sleep, don’t worry. Don’t panic. Even better, try and stay awake. Make a game out of it. Do you know what happens when you try this? You end up falling asleep in record time. One of the main causes of stress and anxiety in bed is an activity called watching the clock. If you’ve got the time lit up in big red numbers, it’s hard not to notice how long you’ve been awake for and mentally note how many hours you’ve got left until you need to wake up, causing you to stress and panic. Most of us naturally overestimate the length of time you’ve been awake for. Our mind plays tricks on us. If you need a clock for an alarm, consider using a mobile phone or a clock which doesn’t constantly emit light. Or just turn it away from you so you would have to sit up to see it.
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    to take milk and eat a banana for help to sleep well. take a bath also to refresh your body and then reading until you become sleepy.

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