What tv series you're watching right now?

Discussion in 'Television' started by inanlj, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. What TV series I'm watching right now is Game of Thrones. I really like the old age medieval concept of it. Also you must watch every episodes to be able to be updated on what happened to every character. I'm on the season 2 of Game of Thrones. Season was was very good since it is the reason why there is war because of death of Ned Star.
  2. muriel watawat

    muriel watawat New Member

    I am currently watching Korean drama series. Honestly, there are too many to mention but if am to suggest I would say you watch “While you were sleeping”. It’s a romance-comedy-supernatural drama about a woman who can see the future in her dreams, and a prosecutor who fights to stop these future events from happening. I actually prefer comedy dramas than heavy ones since it serves as my stress reliever.
  3. niear09

    niear09 New Member

    I’m an avid fan of Korean series so I’m currently watching “kill me heal me” it was aired in 2015 and this is my 2nd time watching it cause it’s really good. I recommend this series this is a romantic comedy between a third-generation billionaire with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly. After a traumatic experience in his childhood, the man suffers memory lapses and his personality then fractured into seven different identities. This is a very exciting series every episode you watch you will feel like you’re in the scene. I won’t tell anymore I might spoil it so you watch first before you judge it. ;)
  4. dianne

    dianne New Member

    Right now I watching Strong gir Bong soon. It makes me "kilig" . The two leading man is so handsome.And the Leading actress is very cute like a kid.
  5. Kimberly Barnes

    Kimberly Barnes New Member

    I love television and I have several series that I follow. I am most dedicated to Grey's Anatomy which I have been watching for several years now. I started watching Grey's when I visited my son and his wife was watching it on Netflix. I then started from the beginning binge watching all the episodes available on Netflix. Now I look forward to the new shows weekly and really miss them during off seasons. I know the show is totally unrealistic in the way that it shows the workings of a hospital but I love it anyway. It makes me laugh and cry nearly every episode.
  6. jhnzky

    jhnzky New Member

    I love to watch NEW EPISODE of 24, and THE WALKING DEAD, because every episode and chapters are really surprising, I fell excitement every season, every episode while watching. I love the story and i really admired every casts. I am happy to see zombies attacking humans though quite scary hehehe. It makes my heart fast-beating every time they are under attack of zombies. I can't wait to see the next episode
  7. warenloyd2

    warenloyd2 New Member

    I've been watching fox movies , I been watch walking dead new episodes , its coming October I can't wait of that I been watching with family and friends . I'll forget watching marvel A.G.E.N.T of shield its so more action and very interesting every episodes . I hope more Chanel to come our TV series
  8. jamoram90

    jamoram90 New Member

    I'm currently watching Narcos in Netflix. Pablo Escobar's era was over and I'm pretty excited to see how Cali Cartel would continue his legacy. I mean I'm not enjoying the killing or the drug stuff in this series, but the scenes are really intense. The way they the portray gang wars is pretty impressive.
  9. allrock

    allrock New Member

    NCIS, I am an avid fan of this fictional team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Although this is fictional I am sure that some episodes from Season 1 to its current Season 15 are based on true and real life stories. I have a DVD collection of Seasons 1 to 14 which I watch on weekends over and over again. I even have several favorite episodes in my phone. The unique and sometimes unconventional ways of solving crimes by this team is what made me hooked up to this series. I just love to guess who is the perpetrator among the suspects presented on each episode and 95% of the time I fail. Just imagine how excited and proud I am when I guessed the right one.

    Hopefully, Season 15 will continue the show’s comedic elements, cooperative acting, and character-driven plots. I can’t wait to watch Episode 1 of Season 15 this weekend. Come and join me!

    If you want to understand and enjoy this show better, please watch and start with Season1.

    Morepower Special Agent Gibbs!
  10. Salynde

    Salynde New Member

    Supernatural. I had a complete series, watched all episodes over & over again.
  11. Rizen

    Rizen New Member

    If you like watching feel good series i would suggest Two Broke Girls or Modern Family. It gives you good vibes in the morning when you start watching it.
  12. Sagar Ratra

    Sagar Ratra New Member

    I am watching Game Of Thrones these days. I am on fifth season. The story is truely amazing! The twist in the story, the suspence in the end of every episode, the cast are great! My favourite character in the show is Margery Tyrell. The character is played by Natalie Dormer and she is so beautiful! I love the show and I am super hyped to see all the episodes of all the seasons.
  13. Rizen

    Rizen New Member

    I am watching Once upon a time. It is about the various fairy tale characters who were sent to the real world by the curse that was enchanted by the evil queen in the Snow White and the seven dwarfs. I like the way the writer connected every character to one another. Like Rumpelstiltskin is the son of Peter Pan and is also the beast that Belle loved in the Beauty and the Beast. The evil queen is the eldest sister of Zelena, the wicked witch of the West in Wizard of Oz. Emma (daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming) and Baelfire (Emma's first love) had a child named Henry who was adopted by Regina (the evil queen). Emma married Captain Hook. Robin Hood is the father of Zelena's daugther but fell in love with the evil queen. Ingrid (Snow Queen) is the aunt of Elsa and Anna. I won't list the others because there are numerous characters in the story but I promise the have met one another.

    There are lots of twists as well in the story that makes it more exciting. And if I would write all of those it will take forever. So better watch it. ;);););)
  14. John El Psy Congro

    John El Psy Congro New Member

    I'm watching the walking dead. I really like the psychology of this t.v. show. It lets you see different personality from different people when life is endangered. There would be people who would do anything to survive, then there are those people as well that are not willing to live. There are good people also but there are also bad people. You can see how different people are when their lives are set on risk. The real color shows. And also, who hates a zombie film? The show is really great and really exciting. I can't wait for the coming season this October!
  15. RainbowMama17

    RainbowMama17 New Member

    I started watching Shameless about a week ago. I'm now on season 2 and have fallen in love with the Gallaghers. I'm a TV junkie and have tons of shows that I follow each week. The bad part is I can't always keep up with them. Current shows that I watch are Law and Order: SVU, Chicago Fire, and American Housewife.
  16. andora

    andora New Member

    Doctor Doctor, 2016, Australian. Rodger Corser, Hayley McElhinney. A rising Heart Surgeon's life takes a turn he was not expecting when he gets caught out having snorted coke, the resulting disciplinary action gives him the option of being disbarred for life or spending a year in a back water town working as a GP, but not being allowed to operate.
    This has turned out to be surprisingly entertaining, as many of the Australian TV series have proven to be, we watch a lot of TV series, 2 episodes a night for the last 10 years and as a result we have become highly critical and our expectations are extremely high, this series is undemanding in it's story line, you can see it coming a mile away, it is funny but not funny haha more an occasional Guffaw but the acting is good the setting of an Australian outback town is pleasant. Doesn't sound like some thing you would bother with? You could be pleasantly surprised!
  17. MikeG

    MikeG New Member

  18. Imang

    Imang New Member

    Game of Thrones! The best series I have ever watched. It is just sad that the season ended already. I hate the waiting game. I just cannot wait for the next season. If you have not yet watch this series, I highly suggest that you do. The story, the effects and everything in between are just epic.

    I also watch Criminal MInds. I love the dynamic of the team and how they solve crimes through behavioral analysis. What I love about the series is that almost each episode is a stand alone episode which does not require one to watch the previous episode before one can understand the current episode because each episode had different crimes to solve. But of course, I still make sure that I watch it episode per episode.
  19. ligaya

    ligaya New Member

    Currently watching Sense8 , would totally recommend this, its dope. Also watching, Bitten, Grimm, Gossip Girls, The100, Supernaturals. Not a fan of Game of Thrones because I find it boring (please don't hate me for this) but I am trying to watch it and see whats the hype on it.
  20. Sage Wilson

    Sage Wilson New Member

    The TV series I am currently watching is Warehouse 13. I just heard about it from my brother but it is an old series that started back in 2009. The series is more or less like the movie, The Librarian. It follows a man and woman who travel around, recoving missing or new artifacts and brings them back for storage in Warehouse 13. The items are usually connected to a historical or mythical figure or event. Each artifact has some sort of power that is be able to influence a person in some way. I am really enjoying watching this show. It's not a deep and heavy story, and has no foul language.It's fun and entertaining. Plus, it has adventure and humour in it as well.
  21. Mark Jayson Soliot

    Mark Jayson Soliot New Member

    I got a lot of tv series that i currently watching but recently I just added HunterXhunter on the list. Its too old for an anime to start with. I also watch recently game of thrones and the last episode was too epic. I just don't want to tell it here cause other people might read it and spoil them but the last episode was really epic. A lot of actions and revelations and other breath taking moments.
  22. Andra Calbaza

    Andra Calbaza New Member

    I definitely agree with you, it's the best and biggest. Did you know that only for costumes and props they have over 100 people creating for each episode? Can't wait for next season!
  23. Crushem12

    Crushem12 New Member

    I'm currently watching -"how to get away with murder" which is featured on Netflix. How to get away with murder is about a group of university (colleage if you're American!) who are all law students. They are introduced to their law professor who is also a defence lawyer and a small group of students are asked to help her with a couple of cases she's working on! Then the fun begins!

    The show currently has four series, two are on Netflix and the show basically is the story of the adventures of these law students and all the mess they keep getting in, getting out of and keep getting into more mess! It's easy TV!
  24. Andra Calbaza

    Andra Calbaza New Member

    Indeed season 8 will be ending the story of Game of Thrones but there is news for another series happening in the George RR Martin univers and he is also going to be involved. This sounds nice already :)
  25. I am constantly re-watching my favorite TV shows. I just can't get enough of shows, like Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty, I Love Lucy, Father Brown, Doctor Who, Spongebob Squarepants, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Courage the Cowardly Dog to name a few. They are all amazing shows that have beautiful messages to offer the audience in their own magnificent ways. And on top of posting this, it is mrvelous to see the different shows that everyone has been watching. It is interest to view the different personalities in taste, and it gives us a list of shows that we may or may not check out later.

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