What type of transmission do you prefer?

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  1. Nullscope

    Nullscope New Member

    I currently drive an automatic Volkswagen Passat, however I am curious to get others input on what kind of transmission they prefer. Out of the three transmissions out there (dual-clutch, manual, automatic) which transmission do you prefer, and why?
  2. nikidoesjams

    nikidoesjams New Member

    Personally, I prefer a manual transmission. I think part of that is because it is what I learned to drive on. Another part is that it makes me feel like I am actively driving the car. I'm not a big fan of cruise control for this reason too, but that's a whole other post! :)
  3. djdanilo

    djdanilo New Member

    This question has been around for decades, and I think it comes down to personal preference and what type of car it is. Most of the people think that if you don't know how to drive a manual you are not a real driver, but I think it is so much easier to drive an automatic car in bumper to bumper traffic. When it comes to manual it gets very boring and tiring to shift from first to second gear, then go a couple of meters, stop and repeat. On the other side driving a manual is so much more fun. Some car manufacturers even say that modern auto transmissions get better MPG than manuals, but I don't think thats true. I currently drive a 6 speed manual Audi A4.
  4. CurtWriter

    CurtWriter New Member

    Yaaayyy!! Automatic all the way... Forgive me yet still. Actually, I learned and started driving a car fitted with the manual transmission.

    A year down the line, that car got sold so I was stuck with a Toyota on automatic transmission. So I had to learn again which was quite easier than learning with a manual transmission.

    Now, I can't even drive a manual transmission again, as I may drive into a pole or a shop. Give me an automatic transmission anytime, any day.
  5. johnnyb

    johnnyb New Member

    It depends on your preferances. The automatic transmission offers just comfort. On the other hand if you have a manual transmission car, you can feel the engine right on the gear shift. Sure, it might be harder to learn but it's worth trying. You can hear the sound of the engine when you're accelerating, you can drive aggressively or economic. You can make your own driving style, unlike a comfortable automatic transmission.
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  6. Younes

    Younes New Member

    Sincerely, I prefer the manual transmission. This kind of transmission gives you the ability to control the car better. In other words, you will feel that you are involved as a part of the car and you may not feel bored from driving the same car for long trajectories. Some people may argue that the manual transmission is not comfortable; however, it can be and it depends on driver skills. A skilled driver can make driving very smooth and comfortable at the same time.
  7. khummy

    khummy New Member

    I beg to disagree with the notion of 'personal preference'.

    I strongly believe it has more to do with the type of car. If you drive a 50hp 660cc Kei car all day long through the city, Automatic may be the way to go for the purpose. However, if you're buying a used M3 from the pre-Bangle era, it would be almost blasphemous not opting for the one with Manual Transmission.
  8. Irud

    Irud New Member

    I think it is personal preference I would chose manual because you have more control over the car,but if you travel alot I would recommend you an automatic transmission,it's alot easier you just have the brake and the gas and on the highway you are probably most of the time in the highest gear,so in the end it's all about how you will use the car.
  9. cj.schriber7

    cj.schriber7 New Member

    I am guilty of only being comfortable with an automatic transmission. However, I wish I was able to drive a manual-transmission car. As someone has previously noted, manual transmission makes it so that you are actively driving the car.

    An automatic makes driving an easy activity, which makes the experience more enjoyable for some. For me, it sometimes seems almost too enjoyable, like its just a list of passive tasks.

    To this day, I want to make a transition to only driving manual. My current car, a 2013 Subaru BRZ, is dual-clutch. It affords me the perfect opportunity to make that transition in the near future.

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