What types of music are you into?

Discussion in 'Music' started by quinn27, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. TylerA

    TylerA New Member

    Country and Pop are my favourite, listen to those everyday. And then there are those that I like but don't really care about listening to them like Rock or House. And then finally Classical which I listen to so that I can zone out and relax.
  2. Jmari

    Jmari New Member

    It depends on how i'm feeling. I listen to all types of music. I don't have a particular genre I listen too. If it sounds good I will listen to it.
  3. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    I could listen to any genres but mostly I listen to metal. That being said I can't stand some of the metal subgenres, especially death metal. My favorite bands are without a doubt, Dream Theater and Symphony X. I also fancy some older Rock bands, mostly Boston, Kansas and Survivor. I'm also a huge fan of grunge, with Nirvana and Soundgarden being my favorites in the genre.
  4. Lissy Pear

    Lissy Pear New Member

    I definitely float around a lot when it comes to music. I'm mostly into alternative/indie, but most people are surprised when they see me switch over to classical types of music. There is one genre I hate: country.
  5. adlez

    adlez New Member

    Its really hard to pick just one genre as the only kind of music I listen to.
    Music has a big part in my life and the type of music I listen to really depends on my mood. For example I might listen to hip-hop when I'm driving or I'm at the gym but when I get at home and need to just lay down and relax I prefer classical music.

    I know the combination seems strange but that's how I prefer to look at music; as a vast ocean of different tastes that are just waiting to be discovered and that's why I try to listen to all types and never limit myself to one genre.
  6. malesia grosse

    malesia grosse New Member

    Well, I must say my kind of music is reggae .My favorite singer is Bobmarley his word are real and true. His songs of living proof of life , That music put's me in a relaxing mood ,so I can be at peace if I am not.
  7. GhostX

    GhostX New Member

    I'm into any kind of music with a good beat to it, nothing trashy or anything like that.
  8. Justindai

    Justindai New Member

    hip hop musics and others except rock musics
  9. Sheza

    Sheza New Member

    Any kind of music that I can dance to whether it is house music or techno or electronic, those are my favorites. But, in the moments where I just want to chill out and relax a little Dave Matthews Band can go a long way to help me unwind. I love all kinds of music and am always willing to hear something new, but I won't promise to like it.
  10. TheSnappedRecord

    TheSnappedRecord New Member

    Hip-hop, jazz and blues mostly, from any time periods. I've been listening to a lot of De La Soul and Miles Davis lately.
  11. casscillac74

    casscillac74 New Member

    I really enjoy jazz and so does my 3 children.I tell you there is nothing like a great jazz song that comes on and makes you pat your feet or just get up and dance.I and the kids have so much fun and get way more done listening to jazz than ANY other type of music.
  12. Tifanny

    Tifanny New Member

    It's "Classical Music" for me. We usually listen or hear this kind of music in the church, the harmony and melody are perfect to worship God and it is relaxing not like if you put more rhythm on it it will be a different form of music and I personally think that it is not suitable to anyone to think clearly because I feel that it moves away my spirit as it says in the religious view that rhythm is the movement of flesh.
  13. rhedgz3297

    rhedgz3297 New Member

    I love pop songs and 90's songs they really have the voice unlike today
  14. rhedgz3297

    rhedgz3297 New Member

    Generally most of the music today is not about the voice anymore... unlike 90's music and singers which they have the talent to dance and sing...

    That is why love pop songs from the 90's :D
  15. AYANDA

    AYANDA New Member

    I am into hip hop, but I have those moments where I just feel like I must listen to something different. Like a bit of R&B or jazz.
  16. momoftwo78

    momoftwo78 New Member

    I like a variety of genres but the genre that I love the most is R&B because it is soothing to me and helps me relax, these new R&B songs today are all about sex and money, I like artists from back in the day like: Chante' Mmoore and Luther Vandross and there are a lot of other artists but there are too many to mention, but like I was saying, when I am having a bad day or if I am in a bad mood, I listen to my old school R&B and it sends me to a happier place, does anyone know what I am talking about?:cool:
  17. Nuno Vasques Camba

    Nuno Vasques Camba New Member

    I also need a lot of variety with my music....

    When I was a kid it was Punk Rock all day every day :cool: But that became boring real quick...
    At this point of my life, I'm getting into a lot of Indie bands. I like music that makes me think of the 60's, but also improves on that genre or feeling, and creates something new within in.

    I HIGHLY recommend:

    Father John Misty
    First Aid Kit

    Let me know if you end up checking it out! I can recommend some others if you want to :)
  18. Mason Waggoner

    Mason Waggoner New Member

    That is the ultimate question and I just want to thank quinn27 for bringing it up. I have always been a phase kind of guy in regards to music. Early in my music listening career, I would bounce around between rock, and hip hop. That was until my musical taste matured and I discovered the most innovative artist since Michael Jackson himself, The Weeknd. His sound is so harmonious and the echoes accompany his experimental style to a t. Music will never be the same for me I am in love with The Weeknd's music and it is essentially all that I listen to now.
  19. Oliver Leo

    Oliver Leo New Member

    As a music lover, I can relate to pretty much any song as long as there's a nice beat to it and good lyrics. My music taste goes from R&B and soul to House and Alternate. It all depends on the song, and how I can relate to it.
  20. mat

    mat New Member

    I am more into rock than any other kind but i occasionally do listen to other genres though it depends with my mood.
  21. rogerio.sjrp

    rogerio.sjrp New Member

    I love listening to Indie songs. Although many of these independent bands are not as famous as some pop artists nowadays, the quality of their songs are usually worth listening and touching, not to mention the effort they put into the lyrics. One of my favorite Indie bands is The Naked and Famous, from New Zeland. If you listen to "Girls Lile You" you will know what I am saying.
  22. Adham

    Adham New Member

    The only music I can't stand is pop. Right now I'm listening to indie rock from France, after this I might listen to Middle Eastern or Eastern European traditional music, and follow that up with the Beastie Boys, the Dead Kennedys, Nas, or reggae.
  23. lefttowrite

    lefttowrite New Member

    My taste in musical genres is open minded, but I usually dwell into Hip-Hop, R&B and sometimes Jazz. What really brings me into those specific musical artists is the lyrics. Hip-Hop was built off of that, and a beat was just the icing on the cake. Nowadays, the genre has been watered down, but as I search deeper and stray from radio-hits, there is much talent. Artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Common, Isaiah Rashad, Skyzoo, etc is my cup of tea. Conscious Hip-Hop, basically. Jazz is alright here and there, but when you get into dark-jazz then it gets musically intriguing. It's a new sound and I enjoy it.
  24. DayDreamer22

    DayDreamer22 New Member

    I use to be fan of hip hop music but I'm noticing how the music has declined over the years. Fortunately, I'm a woman who focus more on instrumentals rather than lyrical content so can ignore the bad lyrics. As for favorite genre, it's hard for me to pick. I like bands like Linkin Park for their rap and rock combination and the Foo Fighters because of their 90's feel.
  25. Ladyjac

    Ladyjac New Member

    I am into at present, into Gospel music as I am born again. I listen to it first thing in the morning as it gives a lifting of the spirit. It is also good to do before prayer. I also love listening to secular as well like Beyonce and Rihanna, reggae and pop. I have a variety of likes as I grew up with all kinds of music but I do check the lyrics as if it is negative then it is not good for the soul. I love music that uplifts you, not depresses you.

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