What was the first game console you ever owned?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by KadenZipfel, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. KadenZipfel

    KadenZipfel Member

    Mine was the gamecube, what was yours? If you've never had a game console, which one do you think you would get if you had to pick?
  2. Kievsky

    Kievsky New Member

    I guess mid 20s puts me at the higher end of the age demographic here? First console was an SNES, the old mario bundle with Super Mario World and All Stars. I just wish I'd had better taste in games when I was younger, so many classics I could have owned that I ended up playing on emulators years later.
  3. marijke

    marijke New Member

    For us, it was the NES, followed closely by the SNES. Zelda was my favorite, although Mario Kart was a hoot to play. Simon's Quest was a favorite with the kids, as was Mario Bros. My son like to play the boxing one with his dad, and Mortal Kombat on his own.
  4. Kirby859

    Kirby859 New Member

    I had a Nintendo 64 about 7 or 8 years ago. We had Super Mario 64 (which always froze at the ending cutscenes), GoldenEye 64, and some other games. The Nintendo 64 was great fun.
  5. Federico

    Federico New Member

    Mine was a Nintendo 64. It was the console that made me fall in love with gaming. I remember being absolutely blown away by how immersive and fully-fledged the worlds presented by the games were. Firing up Super Mario 64 is still one of my most memorable gaming experiences. I had never even played a 3D game before, so you can imagine the sense of awe it provoked inside me; I was experiencing a game that built the pillars of modern game design.
  6. Soku47

    Soku47 New Member

    The Nintendo 64 was my first console, and was also one of my favorites. I remeber playing Goldeneye: 007, Jet Force Gemini, Starfox 64, Vigilantes 8 and even Battletanx: Global Assault for quite some time. In fact, I still find myself plugging up the old N64 and playing Goldeneye for a few missions. Never gets old!
  7. ryu91

    ryu91 New Member

    I'm gonna have to say my first system was a Super NES bundled with Earthbound. Great game, and an awesome system for a 6 year old LOL. I still love playing that game I have it on my Wii U too even though I have beat it a million times already!
  8. BlackBolt_

    BlackBolt_ New Member

    Sega Mega Drive II. I still have it packed away somewhere. And about 15 games. Stuff like Streets of Rage and Sonic are classics.
  9. BCH

    BCH New Member

    I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum given to me by my cousin when I was 3-years-old but I remember very little of that. The first console I have proper memories of is the Sega Master System I got at 5. I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex Kidd on it all the time.
  10. deltaop

    deltaop New Member

    Growing up I had my elder brother's Sega Genesis lying around. It had rectangular cartridges packed with loads of games. However, I remember Mario and Duck Shooting the most. Man, that virtual gun thing was insanely cool!
  11. LivelyTwenty

    LivelyTwenty New Member

    I cannot really remember the first game console that I have played. When I was young, I remember that I had the three major game consoles (Gamecube, Xbox, and Playstation 2) and I remember that I would switch out and play all three consoles.

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