What was the main reason why you joined Postloop?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by angelsherrykudo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. angelsherrykudo

    angelsherrykudo New Member

    Hi everyone!

    For all the newbies out there like me, I would like to know the reason that motivated you to join Postloop.
    I'm a 23 year-old student from the Philippines, and I want to make the most out of my spare time. I want to start writing stuff online and I also want to earn some extra money for my family expenses. But most importantly, I want to enhance my communication skills and learn new things from the forums. I can see that almost everybody are posting quality stuff and that's awesome! Hope to learn a lot from you.
  2. Lester S. Esmade

    Lester S. Esmade New Member

    Hello everybody.

    I am Lester S. Esmade. 18 years old from the Philippines (Hi angelsherrykudo) The main reason why I joined Postloop is to gain a passive income. I always venture on different investment sites as well as hype programs in various websites but a fifty-fifty chance always block the path in every venture whether a fraud or scam, so I started looking for good source of income until I found Postloop. Not only that I will be earning an income but also honing my English communication abilities especially my writing skills, since I am taking an English Major course that would make this freelance opportunity more applicable and suitable for me.
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  3. SkotosMark

    SkotosMark New Member

    Hello everyone! :D

    I'm new to this kind of thing. But, I know that Postloop is the only way to earn hard cash. That's why, I will put my every last effort to satisfy the raters. Not just by earning though, but to develop my thinking skills when it comes to a work like this. Besides, English is our universal language.
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  4. Nancy G

    Nancy G New Member

    Greetings everyone!

    I just joined Postloop and currently enjoying and hopefully completing my posts. I am excited to learn more about opportunities in Postloop and improved my writing skills further. This is first time for me especially sharing my thoughts in public. This is FUN.
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  5. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    It is fun and it gives me the freedom to get an income even as a college student. I'm honestly amazed at how this system works, it's a win-win platform for those who loves to write. Earning is just a bonus, I intend to frequent this site in the years to come.
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  6. Girl13

    Girl13 New Member

    Good day everyone!

    Honestly, I'm a newbie here. This is my 10th post almost completing the task. I'm enjoying sharing my thoughts and having fun doing it. For now, I'm doing the best that I can to be part of postloop. Looking forward on learning and finding opportunities here at postloop, hope that I'll be officially in.
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  7. raquelama

    raquelama New Member

    I am also new in this site. I think the reason why i'm here is merely learning new things. I want to explore and experience things beyond my comfort zone. This site is really helpful. I like to post my opinions and ideas here. To receive something from this site can also help me to save money for the future use. I am looking forward to more days, months and years here. I am thankful to the person who introduced me in this site.
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  8. evetrinidad

    evetrinidad New Member

    I am a newbie here. I accidentally came across a youtube of Tristan explaining a step by step procedure in joining postloop to share ideas and earn. I love to share my thoughts. In fact I have a blogspot where I talk about travel, emotions, jobs and almost anything I want to write about at a moment. One of my blog, is a diary of what I felt about a certain time. When I feel like writing about an experience during the day, I do it on this blog. I would like to share these on postloop so more people can read these. It's fun to share feelings and experiences with people who can connect to it and I am sure I can do that on postloop.
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  9. xxpatrickguevara

    xxpatrickguevara New Member


    Well for starters that main reason why I started to join postloop is to earn some extra money while I look for a real job. It started when a saw a video made by a guy named Tristan from youtube explaining the step by step procedure on how to register and how I could earn money. But after I explored into the forums, earning money just became secondary. Postloop somehow became the "person" I would run to after a sad, happy or stressful day and I would just find a topic that would fit what Im feeling and I would talk about it. Being an introvert person I really enjoy talking to other people through forums compared to having a conversation to a person face to face. Postloop has also provided me knowledge about other peoples way of thinking and the opinions that they have regarding a certain topic, which I believe is going to be beneficial when I land a real job on the outside world.
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  10. angeldchaz

    angeldchaz New Member

    Hey hello! To answer your question first, I have joined postloop because of good reviews about them paying while someone posts on forums and blogs. And I have loved the idea of earning while posting great content and comments that would benefit the page-owner's traffic and my communication skills and the way I would communicate since I am on the way of starting my own online webpage. And maybe one day I would need this to get people post on my content too.
    Anyway secondly, welcome to postloop! I hope you earn enough to cover whatever expenses you need. I would advice to get into a lot of sites that offer payments while posting content or even start a blog yourself! That would be the best advice I could give. I have been freelancing since 2009 and I tell you there are a lot of online opportunities out there. Have a great day!
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  11. Leotwin2

    Leotwin2 New Member

    I joined postloop because I am all about sharing info and love to read blogs anything to keep my mind occupied. What better way than to stay with the niche of everything and have fun.
    I really like to visit with people, I can learn from others as well!!
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  12. Hafsa Rahman

    Hafsa Rahman New Member

    I just joined this platform to express my thoughts,Spread the real words to increase the rate of goodness.
    And also to increase my rate of knowledge to produce the best.
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  13. angennyl0523

    angennyl0523 New Member

    The reason Im joining postloop is to try a new experience and to have an extra cash at the sametime.
    I also want to have a chance to share my ideas in a certain topic and learn also from other people even I will not get to meet them.
    Just maybe I've got to have new friends in here.
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  14. clinsindir

    clinsindir New Member

    Greetings everyone!

    I never thought that there is such platform like this that is fun and at the same time helps people who want to write and earn as well. This will develop my skill further in writing and might be a step away from creating my own blog. Through this, I can read a lot of stuff that can challenge and broaden my thinking skills about various subjects. Post loop is a gem in the internet world.
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  15. Ms.GraceCastillo

    Ms.GraceCastillo New Member

    Good day everyone.
    I am posting for my 10th entry for the qualifying comments and I am looking forward to getting approved.
    I actually joined because I was watching Youtube and I came across a video uploaded by one Postloop member who is a Filipino and I instantly became interested on it. I am a person who prefers writing than oral. I feel like I can express all of my ideas with writing rather than verbal presentation.
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  16. gigz7blitz

    gigz7blitz New Member

    The main reason why I joined Postloop is to earn money for my family. I need to earn cash since I quit my call center job and went home to take care, my parents. With this platform not only that I can earn money but also I can share my thoughts and ideas on a certain topic in a forum or blog. I can also read other posts and learn from their experiences.
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  17. Yna

    Yna New Member

    Annyeong Loopers!

    If it's not yet obvious, I'm a 24 year old Kdrama addict from the Philippines and I'm posting here for my 4th entry. I just want to share why I joined postloop. I'm not really fond of opening forums and reading comments but here I am. Why? Because I'm still a student and I am very much in need of earning cash for my studies. You see, life is hard and everyone knows that. But earning money is harder when you're juggling work and studies at the same time. I can't and refuse to stop studying for this is my last semester and I very much want to graduate and help my mom with our needs. I can only work with my computer and internet for now since my mom doesn't know any of this. She doesn't want me working not until I graduate but I can no longer see her suffering and working her ass off for my studies. I know I need to do something and this is the only way I could think of. Thank God for having postloop! This is really a big help for me. Another reason is I don't really have something productive to do with my free time so I much rather spend it wisely and start earning. Thank you loopers and more power for POSTLOOP!
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  18. Rmarsh1984

    Rmarsh1984 New Member

    I joined because it seemed more interesting to actually write something, as well as read interesting things about others out there in the world than just "click to view the website" paid sites. I only joined today, and this is I think my sixth post. I'm eager to see what this site has in store for this SAHM and whether it is worth my time in order to earn a little extra cash.
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  19. ShanShan

    ShanShan New Member

    :cool:Interesting :cool::cool:Interesting :cool::cool:Interesting :cool::cool:Interesting :cool:
    Hi, everyone. So, I have a few reasons why I joined Postloop. Firstly, I intend on becoming a blogger in the near future and I believe this is a way to get started on feeling more relaxed on posting your opinions on a public space. Secondly, I am trying the prospects of earning while doing what I enjoy, writing and reading posts on the internet. Aside from little comments on a Facebook posts like, 'nice dress' or 'I like that new car you bought', I have never really posted publicly in a positive meaningful way. Therefore, I believe this is a great medium to do so. WIN! WIN! WIN!
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  20. rhea1128

    rhea1128 New Member

    Postloop environment is a whole you thing to me. Where in you give you insights in any given situations or forums. I learned about it through youtube. One youtuber caught my attention in making money online. He was discussing about the postloop. Then I taught why don't I give a try and hola!, here I am.
    Postloop encourages people to open up and be confident to themselves through writing. It also improves your vocabulary and grammatical aspects. And at the same time you earn something in return which is a good point.
    In my own point of view, whether you get paid or not, it's so nice to feel that you imparted something that maybe relevant to someone out there and could help them. So, be one of us and let's all do it together.
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  21. ZEED

    ZEED New Member

    There are some reasons which prompted me to joining Postloop in the first instant. Firstly, Postloop allows me and gives me the chance to express my feelings anytime I like. Also, it can and will also make me a good blogger,by saying that, I mean probably one of the BESTS. At the same time, Postloop allow me to earn, while enjoying what am doing. It's a great privilege becoming a member of Postloop.
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  22. PaidZoe

    PaidZoe New Member

    Being honest it seemed to serve as a great opportunity to better my communication and online working experience. Im free often and would like to shorten my freetime with positive Challenging job offers. Plus, the cash could help me provide great deals of happiness for my love ones this holiday season!!
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  23. rachaeb

    rachaeb New Member

    I joined Postloop because I'm currently too disabled to get a job and I'm trying to find something to give me a little more money. I researched and found a subreddit that went over many online work possibilities that are well recommended, Postloop was one of them. Additionally, I have been a member of forums all my life, so chatting about things and making posts to generate activity for the community has always been a part of my life even as a teenager. This seems more wholesome than getting rejected for not qualifying for surveys so they can get people to buy crap, or other spam like options. I also have depression that hitting me very hard, so I think being able to interact with topics and flex my writing everyday would be very healthy for me. I hope Postloop can help me achieve this!
  24. anjanette_clyde

    anjanette_clyde New Member

    I have always been into prose compositions than verbal citations. And, since we just got an internet connection at home I searched for a forum or website where I can take part of. I am hoping also it will give generous pay. That's why I joined Postloop.

    Way before I joined this site though, I participated so many surveys -websites already and it was so sad for me to be rejected most of the time. It was never been easy to be rejected actually. Well, at first it was okay to be screened out in the middle of the survey simply because they saw you as someone who was not qualified or not to be included for a certain survey because you were not what they were looking for. There was also this site where you need to take a pre-test by recording what you were doing during the the task. It recorded both your voice as you speak out your thoughts with the task given and what were you doing on the screen in front of you just like what were you clicking on the site or page, something like that. And then, they evaluated your performance if it was good enough or a perfect match of what they were expecting. Though that was actually fine with me because they pointed that out clearly even before I started. But I guess you will never be used to be failed and get rejected as for me doing it twice already. And that makes me sad, so sad.

    But right now, I am just so contented and thankful as well to this site because I never have to do that again or to get through with that again. And, as simple as it is right now, I am so happy that I finally joined the site that is for me. :)
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  25. Noragamijeaddo

    Noragamijeaddo New Member

    I joined Postloop because first of all I want to earn some extra money in order for me to support financially. Then I want to have a part time job whenever I have free time. I also want to communicate with other people regarding some interesting topics and I want to know what they do about that in order for me to learn. I am new to here and I still have lots of things to learn from here. Hopefully I could share my knowledge as well.
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  26. Kay Rulaganyang

    Kay Rulaganyang New Member

    The main reason why i joined Postloop was because i want to earn a little income apart from my salary and the second reason is i love writing, i do not mind writing and i am here to write hope that makes sense hahahaha
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  27. Lee355

    Lee355 New Member

    Speaking bluntly, I joined to earn more money. I am applying to many companies that offer remote work. Some work will be well paid, and some work will be enjoyable. Hopefully I can find some with a combination of both!
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  28. maribel07

    maribel07 New Member

    Hello, the main reason why I join Postloop because first I can earn money that can help me for my everyday need. 2nd for me to enhance my thinking skills because you think every post, and think some unique words to impress and get good rate. 3rd reason is meeting people from other countries because of postloop.
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  29. Bhaskar125

    Bhaskar125 New Member

    The first reason is definitely earning some money in my spare time. And, postloop gives the opportunity to earn in such a good way, there's no reason left to not join it. I also want to meet people from all around the world, it's a nice experience. This is really enjoyable and in the meanwhile also profitable.:)
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  30. mirages

    mirages New Member

    Hello! I'm also a Filipino as well. I joined Postloop because it seemed like a good way to earn money since I am familiar with forums and the like. I look forward to posting more!
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