What was the main reason why you joined Postloop?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by angelsherrykudo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. mantastylemode

    mantastylemode New Member

    I've joined postloop because i was following a person that i am an avid fan... His not an artist or any popular person, he just a normal person that is sharing his ideas, thoughts, tips and review on some sites extra income that he already tried and legit paying... He promote this site and i check his post on youtube on how to do this site because at first i have no idea on this site... But really a big shootout to that person... I'm looking forward to have a cashout soon at this site just like him... But honestly im starting to like this site... Very informative, the sharing thoughts, ideas and more on this site is really amaze me... I know now that im not just for earning on this site... I really love share thoughts now... :D
    Have a nice day to all...
  2. briannabnb

    briannabnb New Member

    I am a new mom so I’m in the house most of the time and it’s nice to just have a place to go where I can talk about things I’m interested in. I also am not able to go back to work at this time so the extra money will be very helpful to my family. I love being home with my daughter all the time and being able to see her grow and develope is wonderful and I couldn’t imagine being away from her 8 hours a day.
  3. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    For all the newbies out there like me, I am so happy to impart my thoughts and insights about anything that is interesting in this world, any topic or any discussions. Not really bad for my first day. I got to read other people's mind through their content. There were some ideas that are surprisingly impossible but true. And there were some that would relate their experiences to the current topic. Very interesting and I am really excited to do more writings here, learn and earn at the same time.
  4. NSully

    NSully New Member

    Hello everyone! So the reason that I have joined Postloop is to help drop in some extra money for my family. I have been a stay-at-home mother for going on four years now, and I want to start bringing in some money as well. I feel that doing this will also help sharpen my writing skills.
  5. Dani1226

    Dani1226 New Member

    For me, I decided to join because I love writing and joining online discussions that interest me. I have always enjoyed reading other's opinions on wide varieties of subjects (as long as it's done in a respectful way). Besides that, I am currently in the process of moving so a little extra cash coming in would be extremely helpful to me right now. I am also a stay at home parent and any job that would allow me to work flexible hours would certainly be better for my family. Even if this ends up not working out for me I wish everyone else the best of luck!
  6. Stacey Wing

    Stacey Wing New Member

    I started with Postloop to earn some extra money. While this was my main motivation I also wanted to start writing again and learning about starting a blog. I am 48 years old and have been on disability since I turned 40 for chronic illnesses and genetic issues. As such I feel that I have a lot to offer others who are going through the same thing. I know the feelings that come with these diagnoses and I want to be an inspiration to others to let them see that while you are different you can live a life in a positive manner and not let your illnesses rule you.
  7. clarkyhuerto

    clarkyhuerto New Member

    I joined postloop because I want to earn, to support my needs. It will be difficult but I will try my best to do so.
  8. Maricris Dechavez

    Maricris Dechavez New Member

    I decided to join postloop because I love writing up. I love to express my thoughts in every article posted on this forum. Through that I could be able to share my own opinion and share as well my knowledge in a particular scenario or topic. By this site not only I am expressing my feelings but it also do help me a lot to broaden more my English proficiency. I'm truly glad to become a part of this group because in postloop not only I would be able to enjoy doing write ups but I could also be able to earn money which I would use to sustain the needs and wants of my children's specially in preparing them for their bright future.
  9. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    I joined Postloop for the money because I was already spending lots of time in forums and social media commenting and sharing my opinion.

    Why not get a few cents for my words and connect with some new people?
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  10. The main reason to join postloop:-
    Honestly speaking-
    To earn an extra bit of money as well as to gather more information about earning money online.
  11. Honestly speaking, the main reason to join postloop is to earn an extra bit of money as well as to gather more information about earning online and freelancing.
  12. barbra2k6

    barbra2k6 New Member

    Hi there! I'm Barbra and you can call me Barbz. I'm from the Philippines. The reason why I joined Postloop is, of course, to earn additional income. Adulting makes life more fun! You get to have more bills and you get to strive hard in life to earn more money to pay those bills. Kidding aside, I just have lots of responsibilities in life.

    Anyway, I found out about Postloop from a YouTube channel that I forgot to get the referral link somehow because I didn't have enough time that day to go through the whole registration thing. (I certainly hope that guy forgives me.)

    I actually find this website interesting because I get to read stuffs and write things. A lot of people say that I'm too wordy at work when it comes to, you know, talking and creating emails. I just don't get to the point right away. So, somehow, this website is like my escape in releasing all these endless thoughts.
  13. kloria18@gmailcom

    kloria18@gmailcom New Member

    Why I am at postloop? Read ahead, figure out and discover. Ever since I was young I had always thought of what my purpose in life is. I kept moving from one job into another finding that kind of satisfaction that my heart is truly longing for. But I cannot find it in any of those. I keep asking myself what is my purpose in life and where do I excel the most. But I am still confused. I am not great in oral speech because I have this stage fright syndrome. But I can write well especially when I am alone. I read a lot and it has helped me broaden my knowledge and vocabulary. Recently I had read a book on how to find your purpose in life and what is says is you need to find your passion. Dancing, singing, marketing, teaching, speaking or creating a wonderful world for some. To me, it is reading and writing. I love to express my opinions through writing. I felt relieve whenever I get to share my insights. I love how my mind looks for words to describe what I feel. I love it. It makes me happy and it makes me proud. And that is the reason why I am here. Trying to share my thoughts to the world. To further develop my writing skills by sharing my opinions and views on various topics. And hoping that one day, I would be so great in this field and become a professional writer because that is my real passion in life.
  14. yommmy2366

    yommmy2366 New Member

    Hi, I am also a newbie here at postloop. I joined here because just like you i need a extra income and i want to cooperates in other forums topic thats what i want the most because i like reading books i like reading comments, Concerns attract me the most so i joined here because i want to cooperate in postloop community and to their forums. lol
  15. ardiesanjuan

    ardiesanjuan New Member

    Hello! I guess majority of us here are Filipinos. I joined post loop to find and socialize with smart people from all around the globe. I also wanted to have a passive income so I can show my parents that I can earn and manage money by myself. Hope we can help each other here. Magandang gabi everyone and God bless!
  16. Karinesmith

    Karinesmith New Member

    Hello! am karine smith from texas. I joined postloop because i needed to add extra bucks to my salary and to me postloop is the legit way to do it
  17. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    Hi! I'm one of the newbies here! By the way I'm also a Filipino and currently working here in Dubai. I found out about Postloop when I'm watching one of the videos in YouTube (how to make money online). The reason why I joined
    Postloop is to make money on my spare time, join with other writers, commentators or bloggers discussing about different kinds of topics where I can share some of my knowledge or either experience about it. I can also meet or make new friends from around the world and learn a lot of things with different persons here that could give me a best experience sooner or later. Looking forward to it Postloop!
  18. kevaton77

    kevaton77 New Member

    Hello all PostLoopers, my name is kevaton, from Lagos - Nigeria. It is my pleasure to be here at PostLoop in order to pursue one of my hobbies, which is writing. Like I said, I love to write naturally. But writing becomes even more interesting when done on a platform that affords me the opportunity to earn money in exchange for my time and effort.
    Still want to know why I am here at PostLoop? Okay! I'm here to give value through my quality posts and to receive value in return through the money which will flow into my PayPal account.
    That way certain bills would be settled as at when due, more time would be spent with family members. More so, even my writing capabilities would be further sharpened and enhanced through constant use. Yes, through PostLoop, I can one day be my own boss.
  19. latinashaila

    latinashaila New Member

    Hello guys! This is my 1st entry and to be honest I'm so excited to do my 1st entry. I joined Postloop because my main reason is to earn extra money while looking for a permanent job. As a mother you need to think of other ways to earn money and to save money for your family, and while browsing and watching videos on Yotube I saw a video and the man is teaching his viewers on how to earn extra money using Postloop and after I visit your website it made me realized that this platform or this Postloop will help me to earn extra money for my family.
  20. Miski345

    Miski345 New Member

    I'm a 29 year old stay at home mom to three amazing step sons and struggling to find ways to help their father (my S.O.) financially support our Kansas household. The freelance writing I've been doing helps, but it's just not enough. I've spent the last couple weeks scouring the internet to find new ways to work from home, found a link to this site, and joined up.
  21. Mallymoth

    Mallymoth New Member

    I'm here to pick up some extra money, like most here. I'm a recent graduate, and as the job market is slow right now where I live this gives me something productive to do in between filling out applications. I also like writing, and this place seemed a lot more pleasant than taking surveys or watching ads!
  22. GyermieCarpeso

    GyermieCarpeso New Member

    I want to work for Postlloop to have other source of income aside from our business. Another great benefit of working online is the flexibility. You can create all sorts of websites, explore different niches and try different business models every single day.

    For example, you could start with a blog on a topic you are passionate about, and after a while you could experiment launching an online store on the same niche offering some products to your visitors.

    This flexibility makes working online both fun and profitable.
  23. jbjibs19

    jbjibs19 New Member

    The reason/s why I joined Postloop is I guess insignificant for others, but for me it's the most significant thing I did for my 19 years of existence in this world. I'm actually a 3rd year college student studying Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in English language. I do not support my studies, neither my necessities or my shelter. I'm supported by my siblings and I guess others would think that I don't need this job. Actually, I do. I do because I'm already an adult, 19 to be exact. There's this feeling that I feel shy or disappointed that at this age I still have to be supported with my necessities. I'm actually a Filipino and if you're familiar with my country, teenagers here do not have a job or is discriminated in terms of job seeking and employment. Unlike in the US and other nations where teens can work even if they're 18 (and I don't consider them lucky tho) but I do feel that they're more privileged to have that opportunity to work and receive a salary and support themselves even at their young age. That's actually what I want to do, to ease the burdens that my siblings have to carry just to support me and my entire family.

    I also consider my course as another reason as to why I joined Postloop. I'm currently studying English Language in the field of Education and for me to develop my English writing skills including grammar, I decided to join a platform where I can improve my skills and earn at the same time. It's a rare opportunity for someone like me to become a part of this wonderful platform and I hope that a lot more Filipino people will discover Postloop and be a part of its growing community. Before I end, I would like to extend my greetings of gratitude to the founder/s, staff, admins, and to all the people behind Postloop. May this platform spread widely and become more successful. God bless everyone!
  24. rievilla

    rievilla New Member

    Funny how i came back to Postloop. I can't even remember the time when i did sign up on this site. I was just browsing the net and came across one of the online tutorials and this involve Postloop. I was curious and tried to sign up only to find out that my email was already on this site. So to make the story short, i tried to activate it again and start this not only wanting to share my ideas on different topics but also to learn from everyone and to mention the part that this can be an online job opportunity. So the main reason why i am on this site is that i am looking for real sites to have an extra income. I do hope that i can have an income on this site. But i would also love to think that while i am earning i will have the chance for additional knowledge. So let's enjoy and earn.
  25. nephilim

    nephilim New Member

    The main reason why i joined here is because of possible income.This is my first time joining a forum who cannot only appreciate and read your threads but also paying you for you post..
  26. francine1

    francine1 New Member

    Hi I am a newbie here. I want to earn money and have a part time job, which can help to support my family. I also want to share and learn from your posts. I can see that this forum can also help me to enhance my communication skills. It improves my grammar aspects. I’m enjoying sharing my thoughts and I hope I’ll be officially in.
  27. thegreatgamer36

    thegreatgamer36 New Member

    my reason joining postloop is to earn more money because im just bored doing nothing like the whole day so i just join for extra money for expenses and other stuff that i need for my life.
  28. Janine2199

    Janine2199 New Member

    Hello, the reason i joined postloop since i'm an a architecture student and there are many thing that need to spend i need some online job like this. It has also a good review and a legit that they paid also. I'm looking forward to be part of this.
  29. sanku

    sanku New Member

    At first when I wanted to join postloop I just wanted to join because I would get passive income. But now When I am here I am experiencing a good feeling. I am not able to learn from people around reading their posts but I finding that by here on this site I am discovering myself. The site is full of different kinds of topics and it has variety of people from all around the world writing on this site. I feel very privileged to be on this site getting to know the people all around the world. The site really connecting people.
  30. Rmanuel

    Rmanuel New Member

    Hi everyone, I joined postloop because I aways to express my thoughts on certain things. I find postloop very useful to express my opinion because here, many opinions come-in and everybody is respecting each others opinion, which is good.

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