What was the main reason why you joined Postloop?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by angelsherrykudo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. OrogoCA

    OrogoCA New Member

    I joined because I wanted an alternative source of income. I've looked into cryptocurrency but I felt overwhelmed for some reasons. Scammers abound whether it be websites or groups/forums. I've learned about PostLoop in a YouTube video, from a fellow Filipino who genuinely wanted to help people like myself to find decent alternative source of income.

    I'm new here by the way, hello to my fellow new member here in PostLoop!
  2. melissabaliles

    melissabaliles New Member

    I got directed to Postloop from another website I follow called workersonboard.com. I follow these websites and register with them because I am a stay-at-home mom looking for reliable work-from-home freelance opportunities.
  3. Milmar4711

    Milmar4711 Member

    Hello, My main reason to join Postloop was to make some money, I am disable and have a opinion about everything so, why not get paid for it. It seemed to be a good thing to try, I hope Postloop works for me, and good lucky to me.
  4. RoelMartin27

    RoelMartin27 New Member

    Hello! I am also a Filipino. The reason why I joined Postloop is to enhance my skills in writing and communications because I have a difficulty in this area and explore more. Through writings, I can express my thoughts and ideas and learned from other writers from this site. I also want to earn money in my spare time from posting here in this site to help me in my needs and pay my dues.

    I am a newbie from this site and I want to engage more of the people and get new ideas from other members of this forum. This experience will help me to freely express my ideas and reflection on the said topic and to become a good content writer someday.
  5. akp555

    akp555 New Member

    Obviously one of the reasons I joined Postloop was to earn money, but I also hope to improve my writing skills in the process. I also enjoy posting on forums and seeing what other people think about various topics.
  6. sukai

    sukai New Member

    The main reason I decided to join PostLoop was so that I could use my spare time wisely and maybe earn some money on the side. I enjoy forums as they are not only great to pass the time, but also to expand your knowledge of a variety of subjects. I used to be an active member of many back in the day, so being able to earn some extra money while doing something I love was a huge plus for me.
  7. Gelatooo

    Gelatooo New Member

    Hola kababayans! Filipina here as well. I joined postloop because I am really looking for online jobs to earn cash as an extra income because life is haaaaard? Agree with me? And then i heard about this, I immediately said yes!!! I always love giving feedbacks, joing forums just wanting to say my thoughts anonymously. It helps me release my stress and I love love talking to new people everyday.
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  8. CNav1984

    CNav1984 New Member

    Postloop gives you an opportunity to share your opinions about various topics. I enjoy writing and it is a good way to practice the skill. I am always looking for ways to find alternative sources of income.

    As a teacher, I have the summer off. I enjoy working on tasks from home that pay money so I can spend time with my new baby girl. Welcome everyone!
  9. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

    I'm a MBA graduate I enjoyed learning, meet new friends and new knowledge, I felt like I am growing not just as a student but also as an educated person. When I graduate last year 2017 I felt like I want to share what I know and want to learn, then I heard about Postloop where I can improve my English, grammar, learn and earning at the same time. Honestly when if I am qualified on this community I am glad and bless because it's another achievement for me. Thank you for the opportunity.
  10. Maria2589

    Maria2589 New Member

    The main reason why I joined Postloop is to be out of my comfort zone. Expressing my thoughts is not one of my best quality and I want to improve it. I'm a stay at home mother. My family is my life and my top priority. But I want to be better than what I am now. So I searched for a site which I am welcome to be a part of a discussion where I can speak my mind and I am thankful to find Postloop. I hope I can also be a better writer just like everyone else in this site.
  11. lmbasacta

    lmbasacta New Member

    Hi guys! I'm from the Philippines too. I am working in the hospitality industry for 9 years and now I am trying freelancing while I'm taking my 3 months vacation. I heard a lot of things positive about postloop that's why I'm here. Some of my friends really recommend postloop for newbies like me simply because it is easy to learn and there is a big room for personal improvement. Personally, I think postloop will help me with my composition skills and writing endeavours that I will encounter in the future.

    Anyway, regards to all Filipinos around postloop. May we find ourselves productive and helpful to others while sharing our thoughts.
  12. Hdmsc

    Hdmsc New Member

    I used to do freelance writing while I was in college so that I had extra income to buy for things that I liked. I joined Postloops so that I can have ways of earning additional income especially in my spare time during the weekends and at night. I also joined hoping that it would help me get back to writing again. I keep a blog but I rarely get to post in there due to lack of inspiration. Hopefully with the amount of writing I'll be doing, I'll get back on track and start writing again.
  13. bonesmith

    bonesmith New Member

    I signed up because I'm a grad student and summer is... well, to be honest, boring. And there's kind of a dearth of income during the summer that I'd like to supplant- but while working on my research, I don't really have a lot of time to commit to a part-time job. Working at home on my own schedule seems like it'll a better option.
  14. Lahn

    Lahn New Member

    I joined Postloop simply because I love writing. It is my passion and one of my favorite interests. Aside from these, I discovered that this is the best site to earn money while you can practice and develop your writing skills at the same time. I just recently joined Postloop and I'm already enjoying being a part of it. I am very blessed and thankful for this and wishing Postloop every success.
  15. thirdie

    thirdie New Member

    First, I want to train my self in using english words and to learn new words. Second, I want to earn money even I am still a student. I hope I will learn and earn more here! More power to us! God bless!
  16. lara018

    lara018 New Member

    I just graduated and I need extra money while reviewing for my board exams. I found this site in reddit and I thought why not try? I love making conversations so I think the tasks needed is going to be a walk in the park.
  17. orelmente

    orelmente New Member

    Hi there! I joined because I have a pretty wide variety of hobbies and interests that I absolutely love discussing as well as exchanging opinions with people from all walks of life. I’m already a regular on a couple forums so I figured I’d like to make some earnings prattling on about what I love anyways. :)
  18. thenewhellenism

    thenewhellenism New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm a student from the US, and I discovered Postloop accidentally through Reddit. I love writing, but making money from that has never been a feasible reality for me-- literary magazines and publications that pay are few and far between, and I've had bad experiences in the past writing-for-pay in more formal organizations. I liked the idea of the forum-based format of Postloop, and from what I've seen the community seems to be overall positive and supportive.
  19. Azraelvetis

    Azraelvetis New Member

    I literally join any forum that piques my interest and this one has so far been the most interesting in quite a while. Add the fact that I can actually get something back from sharing my opinion is definitely a win-win for me. I hope that I can contribute to the community positively and gain more knowledge from each and every one of you as well.
  20. yana26

    yana26 New Member

    Hi. I am Yana. I joined postloop because I want to practice my effectivity in writing and composition. I want to gain experience for me to be confident enough in conversing to people all arround the world including you guys.

    I also want to help my family in our costly living by earning here. I am about to bear my first child at the age of 21. I hope that we can manage to support his daily needs.

    I also want to use my sparetime to express my thoughts to every one. I'm looking forward on gaining friends here ☺
  21. Vacko

    Vacko New Member

    Hello, my name is VLadimir Ivanovic, i am 19 years old, i was born and curently living and working in Serbia. Since salaries are quite low in Serbia, i tought that Postloop is a great way to earn some extra money. Looking forward working and writing with you guys. Have a nice day.
  22. Mian_zeeshan07

    Mian_zeeshan07 New Member

    hello everyone !
    I'm muhammad zeeshan from pakistan.
    I'm new here and I just join this forum to learn more from you people.
    One of my friend told me about this forum so I stared posting comments there.
  23. simonsez29

    simonsez29 New Member

    I signed up for Postloop because I needed some extra spending cash. I took a paycut going to the private to the public sector. I enjoy my work a lot more now, but I really miss those paychecks.
  24. Cheskajem

    Cheskajem New Member

    I joined postloop because I want to earn a little bit of cash to spend not for myself but for my children and also it keeps me busy when I'm not doing anything specially for stay at home mom like me. It serves as my spare time aside doing chores at home. It helps me share my thoughts about a certain question and read the other opinion of the other person.
  25. Trvl420

    Trvl420 Member

    I joined Postloop because I wanted to make money doing what I love which is writing. I didn't know I can earn money while writing and giving opinions plus no one knows me in here which makes me feel free to express my feelings because I can't trust people I know, so might as well just do it in here in Postloop. I'm really glad I found this website I can cry out expressing what I feel and no one will judge me. I mean you can't mock a pain you haven't endured.
  26. veb

    veb New Member

    I joined postloop because I wanted to help my husband to raise our family. Ever since we got married it is he who always provide for the finances. Maybe this time that our kids have grown up, I have to make some thing to help him. Next school year our eldest will be in university. we need more funds for that. And I became interested when I heard what kind of job is postloop, I love to know others thought about anything under the sun, and I also want to share what my opinion, suggestion or what I feel about anything that nobody will take it bad or will not judge me for what I will tell them in the best of my knowledge.
  27. I'm also 23 years old, a female from South Africa! I joined Postloop because, like you, I need to supplement my income, and the best way to do it right now, for me, is to do something I love - writing. Sure, I might not be writing novels here, or lengthy blog posts, but I see it as excellent practice for refining my writing skills and participating in a community. It seems like fun. I've just started building up my 10-post mark (although I am a bit confused by how that works - do I need to create 10 threads, or 10 comments, or a mix of both?). I hope I get approved as a writer!
    I'm an anthropology and linguistics double-major at university and I'm in my final year. I can't wait to finish. First thing I want to do when I'm done with my degree is travel for a bit teaching English as a foreign language. :)
  28. kevlina

    kevlina New Member

    I found postloop as a way to make money working from home, after I recently left my job. I was working 14 hours a day and going into the office five, maybe six days. I couldn't handle the stress any longer so I quit without a backup plan. I've been looking for jobs, but haven't found the right one yet. I wanted to try this out and see what it was like, and maybe it can be a source of income on the side.
  29. Airra

    Airra New Member

    Hi, I am also a Filipino. I joined postloop because to have some little income to help in paying my tuition. As as student, who struggling with low self esteem. I also see this as an opportunity to practice myself to have the confidence to communicate in English language and to reach out or make friends to other people. I'm hoping to make friends with you all.
  30. john_dilao

    john_dilao New Member

    hi . Im John Dilao i decided to join here because i need to help my mom in expenses in our home . As a student I dont have a work so that I choose to join here .

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